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Various Artists - Joyride (Candyflip, January 2006)


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Posted : Dec 22, 2005 22:03
Artist: Various
Title: Joyride – compiled by Stratus
Label: Candyflip
Format: CD (Digipack)
Released: January, 2006 (December, 2005 in Japan)


After 3 years, Candyflip is certainly among the most well-known Greece labels on the scene, releasing a wide variety of releases, ranging from progressive psytrance compilations and albums from artists like 12 Moons, Wizzy Noise and Tegma, as well as chillout compilations and albums from artists like Kukan Dub Lagan and Healer. The new compilation "Joyride" is a move into the more club-oriented territory though, compiled by Stratos and consisting of a few 12"-rereleases and a handful ofexclusive tracks from some of the scenes biggest progressive house/progressive psy crossover names at the moment – and a few up-coming artists from the Candyflip roster.

01. James Monro - Locked In [128 BPM]
Opening the compilation in style is James Monro – former label-manager of the late Flying Rhino Records, and one of the worlds most sought after psychedelic DJ's. "Locked In" is a bit different from what I expecting, starting as a very strong breaks-tune, heavy on pads and with an epic big-room sound. The tune slowly rises in intensity, before going into more standard 4/4 territory in the last couple of minutes. Very solid opener.

02. FREq Vs. B.Hartless - Even & Odd (Antix Remix) [125 BPM]
Antix continue with a remix of "Even & Odd", originally made by FREq and his fellow kiwi friend B.Hartless (Ben Hartley). The sound is to be found somewhere between the dark, melancholic atmosphere of "Lull" and the housey grooves of "Twin Coast Discovery". A fine track: Not as impressive as some of Antix's best creations, but some of the people complaining about "Twin Coast Discovery" being too commercial, will probably like this more.

03. Gio Red - Blue Shape [130 BPM]
Giorgos Kokkinos from Drone is up next with his solo project Gio Red - one of the Candyflips new hopes for the future. "Blue Shape" is pretty close to the style in the last Drone album "23 Days", meaning deep, tribal progressive house/trance crossover – definitely likeable. What I didn't like so much, was a male vocal-sample repeated way too many times in the last half of the track. Slightly annoying, and certainly drag down on my overall opinion about the track.

04. Drone – The Last Score [130 BPM]
Gio Red team up with his Drone-partner Dimitris Magglaris on "The Last Score". The electro-inspired intro is actually a quite promising, but the rest of the track is destroyed by a very weak, accented, and way too dominant male vocal. I have liked a lot of Drones music in the past, and it's not that I per definition dislike vocals in music, but to me this just wasn't enjoyable at all. By far the weakest track on the compilation.

05. Motion - Hesitation [128 BPM]
The French Vincent Courcot from Tetraktys and Solead do a noticeably better job than Drone with the vocals in "Hesitation", released under his housey solo project Motion. The rough, yet sexy groove sounds a bit like Infusion, and some heavily reverbed stabs and bells give the track a very trancy touch. Definitely a very enjoyable tune, although not the best from Motion.

06. D-Nox & Beckers - My Number One (True To Nature Remix) [132 BPM]
Up next is the Danish duo Tom Von Rosen and Jokke, better known as True To Nature, with one of their interpretations of one of D-Nox & Beckers' biggest floorhits so far, "My Number One" - yep, the one with the corny Ali G sample. They haven't included that sample in this remix though, but although that was the high point of the original, I can't say I really miss it, as this is a very competent remix. Maintains the electro-sound of the original, yet not as naughty, but with a more delicate, trancy touch. Exquisite remix.

07. Atmos – Raumwelt Signal (H.Cattaneo & J. Tonks Remix) [128 BPM]
Hernan Catteneo perhaps isn't the most well-known artist in progressive psytrance circles, but on the global progressive house scene, he's at the top of the game, being in the top10 of DJ Mags list of the worlds most popular DJ's. Here he teams up with John Tonks remixing "Raumwelt Signal" - the opening-tune from Atmos' "2nd Brigade" album. The main focus of the remix is the intro from the original, and it has really been reworked to perfection, making it a true outdoor anthem.

08. Influq - Joyride [129 BPM]
Influq is the new clubbier sideproject of Wizzy Noise – undoubtedly one of Greece's biggest acts in the psytrance scene. "Joyride" is a pretty fine tune; heavily disco-flavoured, tribal beats with a super elite production level – nice to hear. The musical content doesn't quite reach the same level though, and although it's a quite enjoyable tune, I must say I didn't really connect to it – it was too empty in a way. Waiting for more Influq stuff though.

09. Flame On Fire – Vintage Strain [114 BPM]
The closing-track is from the Greek local talent Tasos Dimomeletis, whose first appearance was on the last Candyflip compilation "Levitation". "Vintage Strain" is, like the opening track by James Monro, a change from the 4/4 stuff – a breaks-tune, where the arpeggiator-melody sounds a lot like the one in Holm & Andersens "Cityrain". The sound is very electronic, with a tight beat making it just a bit too aggressive for a downbeat set, yet not strong enough for the dancefloors. Quite closure though.

Bottom line:

For most part "Joyride" is a great compilation. The flow is quite good, and there's a great deal of diversity, with a sound ranging from progressive house/trance crossover to breaks and a hint of electro – and some of the track are really spectacular. Where some of the tracks are great, others sadly disappoint though, with the Drone-track as the ultimate lowpoint on the compilation for me.

So overall it's a good release. It could have been amazing, but there's still a considerable amount of high quality tunes, making it a recommended tool for the progressive CDJ's.


1 (!!), 2, 5, 6 (!!), 7 (!!)




Candyflip Records:          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
Steve Sai
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 2, 2006 21:47
Very nice compilation..Great work from Candyflip guys..

my favourites:

Dance N Dust
Dance N Dust

Started Topics :  83
Posts :  419
Posted : Jan 3, 2006 17:42
look like nice cd,,
Flame On Fire " is 1 of the best artist in my tipe..
i got 2 full cds from them and every track's
there is so realy good..
atmos rmx on that cd is nice too
good luck to Candyflip           out now:
Aumrec – Before The Beginning ,EP
V/a Beat Wins , Compiled by DJ Asherun
Embargaa - Slova . EP

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Jan 7, 2006 21:47
Solid compilation, nice selection of artists.
Favorites : 1!, 2, 7,8

James Monroe made a break-beat track. Briliant. He is still the best, no doubt about it


Started Topics :  3
Posts :  71
Posted : Jan 10, 2006 14:56
Nice compilation indeed...

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  78
Posted : Jan 10, 2006 17:03
Great compilation ! The drone track is the greatest in my opinion, these guys are talents for sure!!.
other fav tracks

Started Topics :  4
Posts :  224
Posted : Jan 11, 2006 23:25
Great release.

Absolutely love the Freq v Hartless track especially pitched up a bit. Nice to have an unmixed copy of the remix of Raumwelt Signal also.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  13
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Posted : Jan 13, 2006 03:47
I dont find any of Psy/Progressive on this CD, pretty Club tracks mostly oriented to the Clubby sound, honestly I'm pretty sad with this kind of releases because some label΄s forgot what really mean's Psy/Progressive, now in almost all the CD'S are oriented to the Dance and Clubby sound, doesnt matter if the track is good just need to be dancing,

Anyway this CD i'm agree with prOfane some of the tracks are sadly disappoint but for otherwise the James Monro, Motion and Influq are pretty enjoyable tunes
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Various Artists - Joyride (Candyflip, January 2006)
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