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Various - Chillspresso 1: Dari Bali (Hypoespresso)

IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Jun 11, 2007 05:44
Iím going to paraphrase, for a moment, Mr Darcy in Pride And Prejudice: ďIf this is indeed what living in Bali sounds like, then I really rather think I should be living there rather than sitting in this shithole talking to you, Mr Wickham.Ē

Dari Bali is a sublimely smooth piece of amply-lubed chillout compiled by Supercozi, the slightly-more-attractive half of Zen Lemonade. Where it succeeds is filling a niche untouched by a lot of other downtempo: itís not bong-n-hammock, itís not Cafť Del Mar, and itís not The Ultimate Beach Lounge Buddha Album In The World Ever Volume 16.

System 7 vs Zen Lemonadeís Chill Dome Refugees is staggering Ė the production is glassy, crystalline stuff and the trackís movement washes over you like pure, another-deceptively-fruity-tasting-cocktail-why-the-hell-not bliss.

Blue Planet Corporation does well with Hardcore Buddhist, a house track in the vein of Naked NYC that isnít really hardcore, and probably isnít very Buddhist. Zen Lemonadeís presence is tasty as well: the hazy, late-night Catalyzer contrasts well with the borderline-HedKandi Sun Chaser. More house pops up with Gus Tillís Red Sun Dub, whose starry wandering melodies almost fight with the laconic, strolling rhythm section.

Brother Culture teams up with Gus Till, Youth, Dub Judah and Funky Gong for a shining example of bang up-to-date chilled dub; meanwhile Gusí remix of Ionizerís I Need Sunshine isnít much consolation here in the f*ing tundra that is Melbourne in the winter, but will sound dazzling anywhere with a more considerate climate.

Itís all a fairly schitzophrenic compilation, but this is a virtue. Coziís own Lady Mint Tea sort of sums up the whole compilation Ė itís varied, eclectic and quirky stuff thatís doing its own thing and really doesnít pay too much attention to what you were expecting.

This is nice stuff, seriously nice stuff. The mere fact that itís not the same as all those other chillout CDís youíve got is reason enough to sniff it out. And, f anyone from the Indonesian government is reading, Bali would see tourism revenue treble if this album was mailed out instead of all those glossy brochures.


1. Waltz on the dusk sand
2. Chill Dome Refugees
3. Hardcore Buddhist
4. Sun Chaser
5. Catalyzer
6. Got to get ready
7. Red Sun Dub
8. Lady Mint Tea
9. I need sunshine (Gus Till rmx)
10. Aurora

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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 18:37
THE YAK MAGAZINE ONLINE / REVIEW /Chillpresso 1 ~ dari Bali ~
Hypo=espresso Records

RETURNING to the musical airwaves, Bali-based electropunk princess Tokyo DJ/producer SuperCozi and Melbournite recording partner Gus Till, of Zen Lemonade, present a laidback sonic cruise. With a wide array of guest talents, Cozi and Gus take us on a deluxe chilled trip around the planet. As the album name suggests, this is a downtempo affair, yet the tempo won't keep you down. Mixing elements of the East and West, this album keeps you guessing, but is relaxed in its smooth questioning.
Opening with ambient synth and piano, Dutch vocalist Lex Empress gently sets off shore with Waltz on the Dusk Sand, a soothing motherly sea-faring lullaby. The mood turns divinely tantric-groove with System7's Chill Dome Refugees, before picking it up with BluePlanet's Hardcore Buddhists. The organ keys get frenzied as the jazz-flute chases close behind for an upbeat change of gear.
The vibe reaches a plateau for Sun Chaser, and settles back in to a sampledelic funk-bass driven trip ŗ la Campbell Hapi. Think "cosmic soul". Jazz elements grow stronger as a storm breaks, peaking with the rain-soaked trumpet finesse of Rio Sidiq on Catalyzer, a drum and bass piece carried by Cozi's smooth vocals.
The dub factor rubs in with Brother Culture's Got To Get Ready, an edgy bass-bumpin ambient dub inquisition by MC Kulcha B, before synthing into the sunset with Red Sun Dub by Gus, a rock-steady runabout on a smorgasbord of keyboards. Gus lets it all hang out here, letting his keys run rampant against arabesque percussion for a peak-out session. From there, we take a jaunt around Marrakesh with Lady Mint Tea. The beat rocks slowly like a camel's back, as silky Arab strings wail a seductive dance with spoken-word.
Capturing the last drops of sun on the ocean is I Need Sunshine by Ionizer, a truly downtempo track that winds vocoder and keys to infinity. The stars come out for the last track as young Parisian producer Jong's Aurora bids farwell. Like a journey home, this smooth ride combines Indian vocals and percussion and synth rhythms to effortless bliss, landing you back on your pillow refreshed, relaxed, yet ready for more.
Once again, Cozi, Gus and the Zen Lemonade family have produced a rich musical tapestry that takes you beyond your everyday worries. The range of talent present here provides a deep pool to soak in, rippling with a relaxed confidence that puts you in a thoughtful world-groove.

Trance Forum Ľ Ľ Forum  Music Reviews - Various - Chillspresso 1: Dari Bali (Hypoespresso)
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