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Warp Technique - Make Animals Happy (Dubmission rec.)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 23, 2009 14:33:55
Artist: Warp Technique
Title Of Album: Make Animals Happy
Year Of Release: 2008-11
Label: Dubmission Records
Here are a few words about another album I enjoyed in recent times. These are the first pieces of music I have heard from Warp Technique, and I have enjoyed the psychedelic atmospheres this release paints a lot. This is the kind of soundscape I like to hear while lying on my back in a chill tent, wrapped in a warm blanket at day 3 of a festival, sipping on some chai scanning my pockets for the long papers I lost on the main floor. Or with a cup of coffee on a Tuesday morning. Perfect for spaced out relaxation. Music that makes time extra-elastic, takes me back to sunny spots in my memory, lazy afternoons. Those of you who like surreal, trippy ambient music to take the mind on voyages at any time of day or night will definitely find some moments of bliss in here. The album rewards the listener with 11 spacey chill out/ambient scenarios filled with psychedelic road signs directing the consciousness through a lush maze of colorful, positive vibrations. A second go we were watching exotic birds fly across a purple sunset, then we were wobbling semi-helplessly over the surface of an arid planet…..the sensation that remains constant is an inner warmth in our bellies, like a big 6:00 am gulp from the bottle of Jägermeister on the floor. (Without the burn afterwards, or risk of vicious stomach ulsters ).

“Softly Spoken Cell” is a short, slightly mysterious and eerie piece which creates the spaced out vibe that this album oozes, like a very strange man in a trench coat and fake beard knocking at your door at 3 in the morning asking for “the documents”,

Nowhere Dubs melody is soothing and relaxing with some melancholy hidden within, like a Sunday evening, feet up on the sofa, very comfortable, but knowing you got work in a few hours….but hey, no problem, the next Friday is bound to come, followed by the next Sunday soon after. Very mellow track, bass and atmospheres direct the mind to a dreamlike state in this nearly 10 minute long journey.
The title track “Make Animals Happy” is a happy tune with an ultra-cool bassline and optimistic melody that will transform any smile into a grin and make(almost) any psy-corpse spontaneously get up and wobble around the chill tent for a few seconds before falling flat on the face and drooling into a pile of straw. Definitely one of the albums many memorable moments, something that I would imagine many people would enjoy listening to regardless of genre preferences.

Nightbreak begins on a slightly darker note and at a higher pace. The funky, organic sounding percussion has become a hypnotic pulse and we have shifted into a whole new territory- this could very well be played on any main floor in a slower tempo psy set, (maybe as an opener or closer). We even get treated to some nostalgic Goa-esque synths somewhere down the line, melting in nicely with the interchanging atmospheres – an interplay of light and shadow on your walls.

“Wonderland dub” slides in seamlessly and warps the mood with its dubby elements and funky percussion. Now we are definitely on the beach, Pina Colada in one hand, Miami Vice sunglasses on……..but hey, everything is still a little bit wobbly. Complex track which really plays with the imagination by introducing mysterious atmospheres which makes the beach we are on here very different from your average tourist beach, this is more of secret beach, somewhere strange, like the Easter Islands. And twilight is coming….
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 23, 2009 14:34
“History of Dreams” continues to weave a tricky web waiting to catch the listener, pulling me into its hypnotic realm. The combination of dubby, funky elements painted over an entrancing sound-canvas creates a dreamlike atmosphere. Now the Nag-Champa (or incense of choice) is starting to smell even better….
The percussion work on this album is fantastic, very organic sounding. I would even say this is one of Warp Techniques biggest strength as the detail and skill that flowed into this are evident.

Whole Salt Dog is one of the spaciest tracks on this album, rich in color and pregnant with weirdness. The funkyness of previous tracks takes a more psychedelic direction with layers upon layers of effects and rhythms fighting for the listener’s attention. As strange as the names sounds.

Arab Star is another highlight, digging deep into the box of tricks combining re-arranged vocal snippets, oriental influenced melodies, atmosphere laden samples and addictive rhythms for head nodding pleasures. As with most of the material here this is great for just letting go.

Solid State begins with (and is built around) a Martin Luther King speech which later lays itself to rest on some breakish beats. The sample continues to reappear and add depth and a positive message. Although this is not my favorite track on the album it is an important part of the overall concept and the album would not be complete without it.

Warp Dub 5 has a kind of bio-mechanoid vibe to, machines and aliens alike pumping out communications which we can´t quite decipher as yet, but they want us to pay attention, want us to learn, to understand without words. A bitter sweet melody makes things a little clearer for us, maybe we are on the right track….

……Before “ In The Valley of The Kodama” brings everything to a close on a quick and strange note, like a mirror of the short opener. Devoid of beats but warping us to one last, very strange place before taking us back to the ground.


Normally when I buy ambient CDs I listen to them again and again over a long period of time and this is definitely one which will in my CD player/PC for a while because it gives me just what I am looking for in this kind of music- many atmospheric changes and created to be seen as a story, the notes forming the words. This is what Warp Technique have delivered, a deep, emotional journey which teleports us to interesting scenarios, be it in that chill tent at 3:00 am or on that couch on that dreaded Sunday afternoon.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 23, 2009 15:16
love the work of these stuff..
Inactive User

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Posted : Feb 24, 2009 05:48
really good
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 24, 2009 06:11

On 2009-02-24 05:48, mk47 wrote:
really good

indeed           the problem with valuing art is, till u dont understand it, it's worthless but wen u do understand it, it's priceless!!
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 2, 2009 00:11
Been listening to it lately, and enjoying the ideas it unleashes.

It has couple of highlight tunes, and overall is a good release to listen while chilling and relaxing.

Nice review.
Respect!           .
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 7, 2009 11:44
top ten release.
history nightbreak warp dub and wonderland are best here. lots of play, nice versatilty and rich deepness.

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