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Trance Forum  Forum  Links - What is the difference between wood flooring and tile?
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What is the difference between wood flooring and tile?

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Posted : Sep 27, 2016 06:32:03

The living room often choose to tiles, and the bedroom is more choice of wood flooring, wood floors and tiles which is good ?, Wood floors and tiles of the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Now in the decoration process is a variety of alternative materials is more and more, although to the consumer more choices, but also brought the dilemma on the selection. Take the wood floor and tile, ah, home decoration in the end is a good wood floor or tile is good? Wood floors generally give a comfortable feeling, the price is slightly cheaper; also easy to take care of, environmental protection, water and so on. So, tiles and wood flooring in the end which is good?

The living room is suitable for tiling

Living room suitable for laying tiles, the South warm in winter, not because of large areas of tiles and feel cold, wet season, the tiles are not as wooden floor so delicate. [url=]WPC Hollow Decking[/url] Now on the market of tiles, especially the living room with tiles to 600mm and 800mm two specifications the most common. The former per unit area in the number of paving more than the latter, so the visual sense of space can produce a sense of expansion, while the edge of the corner in the shop when the waste rate is lower than the latter. While the space when the shop 800mm or 1 meter size tile becomes the atmosphere. Less than 40 square meters of space or room, furniture often occupy a lot of area, the election of 600mm specifications tiles better, and greater than 40 square meters of space is slightly larger specifications.[url=]WPC Product[/url]
The children's room is suitable for wood flooring

Children's room floor material should choose warm, tactile and easy to clean the floor, can not have uneven patterns or seams, so as not to cause potential danger to the child. Children's floor to be more flexible, non-slip performance is better, the floor material is too hard although easy to clean, but for children everywhere will be very uncomfortable to climb. Babies love to sit, crawl and lie on the floor. But formaldehyde is often hidden in the floor, the baby from the ground closer, means that the closer the distance from formaldehyde. According to the test, 1.5 meters away from the ground within the air layer, the formaldehyde content of indoor total of more than 80% of the total.

At present, the three commonly used ground materials - solid wood flooring, wood-based panel, stone tile category, there are different degrees of indoor environmental pollution problems, of which the Panel is staggering. [url=]Outdoor WPC Product For Sale[/url] ,Therefore, when home improvement must be selected in line with national standards of harmful substances on the ground floor; room area of more than 100 square meters of the best not only choose a ground material to prevent the accumulation of harmful substances caused by pollution.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring and tile analysis

The comfort level of wood flooring is far less than the tile, the health index, decoration effects and highlight the taste is also superior, on the other hand, tiles meet the tense life of the modern rhythm, easy care, waterproof, anti-corrosion performance , Maintenance is simple. So, whether good or good wood flooring is good?[url=]Best Outdoor WPC Product Supplier[/url]

Advantages Competition:

Wood floor has many obvious advantages: beautiful, durable, comfortable, warm, good thermal conductivity, environmental health, anti-noise anti-skid, affordable, easy to install.
Trance Forum  Forum  Links - What is the difference between wood flooring and tile?
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