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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Vertikal Pressure (Vertikal)
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Vertikal Pressure (Vertikal)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 14, 2006 15:46
Album: Vertikal Pressure (compilation)
Label: Vertikal Records
Released: march 2006
Cover (front):
Cover (back):


1. Sonic Cube - Floating Point Emotion
2. Space Safari - I Should Have Known
3. Andre Absolut - Step Through
4. Ryan Halifax - Clouds In My Coffee
5. Sweat Attack - I Don't Care
6. Ryan Halifax - Clouds In My Coffee (Andre Absolut Rmx)
7. Space Safari - No Reason
8. Tomtron & Liesegang - Shake Your Ass Girl

The review:

Ok, so I saw there wasn't a review for this yet, while it is a pretty good compilation. So here goes, track by track.

Track 1: Sonic Cube at it, and most of you will have heard the album out on Tribal Vision. This is much in the same vein, maybe even a little fluffier even. Good work on the melody and bassline, strong track to start off with. Good stuff.

Track 2: Known from the 'Kwarup' compilation, although this was released earlier. Anyway, a pretty nice track from Space Safari. I didn't like it much at first listens, but the more you hear it, the more it starts to make sense. The vocals are a bit cheesy, but they're effective nonetheless and the simple melody just tops it all off. Nice, not great, but nice.

Track 3: Andre Absolut delivers a massive track here with some strong bassdrum, a good bassline and percussion and truly wonderful work on the melodies. With 10 minutes + this is a long track too. A really strong one from Absolut and one of my faves here.

Track 4: Ryan Halifax at it, and he gets off on a strong start as with most of his tracks. Lots of echoing sounds and some dry percussion progress into a good groove. Pretty long too, just like the Andre Absolut track. Massive, and a strong track from Halifax with a good buildup, some good samplework and groove. This is a solid effort.

Track 5: This one is a bit faster, gets a pretty good groove going, but I'll be damned if there isn't another daft vocal sample in this again. Anyway, the vocal isn't really dominant in the track, making it quite listenable still. Some guitarsamples swing by as well and it sounds tight, I'll give it that. Still, one of my least favourite tracks here. But... not bad. Groovy, even... when in the right mood.

Track 6: Andre Absolut remixes Clouds In My Coffee, retaing the 'kick' of the original pretty nicely. A good remix from Absolut and a fine track. Has a lot more emphasis on the vocal sample. It's sufficiently different from the original to not be out of place here. I like Absolut's solo track better, but this is certainly not bad. The original by Ryan Halifax is somewhat better though.

Track 7: Another Space Safari track again. Groovy bassline and it all sounds really happy and jumpy. Some samples to go with all the happiness and ofcourse... vocals. It seems Frank can't do without them. The vocals in this sound really commercial though. This is one of those songs that could've easily come by on MTV's Dance Charts. Oh well, it's not THAT irritating, but it's not my pick of the bunch here and track 2 from Space Safari is better IMO.

Track 8: Another one with vocals. This one sounds a lot like something you'd expect on a discofloor, sounding like old disco influenced house/trance. Strange song, but it sounds pretty ok and I kinda like it. Not bad at all.

Conclusion: A pretty good compilation. My faves here are: 1,2,3,4,6,8. The rest is ok, but not the kind of stuff you'd wanna hear every day. Give it a listen online and check what you think. If you love progressive and don't have tracks 1,3,4 yet I'd give it a serious consideration if I were you.

Listen to it here:           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 15, 2006 02:21
Great compilation from our german allie Tomtron's label showcasing the vinyl releases of Vertikal up to date!
Great selection of tracks and groovy tunes all along

My highlights are the Ryan halifax and absolut remix for clouds in my coffee, the immortal step through and no Reason!           DJ NADI EarPeaks music Group (Domo/Tupan/Gat music)

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Posted : Jul 15, 2006 10:20
The Andre Absolut remix of Clouds In My Coffee was my favourite track of last year. Cant say the rest of the release did much for me.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 28, 2006 17:53
I heard good and bad here... in detail:
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Vertikal Pressure (Vertikal)
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