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VERY IMPORTANT WARNING - Be careful with Filipe Goulart (Mr Madness/Dystopia) !!!


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Posted : Mar 3, 2013 06:03:31
Hi guys,

i'm here to express (with great sadness) a very embarrassing situation that i'm currently living:

I'm having a personal problem with a Portuguese guy named Filipe André Martins Goulart.
This guy,a Dark Psytrance producer,is known for his Solo project Mr Madness and is also (or was) one of the
members of Dystopia project,together with Paulo Gonçalves (aka Inner Coma).

Besides being a Producer,Party organizer,working at a Radio Station,and doing Mixing and Mastering services,
he was also (till some time ago) a student at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias,in Lisbon.
I'm aware that he left/quit suddenly when was about to graduate for his Bachelor's degree in Science & Sound Technology.

So what happened?

This stupid kid placed an advert (on the 09/02/2013) @ OLX here in Portugal.It's a Website like Ebay,yet a bit different
and much smaller.The article/product he was selling was a couple of old acoustic foam tiles.

The thing is:

I've contacted him showing interest on them,was polite,and we've made an agreement on the price to pay,114,70 euros.
Dispite knowing him personally,i had a tiny idea of who he was.Since i had also in my possession quite a few details regarding
him,i kind of felt "confident" and went to the Bank,in order to make the payment onto his Bank Account.
Basicly he hasn't sent them to me,as he should.
Since then this bad character guy,or better "burglar" is ignoring my emails and giving me absolutely no satisfaction.
He has been arrogant,doesn't answer the phone,hangs it up in my face,insults me,and is threatening me,saying that he
has Security staff working for him and inclusively knows my home watch out bro!!!LOL

I have been very clear and gave him several oportunities to correct his stupid mistake by returning the money he took,
however without any success till today.I've warned him a few times by saying that i was not joking and that i would
press charges against him at the Police Station,he simply doesn't care and keeps ignoring me.I also told him that i would
do everything that i possibly could to make everyone know what he did to me and make him pay for that.
I've mentioned Labels,Promotors,Producers,Dj's,Party people,etç.

I'm also a producer myself (starting out) let's say...i LOVE Psytrance (Full-on/Progressive style) and i'm connected to
the "scene" for much longer than he is.I never never expected such attitude and behaviour from him...i've been living a
real nightmare!

Actions against this prick will be taken immediately,starting out next week.Let's see what he says in Court,when asked
to present himself.

I've also asked for help (by explaining the situation) to the University Director where i thought he was studying,although
i was told that he gave up the course halfway and simply disappeared,not being a student there anymore...unbelievable!!!

My intention with this POST,is mainly to warn people about him,by unmasking what he did to me and what he is capable of.
I strongly advise everyone to be aware in hope no one could be deceived by him in the future.

Here is some interesting information regarding himself:

Link of his adverts on OLX:

Web Page link of his debut Album (CD),published by the University:

Link of his Biography on Reverbnation Website:

Link of the Compilation (V.A) released by him,in partnership with Dj Shawnodese (Holand):

Link of his Account/Videos on Youtube:

A few other useful links:

If someone would like to obtain a more detailed explanation concerning the matter,please let me know.I will gently provide it.
If you want to spread "the message" between your contacts feel free to do so,to me it's only a favour you're doing!

P.S. - Would be nice to see this POST (on top) for some good time.

My best regards and thanks for all your understading,



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Posted : Mar 5, 2013 04:09
Hi everyone,
just want to leave something very clear:

Paulo Gonçalves (aka Inner Coma) has absolutely nothing to do with what this guy (Mr. Madness) did to me.
He was only a member together with him (till nearly 2 years ago) on the Dystopia Project.This Project no longer exists.
He is not a coleague/friend of him anymore and rarely has seen him since then.He truly condemns and regrets his behaviour
with myself.He contacted me immediately after being told about this.He is a great guy and has shown huge support and

He can't be judged (in any way) for something he didn't do.He is completely innocent and was totally anaware of this!

This matter has been handed to the Authorities.

Thank you all for the kind words/feedback received.


IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 19, 2013 19:23
Luís you should have seen about the festival he organized in the past. really.

it is a pitty you didnt follow the events or news concerning that festival, it might have helped you in the direction of making or not business with him.

check facebook for news related to this festival:

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Posted : Mar 22, 2013 21:39
Good luck trying to get that fixed in court especially in Portugal.
The money you lost wont even cover the tribunal fees.
"Hire a couple of hard hitting crack heads and get medieval on his ass"......Pulp Fiction

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Posted : Mar 30, 2013 03:51
Yeah...i just found out who he was too late,i'm afraid.
I have not been at his Chaotic Madness Festival either,otherwise i would know.
I assumed he was "alright" and known enough,as a producer (Mr. Madness) and party organizer (Global Paradise).
I also took him as "a normal" University student.I "knew" what he was studying and where to find him,if something went wrong.No big reasons to be suspicious at first.
In no way i imagined he would screw me.Only a foul would act like that.

Sadly,most of the information about him on the WEB is outdated.
He's not a student at Universidade Lusófona anymore.Doesn't make parties,produces psytrance or relates
with anyone connected to the scene.He simply disappeared,being hidden somewhere as the good coward he is.

Charges were pressed at the Police Station and the issue was sent to Court.
For this kind of cases (i was told) a lawyer isn't required.The sum of $ involved isn't high enough.
If i could afford a good one,i would definately do it and the story would be much different.
I know it will not be easy to recover the money,although i've heard a few successfull stories.

Anyway...pressing charges against someone due to this type of behaviour is always the correct thing to do.
This guy is already known from the Authorities.When the Police officer typed his Name on the Computer he
showed up immediately on the System.They even tryed (for 3 times) to call him,although he never answered.

To end up:

It may take some time,but sooner or later he will pay.

That Pulp Fiction way/solution you (BookFace) described is also a good idea.DIY method.

An ironic and funny thing to comment about it's his album title: Mentally disturbed
Totally describes this sick bastard.

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