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Very Mixed Top Ten

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 20, 2010 18:39:20
This following Top Ten reflects my playlists on my work computer and my MP3 player, and as you can tell I´m in a pretty chaotic music phase right now, there is no rhyme & reason stylewise to what im into these days, I just let my instincts guide me…the following is in no particular disorder

Sebastian Mullaert – WaWuWe – Mule Electronics
This is the first mix CD by Son Kite/ Minilogue`s Seb Mullaert, and it should get an honorable mention just for the cover alone. The IMHO best music cover of the last few years, he`s dressed up like a bunnywhabbit and makes funny faces! The music is pretty awesome as well including unreleased Minilogue and Seb Mullaert solo material, so if you liked the vibe of Minilogues latest string of releases you`ll love the organic, intricate and spaced out sound of this. My clear favorite is the slower Disc One.

Pariah – Prism – R&S Records
I`m usually not a big fan of stepdub, however this supposedly stepdub track doesn’t have any of the annoying traits of that omnipresent fad du jour genre and sounds more like a light-hearted version of Burial. The whole EP this track is on is great, BTW

Bee Gees – Too much Heaven
There is nothing like that painful squeal Barry lets out at 3:05 in this video to lighten up my day. It sounds like a 500-pound woman is stepping on his ballsack, and I`m just glad it`s not my family jewels who are under distress right now

Lisa Gerrard - Sacrifice
After grown men who sound like little girls here comes a woman who sometimes sounds like a man. Still, there`s an ethereal quality to her voice that sends shivers down my spine, and this one is my favorite of hers.

Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith Tronic Treatment)
My favorite Carl Craig track remixed to modern uplifting techno style. I love how Christian Smiths epic harmonies and soundscapes are contrasted by the cool & calm original melody from Craigs original. For the purists who think this mix is too much and too cheesy there also is a stripped down hypnotic remix.

Eitan Reiter – My Window/ Choices – Aleph Zero
My two favorite tracks from Eitan Reiter`s great new chill album. What fascinates me the most about this album is the texture of the sounds Eitan Reiter is using, in my head it keeps switching between sounding analog and sounding digital and that confusion makes for a very interesting listening experience.Plus he has a great sense for melody, the album is very emotional while never getting cheesy.

Exoplanet – Floatopia - Particles
I just discovered Exoplanet the other day by accident on Beatport, and I really like his style. Floatopia is my favorite track of his and also one of his cheesier ones, but if you like trance in its original sense of the word and don`t mind a little prog. house flavor here and there, Exoplanet is for you.

Ovnimoon – Sacred Earth/ Gathering of Angels - IONO
Another recent discovery of mine is Ovnimoon. Usually I`m not a big fan of the cookie-cutter IONO sound, but Ovnimoon is different and much, much better than their usual releases. My favorite tracks of his are the first two on his Geometric poetry album, they sound like what FreQ would sound like nowadays if he hadn’t started sucking a few years ago.

Alphaville - Sounds like a Melody
Alphaville is slowly turning into one of my favorite 80`s bands. First I thought they were a one-hit wonder with “Forever Young”, then I found out they also sang “Big in Japan”, and now I found out they are also responsible for this radio heavy rotation hit from my youth. They are definitely getting close to Modern Talking territory!

Beat Bizarre - Scoville Heat Unit - Iboga
They´re back! And they sound like they did on Lewd, just slower, deeper and crisper like we are used to in 2010. It’s like welcoming an old friend back who has been travelling for a while, and he is looking better than ever!

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Silicon Sound

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Posted : Oct 21, 2010 12:52
Great selection.
Love At Les, timeless classic. The remix is nice, but I have a small preference for the hypnotic version.
And nice to see Alphaville on here!

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Posted : Oct 25, 2010 19:57
Different flavours for a same musical pleasure. Nice tracklist, especially Dead Can Dance's "Sacrifice"... 
Martian Arts

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Posted : Oct 26, 2010 18:34

Choon and a half this.  
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Nov 2, 2010 08:35
Nice one aje!

Seb's new EP at Mule Electronics is really cool. I love Voices around the Fire. Tribal goodness!

I'm yet to check that mixed CD.

Lisa Gerard is amazing indeed and Ovnimoon is definitely underrated.
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 2, 2010 09:14
nice one. good to see Sebastian from minilogue doing solo stuff. will check out. i agree with you about eitan reiter- the guy does wonders in anything he touches. it's been a while i think since israeli electronic scene had such a talent (maybe not since cosma died). very unique and the diversity of styles he touches shows this is a real musician.
good to have beat bizzare back, though this one is a little heavy for me in the energy department
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