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Various Artists - Slow-Release (Open Records, November 2006)


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Posted : Nov 18, 2006 20:53
Artist: Various
Title: Slow-Release
Label: Open Records
Format: CD
Released: November 2006


Open Records is a completely new label based in Australia. Behind the scenes we find the 2 DJ's Suspekt and Woodsman - probably not very well-known on the northern hemisphere, but a couple of highly requested DJ's down under. On the labels debut-release, "Slow-Release" we find 8 previously unreleased tracks and remixes made by a mix of artists from down under and abroad, from very well-known acts to acts previously unknown to the public eye.

1. Antix - Le Lascard (Embark Remix) [130 BPM]
The compilation starts with a remix for "Le Lascard" from Antix's last album "Twin Coast Discovery". This particular track was undoubtedly among my favourite tracks on the album, and here it's reworked by Embark - a new and, judging by this remix, quite promising producer from Australia. It's more simple and tribal, and doesn't quite match the epic quality of the original, but it grooves very nicely, and the breakdown with the classic theme is very blissful and well-done.

2. Brisker & Magitman - Clockwork [130 BPM]
Israeli act Brisker & Magitmans career has skyrocketed in the last year - their full on project Elec3 has had great success, but more so their progressive sideproject Brisker & Magitman is in high request in the progressive house/progressive trance scene, with releases on major players like Renaissance, Audio Therapy, Method (Baroque), SOG and Tribal Vision. "Clockwork" is a fine little track, although it in all honesty sounds like some of their older material, it's a sweet track - simple and deep, with a melancholic piano-melody.

3. Eegor - Prime Groover (Marathon Mix) [129 BPM]
Eegor is another newcomer from Australia, and here we're fed with his own aptly named Marathon mix of "Prime Groover", running for almost 11 minutes. It holds some of the same qualities as the Embark remix for Antix - deep, tribal progressive house with a "psy" edge, but to me it seems to miss a really distinguishable theme that makes it worthwhile for the 11 minutes. Not bad, just too much of the same.

4. Fog featuring V-Point - Seduction [128 BPM]
Another Australian newcomer, V-Point, teams up with Fog from Greece on "Seduction". I have mixed emotions about Fog and his earlier project Elastic - on one side it's very enjoyable deep, tribal progressive which reminds me of Antix in their "Lull" days, but to me he seems way too stuck in the same formula - and this track is no exception. Add to that some quite misplaced percussion and you have the weakest point on the CD.

5. D-Sens vs. Sirius Smooth - Tribalizer [132 BPM]
D-Sens is the solo project of one of the members of the French progressive psytrance project Lunaspice, and here he teams up with yet another Aussie newcomer, Sirius Smooth on "Tribalizer". What a great tune this is - it has a wonderful, deep bubbly bass, and a suburban-style club sound, yet still maintaining some of that big outdoor atmosphere. Solid work.

6. Sun Control Species - Nameless Blameless (Antix Remix) [132 BPM]
Antix follow up with a remix for Sun Control Species' "Nameless Blameless", previously released on Zenon Records' "Intelligent Manipulation" compilation last year. Compared to the rest of the tracks here, this remix is probably the trendiest, with sort of subtle electro-ish touches, a big trancy anthem, yet still staying true to the psygressive outdoor sound. Certainly a good remix.

7. Wombat - Ride Control [133 BPM]
Up next is Wombat - the new sideproject of one of Australias most well-known progressive producers, Sun Control Species, and "Ride Control" is naturally oozing of quality. It's slower than the majority of the previous Sun Control Species tracks, incredibly deep and with a big, massive sound that'll work wonders when chugging on an outdoor PA. Big tune.

8. D-Sens - Save The Children [125 BPM]
Frances D-Sens finish the compilation with "Save The Children", the slowest track on the CD, once again staying true to the concept of deep, tribal progressive. The groove is very lazy, and although it maybe isn't quite dancefloor-appealing for the peaktime, I find it very suitable for the opening or afterhours for a party. Nice comedown for a good compilation.

Bottom line:

Okay, "Slow-Release" perhaps isn't the best progressive compilation released this year, but in a time where progressive releases either seem to be following the electro-housey D-Nox & Beckers direction or the more full on'ish Liquid Soul/FREq direction, Open Records seems to have found another niche with this mixture of progressive house and deep, tribal progressive psytrance. The quality is consistently pretty good, and even the newcomers seem to have something to deliver.

Judging by this first release, Open Records is certainly a label worth supporting.


1 (!), 2, 5 (!), 6 (!), 7




Open Records:
Open Records @ MySpace:          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |

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Posted : Dec 1, 2006 20:03

Regular readers of Revolve magazine may remember an article in the winter 2005 issue telling us all about the Australian scene and what a jolly good time they all seem to be having. Well - the author of that piece, Jesse, a.k.a. DJ Suspekt, alongside co-conspirator DJ Woodsman, have gone and put together a collection of progressive tunes that take the listener by the ears and thrust them into the realms of ‘Total Fucking Awesomeness’ ! The Australian/New Zealand scene has always been a hot- bed of progressive psychedelic talent, and this collection is here to confirm their world class status.
Oh yes my friends, fasten your neural seatbelts, because you’ve never been on a ride quite like this, here is an album that is shaping up to be 'Progressive bomb of the Year!' The track list contains some of the real heavyweights: ANTIX, SUN CONTROL SPECIES and French maestro D-SENS alongside Israel’s BRISKER & MAGITMAN, all on tip-top form and delivering some of their best work - There are also new talents in the form of EMBARK (fantastic remix of Antix), EEGOR (incredible nite time sonic attack), FOG vs V-POINT (sublime tribal heaven), and WOMBAT (pure magic from Mr Sun Control himself), which makes it eight KILLERS and no FILLERS! The mastering is done by Barton Strom (Antix), a proper job and a joy to the ears, and over all this is an excellent, well thought out and put together package - an amazing effort for a brand new label that commands your immediate attention. Word is that Volume 2 has begun already...........mercy me!!
Some people say, “listening to psychedelic music is like taking a journey through your mind” – I say, “may as well travel FIRST CLASS”! Make ‘Slow-Release’ a priority, my friends. Essential.

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Posted : Dec 3, 2006 00:52
Appropriate title.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 4, 2006 23:02

On 2006-12-03 00:52, kristyandmoe wrote:
Appropriate title.

tell me about it... not long people.

European copywrite law sucks!!! why cant they all just be nice and easy like Australia!

Thanks for the killer reviews so far guys... we be available VERY soon

New releases cooking including a new compilation and a wombat remix EP

          Open Records, Australia
Behind Blue Eyes

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Posted : Dec 5, 2006 04:37
Great first release from Open Records, I can add that there now exists a remix of the Wombat tune by Behind Blue Eyes... 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 24, 2006 12:14
released today on psyshop!!!

          Open Records, Australia
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 23, 2007 20:17
I really love this first release from Open Records, deep atmospheric stuff, which doesnt thrive on vocals or anything which might be "trendy" at the moment.

This is no bullshit deep music for deep experiences.

Especially the first tracks I like, and also the last track is great (reminds me a bit of the classic Voodoof "Thru" on one of the classic TIP Records releases actually).

For me, this release places newly hatched australien Open Records amongst the current top progressive labels, I hope they will have a follow up on the way soon which keeps this standard or even surpasses it.

Rating: 8/10 or 4/5

Highs for me
!Antix ”Le Lascard(Embark Remix)” (08:40)
!Brisker & Magitman ”Clockwork” (09:45)
!Eegor ”Prime Groover(Marathon Mix)” (10:48)
!Fog featuring V-Point ”Seduction” (10:18)
!D-Sens ”Save the Children” (09:12)
Fog featuring V-Point ”Seduction” (10:18)
D-Sens vs Sirius Smooth ”Tribalizer” (09:26)
Sun Control Species ”Nameless Blameless(Antix Remix)” (08:34)
Wombat ”Ride Control” (09:37)

Best Wishes

- Krell
          Label DJ>

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Posted : Jan 24, 2007 10:10
this is one of my favorite release...and i'm very happy that here is no vocals and boring electro influences.
i like all the tracks but Wombat is pleasure..this is music made for afterhourz dust.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 25, 2007 22:31
A pleasurable progressive release. Makes a change indeed from all those electro-influenced compilations. This is the kind of progressive I really dig. Lovin' it, and tracks 2,3,4 stand out for me the most.           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]

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Posted : Jan 25, 2007 22:51
nice sample
gona buy that 1 too..(:
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 26, 2007 22:18
Great compilation, this is the first release from Open Records, and i think thay make realy good work, i love must of the tracks from this cd. Keep the good work guys!
          Progress In Music!

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Posted : Feb 2, 2007 23:51
Great release. Every track is excellent. Happily got to hear some of it at Rainbow last weekend. Look forward to the second release.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 3, 2007 02:20
great release, every track is banging, really like the fog and v point, and the d sens tracks are really hypnotic, save the children is insane, going to play that one this weekend at a tribal party, keep em coming,
really appreciate the non cheese,
i know you guys have some deep dark tracks too;), i hope to hear em,

all the best

Open Records
Open Records

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Posted : Feb 9, 2007 12:34
Thanks for all the amazing feedback everyone, its really good to know everyone is enjoying the cd and what we intended to happen with open records has been acchieved.

we are definately focused on bringing a deep sound back to the trance scene and im glad that everyone agrees that its well needed!

great to hear the tracks being played all over the place, was a big honour to hear the tunes thundering out of the rainbow serpent system recently... good to be on the other side of the speaker for once!

thanks for all the support, not that many copies of the cd left in existance now so grab a copy while you can... if you miss out, it is available digitally as of last week so you can get it from beatport, itunes etc...

thanks again all, full respect and support form Jesse, Ian, Ed, Richie and the rest @ Open Records Australia

PS- just to clarify something from profanes review, Sirius Smooth is actually from france, not australia as mentioned... hes an original member of lunaspice with Matt D-Sens.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 26, 2007 22:44
I´ve bought this release right after the release, and it stayed in my shelf for the last 2 month...

Oh what 2 wasted month that have been. I´m a sucker for that deepness that this release communicates.
Yes, this release has something that i have missed in the Psygressive scene for quite some time, and im sure it wont leave my MP3 player for a long time

my favourites so far:


but these are only my Highlights, which doesn´t mean that the rest would be bad for my taste in any sort.

Eagerly awaiting more releases from Open Records!

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