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Visual Paradox - All You Can Beat ( Com.Pact Records 2004)

Solid Snake

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Posted : Feb 6, 2004 20:22
Visual Paradox - All You Can Beat ( Com.Pact Records 2004)

Produced by Dj Bog
Digital Mastering by Lior Perlmutter
PR By Efrat Livne (thx for the cd efrat ;))
Art Cover and Design by Noam Levkovitz (you might remember him from shahars AA comp & Star-X - Prepare to Fly album among others)


1. Dance of the freaky circles
2. Wicked way
3. Disovering
4. All you can beat
5. Paradoxiel
6. Where the fuck are you? (Ambient)
7. Thunder (RMX)
8. Space Spin (Visual Paradox Remix)
9. Setherian in Paradox

Visual Paradox is Gaddy Marian (Dj Bog) and Uriel Ginsburg. In my opinion two "go with the flow" producers. Since this album which u can see in the booklet is spectrumized within 140-145 bpm which the first album "KICK THE HABIT" was definatly not.

Moving to full-on might have been their thing i dont know, but this is definatly something new from Visual Paradox.

The cd contains 1 Outstanding Cover, 9 well produced tracks & 1 Cool sticker.

For me this cd is a mixture of the "new" upcoming style NEO FULL ON which i personaly think is pure bullshit, its pure dance music no need to label it more.. we already have 3 style who are fighting each other fast and furiosly...

I will label this cd as Proggressive Psychedelic Full-on without something "NEO" at all... and by the way what the **** is "NEO" is it MR ANDERSSONs personal soundtrack?

ok back to the topic:

Im cracking up my Coke Light as i enter track number 2 which opens up with some nice atmospheres but swiftly gets bounced up by from what i recall a old school sinewave basslne, dont get me wrong it actually fits!

leaving the cd spin for a while, still i have a nice feeling running thru my body after coming as far as number 5 which kind of drags down some of the cool groove with a "preset" track.. in my little word the word presetmusic has the definition of "well this was cool but im pretty sure ive heard that sound a few times earlier" anyways it fits so why bother beeing critical.

Well innovative trackname i must add... and im asking WHERE THE FUCK ARE KICK THE HABIT? So far this cd is indeed a cool piece coming out of Com.pact but i expected a followup on KICK THE HABIT which was a realy good cd i must say... Anyways ive seen it on Com.pacts latest releases they are moving away from the good old days with Cosmopolite & Fata Morgana among others.
No hard feelings com.pact, we all evolve as me and mr tal (auspexx a&r at Com.pact) was discussing a while back...

Taking cover because THUNDER is coming i believe, crawling down in my chair pressing the headphones against my head and awaits for further instructions.

And yes indeed a thunder we have, very powerfull track including not only überphat groove but also some cool ideas i could only dream of getting down on my own sequencer. Its a good track indeed, they are using some realy cool voices in the background making u see things inside of yourself... beatiful places... Thanx Visual Paradox... My otherwise grey and cold day in Malmö / Sweden has become a place of butterflies and the smell of summer :)

Alright enough with the fluffyness from me... dont want no threatening PM´s in my inbox :P


If u expected KICK THE HABIT dont bother, if u expected flowing music with nice melodies and emotions swirling around you or just dancefloor material, this is the cd for you!

Further information:



Have a nice day!

Anders Rosengren
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 7, 2004 11:01
Very Nice cd......... like it more than the 1st one.

good luck.....           ..."Be yourself, let your conscience guide you...
Follow your heart, not the people around you"

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Posted : Feb 9, 2004 18:02
I also love this album, impressed me a lot actually!
I love VP sound man, so gentle to the ears.
They know what they are doing, innovating....square wave bases, soft kicks, housy elements....tthats the way niggaz!!
Killer mix, killer mastering and there is no bad track in it at all!

>Seth           The Devil Is In Detail!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2004 19:17
nice album, not too innovative, less interesting then their 1st 1, which i didnt like at the begining (what did i know then?)...
nice melodies all over but not excitin'...
I like the cd review much better then the CD....
Cheers Andres!!
GoodLuck Com.Pact....
          "...God made weed, Man made booze. Who do u trust?..."
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 11, 2004 02:29
Its really a good album

My favourite goes to Discovering, excelent work

Worth the money for sure
Le Lotus Bleu
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2004 18:40
Visual Paradox ( Gaddy Marian aka Dj Bog & Uriel Ginsburg) deliver an album ranging from deep morning via neo-full on to full on, All you can beat also benefits of good featurings on half tracks which, of course, contributes to his diveristy.
Dance Of The Freaky Circles is unfortunatly below the others tracks quality. It’s a full on one, linear, the sounds employed make me think to Alien Project (the build up too). Too hollow for me , it lacks of contrast between elements as a result i don’t feel neither energy, emotion or groove here.

Wicked Way is featured with Lish, it’s a deep cold morning production with a groovy bassline. It’s a muffled atmosphere with a break at 5’20 where everything seems to be in slow motion, a situation from which you’re trying to escape.

Back to full on with Discovering, this time the impress of energy is more present , the tracks is quite ok upto the 1st break but i don’t like too much the way hit goes on.

All You Can Beat done with Bishop, is for me neo full on, with melodic sounds appearing in a robotic hacked way.
During the cosmic break (around 3’50), maybe you’ll hardly catch a little dialogue in french in the background :
‘-bienvenue sur sextour, voulez-vous composez une nouvelle créature ?
-voulez-vous faire appel à votre dernière fabrique ?
You got another one with the second break around 6’00 :
‘-Bonjour Thomas ça fait plaisir de te revoir. J’ai de nouveaux scénarios si ça t’intéresse.
You probably got here a part of explanation of the cover artwork.

Paradoxiel, is another full on stuff with an intense musical activity & a voice-lead delivering a melody close to one of the james bond theme coppled with sharpy satellistic notes all around.

Where The Fuck Are You ? is the ambient piece of the album from 4’15 to the end the track goes faster & gets more rythmic, quite strange for an ambient tune but overall not so bad.

Some more clubby melodic full on with this track featuring Perplex .

Want to know about bleeps, sweeps & creeps ( remember of Weardo Beardo track), Visual Paradox gives a little lesson here in the intro of Space Spin then it’s all about smashing full on with harsh, dry tones with some other samples wink to well known full on tracks.

Setherian In Paradox, is a new neo full on tune with as particularity a galloping bass & an atmosphere slightly psychotic nevertheless the tones are warm & soft. The global impress is a funny & childish feeling.

favorites by order:8,4,2,9
challengers by order :5,6,3

mark : 8 /10
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2004 07:43
Excellent album from Visual Paradox - very psychedelic and beautiful morning melodic tunes, with lots of swirlies and noises and bubbles and squeaks to keep yer attention from wandering away. Plus, the production is superb.

Goes to show that morning music can (and should) be a headtrip no less than darker stuff. I can't wait to play this at an outdoor party soooon!!!!

no weak tracks here, imo. I like track 8 especially. Fully recommended!

strong 8/10

Com.Pact is getting better and better... keep it up!

ps - I like the sexy cover art, and the sticker.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2004 23:12 review:

All you Can Beat brings with it a breeze of change, the lounge, progressive beats have been set aside by the new formation of Visual Paradox.Visual Paradox orientation has elevated the BPM, hardened the kick, focusing, honestly, now on the dance floor.
The sound is sweet, flowing, sophisticated, motivating & nutritious, bearing multiple layouts that supply this album with an interesting progression which include a few climax's and not only an elevation towards the one...

Morning sprinkles, totally melodic, elevating, enhanced with delightful clubby/progressive layering, each track with his very own temperament and direction, yet sitting well as one big flowing family.
Style: Morning elevating, neo full on, progressively enhanced with a strong orientation to the indoor & outdoor dance floors alike.
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Boa Distribution
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 22, 2004 13:34
i realy enjoy listen to this album...
love the staly of the bassline.....

veryyy good work....!
Keep It Up......

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 25, 2004 19:51
All That You Can Beat is destined to move crowds all over the world. How do I know? My wife loves it, and she’s damn picky! When Virtual Paradox’s debut album arrived in the mail, I wasn’t sure what to think as I wasn’t familiar with their material. For those of you that aren’t either, it draws elements from psy trance, house, and prog, and blends them all together into well-produced dancefloor groovers in the Israeli style. A few of the tunes drag a bit in places, or become a little to “progressive trance” for my personal tastes, but on the whole this is a very solid release. Stand out tracks include: the deep Wicked Way (written with Lish), the progressive gating of Thunder remix (written with Perplex), and the full-on twist of Space Spin (Visual Paradox remix). An added plus - the cover is reminiscent of Koxbox’s Great Unknown. Definitely an album to pick up, and a new artist to watch.           Are you connected to yourself?

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Posted : Mar 1, 2004 00:57
Simply fantab....
fav track
9'.........thing i like about this country of mine is that whether you are a psychotic killer or running for election for the president of United States, one thing you can count on for sure is to wipe americas fears!"
woooozy wooozy
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