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VA- Subculture (Acidance Records, June 2005)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 27, 2005 12:00
Artist : Various
Title : Subculture
Label : Acidance Records
Catalog # : ACIDCD011
Release Date : June 2005

01 - Dissociative - Fireworks
02 - Parasense - Do The Job
03 - Dissociative - Einstein's Last Mistake
04 - Chromatone & Random - Acid Burn
05 - Digital Outlaws - Creative Destruction
06 - Fungus Funk - Acidalia Planitia
07 - Hyper Frequencies & DJ Anaka - Renegade
08 - Parasense - Marakatu
09 - Seroxat - Mama Russia

This is the eleventh release from Athens, Greece based Acidance Records. Compiled by DJ Wizard and Alex Parasense, 'Subculture' is the first compilation release we have seen from Acidance since 2003's 'Ritual Dance'. Storming back into the psychedelic trance world with the signature powerful, twisted, groovy psychedelic sound that has been tearing up dancefloors since 1999, Acidance serves up nine tracks by talented newcomers as well as names already well established on the international scene..

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 27, 2005 12:01
1. Dissociative- 'Fireworks'- Dissociative are Evgeniy Martinov and Vjacheslav Iskanjan from Russia who have previously released tracks on Doof and Crystal Matrix. With an upcoming full length release on Acidance, this is their first appearance on the label. Dissociative's take on the Russian style incorporates old school goa melodies into newer psytrance sounds. Their super groovy basslines immediately caught my attention on 'E.S.T. Second Session'. Let's see what they have to offer. a strong, driving bassline combines with an otherworldly atmosphere leading us into an omnipresent scratchy synth line. A light, delicate melody is brought into the mix in preparation for the goa-influenced melody that follows. An interesting contrast between the old and new here! The main breakdown-buildup brings an electro melody, what follows is less driving than was anticipated. A multitude of sounds being introduced here, this is an interesting and unique dark morning stomper! 8/10

2. Parasense - 'Do The Job'- With three full length albums released and numerous compilation releases, Parasense need no introduction! "Possible" an otherworldly intro quickly leads us in to a hypnotic driving bassline coupled with mechanical percussive elements. A very fitting mix with the space age samples interspersed throughout. The subtle signature Parasense kick drum is in there as well...A gritty synth line and steel drum percussion lead to a quick wind down before this machine gets going again, a snare is introduced into the mix and this groove really starts to take off. The main synth line increases in intensity as this track forges of the most multi-dimensional, driving, frenzied, psychedelic tracks I've heard from these guys in a while. Perfect for propelling any night time dj set onwards. However, it's not until the buildup leading into the final minute of this track that the madness is fully let loose....!! 10/10

3. Dissociative - 'Einstein's Last Mistake'- Dissociative are at it again! This time it's a dark mysterious gritty groover- powerful, dynamic and driving to say the least! Wooshing atmospheres collide as a somewhat abrasive synth line stutters its way into the mix. A galloping bassline, partially inaudible spoken samples, and eerie ethereal synth pads set the stage. The theme of the track continues to develop with a quick clever change up, things really start taking off. Leaving the goa melodies behind in this track, Dissociative instead introduces a darker, more goofy synth into the mix. A powerful buildup oozing with psychedelic sounds, leads into a breakdown with crickets chirping in the distance. Had the key change at 5:39 happened sooner, perhaps it would have increased the overall drive and effectiveness of the track as a whole....a creeping night time builder none the less! 9/10

4. Chromatone & Random - 'Acid Burn'- Chromatone is Lawrence Ezra Hoffman, a San Francisco native who has released tracks on RedCells, VaporVent, Mindfunk, PsyTropic, and Mechanik Sound. Random is Ross DuBois, also from San Francisco, with tracks released on Resonant Earth, VaporVent. This is their first collaborative track released on Acidance Records. Starting things off with a deep rumbling bass zooming into a stomping groove. The crisp synth production characteristic of Chromatone's music expertly combines with Random's chugging grooves that I've really been digging as of late! A stuttering bassline carries us to the central theme, sticking with the dark synth melody while tossing in a few squiggles of psychedelia here and there. It's all building up to a very powerful 6/8/triplet beat and this track storms on, all the while the dark ambiance lurking in the shadows. Zooming downwards and winding up a couple times before its all through, Killer collaboration! 10/10

5. Digital Outlaws - 'Creative Destruction'- Digital Outlaws are Shlomi and Stas from Israel, This is their debut release as well as first appearance on Acidance Records. A goofy bassline bounces around while an uncomfortable mosquito-like buzzing circles around and over yonder to some nice groovin beats! Elastic like psychedelic synths swarm the background, the initial breakdown leads into a faster beat and the addition of a lo-fi snare and some old school video game fx, this track bounces along in such a comical manner that it almost reminds me of a slowed down Vicious Spiral or Texas Faggot track. A filtered, scratchy synth line at 3:30 adds a lot to this track. Its somewhat of a turning point, at which we have less lo-fi fx, and more groove, the build up at 4:45 takes things up yet another notch, along with an ever so subtle and slick key change, eventually ending up a brighter groove at journey's end. Great debut, that's growing on me more and more every time I hear it! 8/10

6. Fungus Funk - 'Acidalia Planitia'- Fungus Funk is Serge Prilera from Russia, a driving force in the "darker" psy movement with releases on Discovalley, Crystal Matrix, Seraphana, Sirius, Deja Vu, Apocalypse, and more, as well as being signed to Acidance. 'systems online' yet static prevails, as we zoom into the depths of this stomper, a rockstar worthy drum fill, takes us to a steady beat and a subtle bassline that are soon percolated with dozens of squiggly psychedelic sounds, a filtered and airy synth line joins with a more crisp strong synth sound and the two melodies intertwine. This is a night time groover for sure! Panned filtered fx on the brief breakdown prepared us for the track to slam back in, delivering us deeper in this abyss of groove. carefree la-di-da dark night time psychedelic music! a very strong track from the most funked of fungii 9/10

7. Hyper Frequencies & DJ Anaka - 'Renegade'- Hyper Frequencies aka Gilles is no stranger to the psytrance scene with releases on Turbo Trance, Hadra, Peak, Parvati, and Avatar, as well as a full length release on Mechanik Sound. DJ Anaka is a member of the Mechanik Records crew. Both are from France and this is their first collaborative release. Some ripping filtered sounds to start off, leading us into a deeper, more prominent bassline and a mean shredding synth line that somehow seems to assimilate the other elements of the track as it moves along, picking up momentum with every 8 beats. The break- and everything drops out save a sawing synth, rolling bassline, and airy atmosphere, processed human vocal fx help build the intensity, and following every break, the bassline is there more intense than before. The final buildup and resulting groove is riddled with bits of guitar synth and wood block percussion. Perhaps this track doesn't take us all the way there, but it gets us at least half way 7/10

8. Parasense - 'Marakatu'- A pleasant surprise to find another Parasense track on here! It also happens to be my favorite track on this compilation . A ghostly introduction and the bass rumbles its way into our brians oozing psychedelia all along the way. The initial break, and the tribal steel drums are introduced, along with kick, hi-hat, and bassline- the minimalist effect is amazing. The bass keeps pumping in this one, as we hear a few vocal samples. But the real magic happens at 2:50 when an organ-like melody is introduced, along with a zooming synth, a tamborine that makes all the difference and a devastating steal drum fill, leading us into a pounding bassline, swarming squiggling psychedelic sounds, tribal house percussion, and a dark mysterious and melodic synth line filling this track up. Overall, a very unique track that will have people stomping all over the dancefloor 10/10

9. Seroxat - 'Mama Russia- From Israel is Offer Maoz aka Seroxat, who created much havoc on dancefloors worldwide with his full length release on Crystal Matrix. He has also released on DiscoValley, Inpsyde Media, Peak, Deja Vu, Apocalypse, Stone Age as well as Acidance. At first glance, this seems like pretty standard formulaic Seroxat. Trust me its not. With his percussive screams, a scratchy polished synth lead meets with one mathematically precise kick-snare-hihat pattern. The bassline lifts off at 2:34 and we really start flying. A mysterious sliding synth "I don't wanna die", at least not until after the full on groove I'm hearing has ended. 4:16 brings another change up, the synth becomes scratchier and its reminding me a bit of Shift here. Liking the snare a lot- sitting right on top of the beat. A zooming build up at 5:35 and we're tossed into Seroxat's trademark 1/2 time stomp- used rather well here along with a raging synth line that will blow your mind. Its a totally slamming way to end the compilation! 11/10

Overall: 9/10 What was once a rumor is now fact- Acidance is back and in full force! Acidance staple Parasense, representing the more dark, driving style of the label with two SUPER strong tracks and a newer multi-dimensional sound that I'm totally digging. Seroxat and Chromatone & Random both fitting in nicely with this sound as well. Acidance newcommers, Dissociative bring a more laid back groovy feel to the label, also supported on this compilation by the tracks from Digital Outlaws, Hyper Frequencies & DJ Anaka. Fungus Funk- a mix of the two sounds fuses it all together. Many night time builders here- perhaps subliminally indicative of this label's strong future- Onwards and upwards Acidance Records! Let's hope the madness continues!

Favorites: 2, 4, 8(!!!), 9(!!!)
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IsraTrance Junior Member
Dai aka Amatti

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Posted : Jul 27, 2005 18:44
Great review as always, lauryn. Cheers!
Yup, Acid@nce is finally back with stomping comp. My favarites are Parasense two tracks and chromatone and random. A track from SF represents...cannot go wrong!...acid words...great work, guys!!! I remember Random played this track off at the phoenix campout gathering last was soo sick
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 27, 2005 22:15
Awesome album with STRONG tracks!!!!
my favorites are 2-4,6,8-9.
Its not often that i enjoy this many tracks on one cd. Dont let this one slip by!
Great for djs.
CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 3, 2005 02:22
this will be my august soundtrack!alx and fungus =best tracks.
CRX,athens           Helicon Sounds Music
CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 3, 2005 02:22
this will be my august soundtrack!alx and fungus =best tracks.
CRX,athens           Helicon Sounds Music

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Posted : Aug 3, 2005 06:33
I'm just listening to the samples, but isnt Parasense- Do the Job the same as Parasense-Mars that was released on Utopia 2?

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Posted : Aug 9, 2005 21:44
Boom! Acidance are back!
And after listening this cd I think it was worth waiting all this time!
Very nice compilation. Night time dancefloor monsters full of acid! Realy sick and hyper , high quality tracks! And they all fit perfectly together.
My favorits: # 2! , 3! ,4!! , 7! ,8!! ,9!!
By the way its funy how everything writen with russian latters ( can be tricky at first , hehe)!
Respect to acidance and all the artists!
Le Lotus Bleu
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 2, 2005 17:47
V/A Subculture [Acidance]

Compiled by Dj Wizard & Alex Parasense

Tracklist :

1. Dissociactive – Fireworks
2. Parasense – Do The Job
3. Dissociactive – Last Einstein’s Mistake
4. Chromatone & Random – Acid Burn
5. Digital Outlaws – Creative Destruction
6. Fungus Funk – Acidalia Planitia
7. Hyper Frequencies feat. Dj Anaka – Renegade
8. Parasense – Marakatu
9. Seroxat – Mama Russia

1. Dissociactive (E.Martinov & V.Iskanyan/Russia) proposes you a quite psy melodic tune to begin this cd with twisted sounds, not really stomping nor completly raving, it lacks of vitality (there’s a false energy but true puffing power one) & ideas (except the sounding of the hithats) for me & results as an average sounding.

2. Parasense (Alex Klirkin/Russia) delivers a flat monotonous bassline to start his track, some samples embellish it at 1’20 from which a cop’s car siren in the background. Then the rythmic gets something of latino (south american exactly). A swift break happens around 2’00 made of a high twisted phone dialing tone. A new lead & round but still monotonous bassline arrive from 3’00 conferring a swampy feeling. 3’46 some electric riffs are added but i’m not convinced about its positive input here. 5’09 rising climax but it’s not located very high, once again average.

3. Second Dissociactive’s track, this one is the good, more silly with good voice samples. It’s more jerky & trippy sounding compared to their first one here, more incisive too. There are several funny sounds from 3’05 : the nasal lead or muffled tones in the background, at 3’32 it evolves more muscular. Around 4’00 you’ve got some hacked part followed soon by a long tunnel filtered bass break. After coming out this tunnel, the song reaches another level at 5’20, his climax indeed : frying & tense bassline, shouting voice sample, shrilling up lead.

4. Chromatome & Random (L.Hoffman & R.Dubois/U.S.A) use some nebulous or tourmented layers coppled with classic darkpsy construction nevertheless the flood of badly controlled energy is pathetic consequently Acid Burn never takes off for me, too chaotic.

5. Digital Outlaws (S.Kanja & S.Tsababa/Israël) has captured a mosquito for their intro. The bass is more bouncy than all the previous tracks. The feeling of Creatuve Destruction is partularly entairtaining, nothing too serious here with for example a tone at 2’15 (coming back several times later on) which sounding like old video games fx (Sonic the hedgedog). In this same ludic idea, at 4’15 you’ve got sort of filtered moaning sheep layer, later on there’s the mosquito soud comes back, & from 4’51 in the second sonic plan you can listen to robotyzed hens. For the ending, you’re complerly lost in the middle of a weird ultra coloured psychelic video games like if Sonic the hedgedog have took drugs.

6. Fungus Funk (S.Prilepa/Russia) delivers dry-lashing darkpsy like a cold winter rain hitting your face (amazingly invigorating for the skin & eardrums) , the hithats & snare are a wonderful example of this dry spirit, check them respectivly from 0’58 & 1’34. Around 1’35 it’s also the preiod of appearance of a lift tones (which goes up & down) in the background. I’m not usually a big fan of Fungus Funk, i must admitt, here with Acidalia Planitia, he had produced a good track & melodic (some eclectrified riffs) furthermore which from what i remember wasn’t always his case by the past.

7. During the intro you’ll may be recognize the Hyper Frequencies (G.Béraud/France) touch through the bouncy bassline (very close from his last tune L.S.I) then after the minute the bass gets his mutation’s puberty (the tone evolves deeper & louder), it’s also the sign H.F is featured by Dj Anaka (G.Béraud & T.Allart/France). You’ll surely notice this weird but funny twisted voice sample multi appearing making a kinda ‘Hum.. op-dubub’ (first coming at 2’44). Several layers & leads benefits from a more or less trembling fx on themcheck around 3’00. Fast & trippy percusions embelish the tune from 4’35 which accompany a turbo lauched & rising up in engine-tours. Several metallic riffs wake up your brain (from 5’15) in case you’re a bit sleepy but would it possible here.

8. Here’s a new attempt of alchemy between psychedelic & samba rythmn, i don’t why but all attemps i’ve heard have all resulted the same : a fail (i especially think here about Lotus Omega on their Quantum Rabbit Hole album). It’s also the case with Marakatu. I personnally think it would better fit with more melodic & enlighted tones & harmonies ; when it’s too dark even highly twisted like here, it still goes bad in the harmony.

9. Seroxat (O.Maoz/Israël) with Mama Russia comes & ends up with a tonic tune. What’s the programme? It’s about haunted layer from 0’20, electric riffs (from 1’10), a plaintive layer in guise of break at 3’00, some backfiring leads around 4’50, lots of positive agressivity & if my ears doesn’t failed me some sample of a woman saying ‘Jesus Christ’ . A quite classic darkpsy construction which nevertheless remains effective.

Climax :5,7
Favorites :3,6,9
Some nice efforts but lots of average tunes too, that’s a pity ; the global content results shared, average.

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Posted : Oct 5, 2005 15:39
damn good cd .. really enjoyed it .. good for the morning ... all trax r good ... specially parasense .. also liked chromatone 

CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2005 12:57
it is an excellent just needs time           Helicon Sounds Music

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Oct 31, 2005 12:34
Killer compilation, every song is good. Dissociative, Chromatone great selection of tracks.Aciddance rocks it.
Thank you for the twisted pleasures.
wicked wires

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Nov 1, 2005 17:35
killa comp...u acid dance fraks know how to do it.....blast my head out!!

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