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Trance Forum » » Forum  Party Promotions - VibeRain 19.06.2008
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VibeRain 19.06.2008

Urban Tropic
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 21, 2008 11:27:17
Finally I recovered to write here a comment
Well what I can say besides WoW !
What an amazing party, totally time machine that throws you back to the late 90's, when Goa trance was ruling the nature.

The place was great surrounded by mountains and trees and perfectly clear skyline.
The people were nice and friendly and sound system where nice for events such as this.

Now for the musical part:

Duda & Or – was playing electrifying goa set.

Sandman – just as he stated to play some uninvited guest have came to the party – the Pigs!
We thought the party comes to here end and went for a walk in the area to relax And enjoy the view, but when it seems everything is over we heard the music playing in full power and run back to the dance floor.
Sandman was playing; I guess the organizers don't give up to the pigs…way to go!
Any way, what a set, all the familiar hits grooving the crowd.

Power Source – the legend was brought back to life and it rocking more then ever before, totally wicked set with all my favorite tracks.

Chakra – the master of disaster ! Open his set with the legendary monkeys track and from there he is just rising up the pace.

Afgin – although the sort set he was wicked as always with his massive goa tunes.

Shidapu - Roy Sasson was brought back in a time machine to play us some Shidapu tunes, and believe me the music still doing her magic, in big time !

So for conclusion big tnx and big respect to the VibeRain crew for other splendid event.
See ya in your next one…

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 21, 2008 15:31
NO NO NO!!! i hate exams i cant believe i missed another vibrain party dammit nomore moadei b i hope im free for the next party!!!

great to see events like this organised in israel still

ive heard power source 2 weeks ago live and man it really is a time machine

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Posted : Jun 21, 2008 18:42
WoW. Speechless.

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Posted : Jun 21, 2008 20:08
VibeRain crew should get a nobel prize for science for this time machine.
truly amazing party.

big tnx to VibeRain.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 22, 2008 04:31
Hey everyone
All the crew was needed a lot of time to recover. i slept for 22 hours! =)
We had a lot of problems before and at the party but in the end "hakul letova"
It was really an amazing event! and we want to thank everyone who joined this journey in our time machine we tried to do the best and more to make this event a truly goa experience.
We want to say sorry for the ppl who left the party when "magav" came. after lot's of talking with the magav and a lot of faith in our souls we knew the party continue and we tried to spred the rumor that ppl will stay.
About the music: CRAZY!!!
Every set and every track were awesome! i slute those artists who came with their goa spirit and gave us a true trip to the source :0)
About the sound let's say that we advising to all the productions and all organizers: DO NOT WORK WITH "KATOM"! and im saying it out loud! i dont have the power to write down why, but you can trust me.
Finally i want to say big big thanks to every person who helped us, you know who you are
ohh about the name: its confusing but the name is Vib'Rain, there is a lot of meanings in it
We are working on another Vib'Rain event soon
For anyone who wants to join our tribe of GOA - =)
Great Week and thank you God!
Vib'Rain Crew

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Posted : Jun 22, 2008 11:09
Thank you for a great party!!!!
this one and the last one really reminded me how it should look.
kudos for bringing such artists to play for us after so long time of absence.
I really had soo much fun and im in the next one for sure!!!
          this is insane cause it's like a beat of Ouuuuto Ouuuuto Ouuuuuto and all these fucking complex patterns are moving around and this guy is looking me in the eye and im fucking freaking out and it last for about 5 minutes...

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Posted : Jun 22, 2008 19:42
A M A Z I N G event!!!!!!


Every set exploded us to the sky =]]
Excellent location! and nice faces.

Can't wait for the next party

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Posted : Jun 22, 2008 22:38
thx to all the artist how bring us the amazing goa trance , and for all the ppl how came with a big small , hope you all enjoy , and see ya in next vibrain event
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Jul 15, 2008 18:23
Thank you for the event Was HOT!

Trance Forum » » Forum  Party Promotions - VibeRain 19.06.2008
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