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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - What kind of Psy do Americans like?
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What kind of Psy do Americans like?


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Posted : Jun 5, 2002 20:15
Hi, I'm curuis about what kind of psy/goa-bands do you American fellows. I'v been lookin'around and seems to me that you guys have more like a Goa taste that psychedelic, I mean, more like the old school bands than the Scandinavian sound or the northen Europe sound; Am I right or wrong?
well, I'll wait for your replays
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 5, 2002 20:56

Well. I have always been into the trance that comes out of Israel. Thats what got me listening and that is still tops for me. But close by is a lot of Simon P. works.
Also, Son Kite always rules. Atmos, x-dream/delta is good too.

green nun
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 6, 2002 09:00
XDream, Hallucinogen, Transwave, IM, Astral Projection, Talamasca, Etnica, Neuromotor, GMS, Deedrah, Parasense, Skazi, Psysex... there is too many to choose from           Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity...
Purple Passion

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Posted : Jun 6, 2002 09:13
well from the parties i;ve been to hear in LA i can say for sure ppl here prefer the full on music.

i didnt hear one progressive set yet(for example no tegma, lish , son kite etc) .

Atmos played a deep techno set and thats the most progressive set i heard...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 7, 2002 08:49
They like full on for sure!!! I mean look at the line ups they always bring...
But i think the americans that belong to this forum have mixed opinions.
When i used to live there, they ONLY brought full on. No minimal, Proggy at all.

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Posted : Jun 7, 2002 12:04
As an american I'd have to say I enjoy Infected Mushroom the most. I also really enjoy Simon Posford's music. Most of his stuff is very good quality. Lately I have been listening to Entheogenic's new album and the Shulmans album. So I guess you could say I like Full on Sfuff and I also enjoy Chill.           Got any magic mushrooms? No, but I've got some dwarf mush, its gonna really blow your head off. Look at this, last time I took it, I saw fairies for three days! Haha! Nicee nice! Roll us a Giant
Fungus Mungus
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Posted : Jun 7, 2002 22:45
i like it all           -=Keep it Spiritual=-

And Beyond
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 12, 2002 10:05
for the most part, i would say that crowds react the most to the full-on stuff, although a lot of it depends on what time of the night the music is played. the more techno-ish stuff gets people grooving earlier on in the evening, then the full-on psychedelic stuff for the night-time darkness hours, with some more melodic stuff when the sun starts coming up...

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 12, 2002 23:50
People in Austin like the 2 extreme ends of the stick. Either really hard or really funky. Best dancefloors I've seen are to the really full on sounds like Talamasca or Texxas Faggot, or to the totally funky psy-house sounds like Electric Tease.
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Posted : Jun 18, 2002 04:11
i like good trance music.
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - What kind of Psy do Americans like?
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