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Trance Forum  Forum  Japan - Welcome Hiroshi M
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Welcome Hiroshi M

alaska vibes

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  108
Posted : Jan 15, 2007 04:58
Thanks for your excellent opinions.

Mother will be very pleased to have you at their parties.
mad factory
drap drop

Started Topics :  31
Posts :  292
Posted : Jan 17, 2007 20:11
hi alaska vibes
happy new year!btw...
if for you call ppl by SHIT ARTISTS...
im english not so...good...
but better you learn more about english 2!
i dont think mother will be pleased to have some
one who call they artists by SHIT on the forum or
internet!"whatever...i dont need make fight or something
dont mind what you or they or me the new
generation dont respect the MUSIC & MUSICIANS thats
why this scene get too BAD!what is a big SAD situation!

have a good 2007 & be in peace!
alaska vibes

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  108
Posted : Jan 18, 2007 12:33
OK, Mad Factory, lets English with challenge smile step 1.

I was being sarcastic towards Hiroshi's post.

Sarcasm: (noun) a way of speaking or writing that involves saying the opposite of what you really mean in order to make a joke that is not nice, or to show that you are annoyed.

Example. There was a tinge of sarcasm in his voice.

mad factory
drap drop

Started Topics :  31
Posts :  292
Posted : Jan 18, 2007 15:40
hi alska vibes
i know you speak good enlish better them mine!
but didnt you understand what i was saying?
i type over here...i dont need fight or some think like that!
so...i dont ask you for a CHALLENGE!but i was think maybe
you was friend of hiroshi!cause the way you writing here,
was like that!no ones was think its was Sarcasm!i just
need ppl respect each other like i told,never mind if is
musician or dj or party ppl,or businnes man!whatever
we have to respect each other in geral!i tired of this
human circle,cause there only ppl with JELAOUS,ppl
need be better then others,ppl only say bad think of
others,etc...specialy in this music scene now!
WHY LIKE THIS?but one think i believe...if some musician
or dj not respect others dj or musician can
this make good music?i bilieve to make good music we
have to listen to all,and like all the styles and play all the
styles!i do like all and play all!i been saying this for years!
my style is free,for me dont exist this diferent styles!
for exemple,progressive/dark side/full on/chill out,
for me if is good music and make we have a nice trip
for me is psychedelic!now many djs change,cause the
scene change!when i start dj,was normal you go to party
and see a dj play 8 hours dj set,and 1 live only!so...
to do have make a history,play all kinds of
music...starts from the chill out and going to the others!
thats why for me...i dont have diferent styles!for me is
all psychedelic...whatever...if ppl here know and
understand what i try to say....they will be agree with me
maybe!one guy i know on this forum he knows verry well
what i means...its dj Shed!he also old on this scene!
when partys was like 50ppl club place in roppongui!
he knows verry well what i try to means...about...
RESPECT MUSIC!sorry if u not understand what i try
to means...cause my english is verry amateur...its not
like my japanese!

ah...wasuretanda....Daijyoubu dayo!

keep in peace!
alaska vibes

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  108
Posted : Jan 18, 2007 16:43
OK, Mad Factory, let me try to clear away any misunderstandings. I have no idea who Hiroshi M is and I have never met him in my life.

Tamir Ozana of Atomic Pulse is a friend of mine and I love his music. I have seen him play a million times. I have danced on the dancefloors when he played, on the side of the stage when he played, hung out with him backstage and he's absolutely killer. Also, Mother is the best and most professional party organizer in all of Japan. Period.

I would never support what Hiroshi said about Atomic Pulse, believe you me. It's totally wrong. Thats why I used sarcasm to highlight the sheer negativity of what Hiroshi M said.

So I understand what you say, Mad Factory, but you don't need to tell me. Tell this to Hiroshi M, whoever he is.
Digital Syndicate

Started Topics :  5
Posts :  326
Posted : Jan 19, 2007 04:21
We are both on the same page.

Welcome back to the blue forum, Diogo.

I read your post most of times, Alaska Vibes. It is important to speak up and post to keep this section alive

And, Language is just a tool to communicate just like this internet but music is not, it is an art!

mad factory
drap drop

Started Topics :  31
Posts :  292
Posted : Jan 20, 2007 15:52
alaska vibes >hi man
u dont have to clear it...i get all what did u try
to tell me on the first message!but u clear it now
clean for the all on this forum...was just a mistake
understanding we have here,but cool man like shed saying
"Language is just a tool to communicate just like this internet but music is not, it is an art!"
but like i told u...i was just surprised...cause i know u
aswell and i know u dont gonna support a guy like that!
but words some times make ppl confuse & are whats
happen here...hehehe...but clean now!if this hiroshi
are the guy who i think he are...i will talk to him yes i do!
any way...good to know...was just sarcasm...and good
to this hiroshi aswell to know this what u type here was
just sarcasm for him!maybe he was think before some
one was thinking like him...but now him know is not!
hehe...hope see you soon at quintrix and there we do
a kanpai for this new 2007!

Digital Syndicate >
hey dude...yeah i come back to the blue forum again...
hehe..i was just wachting i starting post
messages again...cause,many bullshits again!hehehe
well hope one day this isratrance get more serious..
some serious ppl inside allready...but many kids aswell!
hehehe...but nothing we cand for that...its ok every one
have to get a chance to start...but not forgot to respect!
thats only what i learn on the biggin of my carrer!
whatever man...long time dont see you,need to meet you
again...send me your number on my pvm,then we can
meet some where to have a dinner and talk,i flight
tomorrow to japan i will be there on 23 and 24 i go to
good party if u got time lets enjoy together,my friends
party its good one...will be RINKADINK he is good!
hope to see you there!


Started Topics :  0
Posts :  4
Posted : Jul 7, 2009 15:11
Hello, My name is Hiroshi Miyata.
I have an account by the name of "Hiras" on your website.
From ever since a year ago there has been a person by the name "Hiroshi_m" witch people in the scene recognize as if it were myself.
Using this name he has talked badly to other artists ruining my reputation.
This anonymous "Hiroshi_m" has done it a few times and I don't know who he is. But talks like if it were myself.
Could you please delete him from you system. I would appreciate it a lot.
Thank you very much.
Also "Hiroshi_m" has insulted the japanese organization "Mother". Could you please send an apology and tell them that it was not me.

Hiroshi Miyata
Trance Forum  Forum  Japan - Welcome Hiroshi M
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