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VA Rajdhani Xpress ( Samsara Recordings)


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Posted : May 27, 2008 22:32:37

Here's the latest release from India based Samsara Recordings. Interesting as it may be, the compilation supports the motherland by featuring an all Indian tracklist.

For those of you who are unaware..Rajdhani Xpress is the fastest and most famous passenger train of India. The word Rajdhani means capital city....and as it seems, Rajdhani Xpress connects these Indian artists to trancers around the globe! Here's the review -

Track by Track

Schizobot - Pstyrofoam
A pulsating rhythm intro of staccato percussive drum work is greeted with squishy synth leads and eerily industrial hits. Alien pads waft through the backgrounds of sound while a grinding bass line glues it all together. The whole symphony builds into ego-grinding mayhem, broken by an effervescently misty breakdown giving you plenty of breathing room.

Gidra - Adam Leatherface
At once dark and nasty, this bass line rolls along with the weight of a stone grinder while edgy, knifelike acid rhythms cut through your synapses like melting butter. Tweaky and glitchy, with plenty of fluid drip and resonance-riding waves to keep you out of your seat. Inimical life forms lurk between these frequencies, with monstrous surprises awaiting your ear.

White Wizard - Metalized
Scary chimes and a chugging bass line hallmark these hair-raising sounds. Brilliant breakdowns keep the tension rising as growling rhythms and moaning pads provide the eerie dissonance that keeps you looking over your shoulder. Complex arpeggiated acid leads hammer out embossments upon your psyche, gripping you into pensive, feverish thrall.

Blood Clot - Time End Life Begins
Dark, neurotic squelches atop undulating low frequency bass convections are perfect for peak time nocturnal emissions of sound. Subtle key changes keep the sound thick and engrossing, each layer spiraling into spring-loaded dance floor pandemonium. A cliffhanger of a breakdown cascades into a new rearrangement of shadowy sonic ferocity.

Vasuki - Rajdhani Xpress
Groovy and downright gritty, the title track to this compilation of full moon music touches upon the minimal, albeit each sound crisp and highlighted, ever evolving into psychedelic sonic beauty. Resonant harmony meets digital malevolence. Metallic strings tug at your perceptive borders like diabolical kittens upon a luminescent fractal tapestry.

Spiral - Fury Within
A fittingly telling name for what plays out to be a full-on masterpiece if mind-warping shenanigans. Lasers and phasers abound amongst otherworldly terrains of distorted rhythms and persistently hyperactive beats. Each element combines to form the soundtrack of an extraterrestrial abduction or mental invasion within sonic transfigurations.

Silent Horror - Diseketed
Thickening with the colloidal subtlety of cooling gravy, pitch-bent pads stretch and ply your paradigm like rubber. Dribbly highs from above precipitate onto aggressive, goose-bump inducing soundwaves and a scale-hopping bass beat. "Disketed" has the sort of dark ferocity which jiggles your neurons while the rest of you follows suit.

Triamera - Phrikyhorror
Prepare for a roller coaster ride through circus sideshows gone twisted and awry. "Phriky" issues an ample dosage of insectile sine-waves drenched with eerie effects, dragging you on upward and downward spirals of audio bedlam. Squishy synth squirts and disconnectedly pliable pads drift between the notes for added dissonance and disassociation.

Flipknot - Intense Vivid Bharti
Electrical warblings, panoramically filtered percussion, pulpous undulations and more make up much of this killer nighttime arrangement. The bass beat is driving, a sonic fuel conductor powering unreal, ethereal arrays of mutable astringents written to melt your mind and inspire frenzied, selfless dance floor insanity.

Devic - Endless
This track closes out the album without leaving you wanting. A finale of full-on psychedelic rumpus persists into its very last seconds, each masterfully arranged drumbeat and gated rhythm stab driving you further down the spiral. "Endless" ladles the energy on like a thick, piping hot sauce, making Devic a true master chef of electronic mayhem.

I'd give this album a 9/10 , and the fact that its supporting upcoming artists is included in the judgement.But then again, thats another very good reason to pick it off the shelf!

Another fact that might make me a bit more prejudiced is that its currently no.1 at Saiko Sounds!
Addictive Elements
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 28, 2008 09:01
very well worded review man...infact so eloquent and adjective laden that i really didnt understand the explains nothing...a bit more descriptive simplified review pls...would really like a readable understandable review pls....           ----- Hippies...they wanna save the earth....but all they ever do is smoke pot ----

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Posted : May 28, 2008 13:53
^it's a nice album btw
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 29, 2008 18:47
I like Schizbot, Tria Mera & Gidra. Good work boys

All the best to all artists & Samsara Records


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Posted : Jun 4, 2008 12:27
really really like listenable and meaningfull.
gidra silent triamera shizbot devic thumbup!
wishin all the best to all artists and crew.
energy spliff
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 5, 2008 12:06
killer Va
keeps the chills on from 1 to 10..
good efforts by all involved.  

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Posted : Jun 6, 2008 09:01
love spiral's track..!
killer Va!

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 08:50
yeah! good one. fun to master. dark and ripping fast and furious, with some funk in there also. sometimes a bit over that top with intensity , but all can rip on the dancefloor. 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 11, 2008 13:03
realy good compilation!

best of luck with this release to all the crazy indian artists out there

keep them coming...
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Sep 11, 2008 19:25
Title: Rajdhani Express
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Samsara Records
Date: 05/2008
Tracks: 09
Mastered by: Random @ Random Studios
Cover Art: Blisargon Demogorgon
Cat. #:SAS1CD002

01 – Schizobot - Pstyrofoam - 7:08
02 – Gidra – Adam Leatherface – 6:58
03 – White Wizard – Metalized - 7:33
04 – Bloodclot – Life Ends Time Begins – 7:30
05 – Vasuki – Rajdhani Express – 7:31
06 – Spiral – Fury Within – 7:14
07 – Silent Horror – Disekted – 7:05
08 – Triamera -

Rajdhani Express is the second release of Samsara Records. This CD has the particularity of only featuring Indian artists. It is a conceptual CD: like the Rajdhani Express train connects different regions from India, this CD connects Indian artists into a single compilation.

But let us see where this “train” takes us on his journey:

The first track Pstyrofoam (T1) from Schizobot is the opening track for the CD. It is very lively, full of little sounds and great dynamics; it is mixed with some great glitch tricks, and some of them look a like bubbling water effects throughout the track. This is the debut of this project – Dhruy Sethi is the man behind the project - and in this track he presents great energy; surely a name to check for more in a near future. Favourite.

Next we move towards a known artist: Gidra with Adam Leatherface (T2). This track runs into hypnotic realms, and obscure paths. The sonorities sometimes are sharp other times are electric and rushed; they are combined with vague and slow sounds on the background. We also get the particularity of hearing samples of the Adams Family, who I think has a character called Adam Leatherface. I like very much the twisted atmosphere allied with the rushed sounds on this one. Track aimed for night time. Favourite.

Metalized (T3) from White Wizard is the track that follows. This music turned out to be a little bit minimalist to my tastes; it is surrounded with several twilight leads, and some hypnotic elements – thought sometimes it’s filled with some aggressive, and rushed sounds. It has here and there some hasty leads, but it follows a continuum line of sound, without many outstanding ups and downs.

Time Ends Life Begins (T4) is the work from Bloodclot. It has some interesting sounds, sure is full of energy and disconcerting sounds, but sometimes I think it follows a direction where it becomes a little bit confusing. Nevertheless it has some electrifying leads worth the record.

Now we are presented with the track that gave name to the compilation: Vasuki brings Rajdhani Express (T5). I believe that this duo makes their debut in this compilation. It starts with some horns, and samples that are from trains and its wagons in motion. Once more we are presented with a track that touches minimalist territories, and it becomes vague with certain leads.

Fury Within (T6) is brought by Spiral. Now this one “runs away” from the previous track and it enters at full steam with a fast BPM, and fast sounds, and some nice filter effects. It is a dynamic track, with some up and down spiral sounds, and some repetitive sounds on the background. It has also some tricks on the percussive elements that allied with the work on the leads at the same time create a great vibe on the tune. I particularly liked some of the leads that revolve around twilight resonances. The work on the kick and bass is also very cool – this combined “forces” confer the track a nice energy. Sometimes, this track, resemblances to the work of Highko/Cosmo. Favourite.

Disekted (T7) is the product of Silent Horror. If you know Jigar works, you know what you expect in this tune. It starts with some aggressive work, on the percussive elements, and then on the moisture we have some continuum leads that almost seem like a person crying, or screaming, but in a much distorted way. The first two minutes are the introductory parts, after this, expect a turn on the kick, which turns to be even more powerful than on the start, and allied with this twist, we get some wicked and twisted sounds. The final part of the tune, that starts about 5:06, after a build up with a dizzying lead, the track turns into “massive destruction” till the end.

Triamera, if I am not mistaken also make their debut track in this compilation: Phrikyhorror (T8). This project is composed by Jigar (Silent Horror) and Tilak. It is clear we can hear the work of Jigar in here. There are some leads that remind some of his works, and it is naturally that it happens; but this tune is composed with substantial sounds - probably because we have to insane dudes working at the same time, and two brains composing is always nice - sometimes it reaches a point of insanity. All the combined sounds, plus the addiction of some beeping sounds on the background, make it a nasty track. There are really acid and twisted lines presented in here.

Now enters the parallel project Brian Fernandes - Flipknot. Usually Brian performs under the name Kerosene Club. Intense Vivid Bharti (T9) is a track that reminds me a lot of Bark At The Midnight Sun track from The Forest Of The Freaks Kerosene debut album. It is a groovy track, very danceable, it is full of nice leads, and surprising sounds, that aren’t the regular electronic sounds, but fit very well in the track. Favourite.

And so we reach our final track: Devic with Endless. It is a dynamic tune, with hypnotic elements. It has great energy, always trashing with some rushed elements. It is a nice track to finally arrive our destination.

The mastering of the CD was made by Random @ Random Studios.

The artwork was made by Blisargon Demogorgon, and basically it is a train, and I think it is the “Rajdhani Xpress”, with some storm pictures on the background, and also a “haunted house”.

So to conclude my review, I found in this second release of Samsara records, some original sounds, and some artists to have in mind in a near future, but I also have found that some new artists in here should have matured a little bit more their sound, before releasing it. It shows they are on a good path, but a long walk must still be walked in order to perfect small “cliché’s” of the music to make it more appellative and attractive.           ...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 12, 2008 05:56

Mature = wine

or else = deshi sharab

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Posted : Sep 12, 2008 14:46
Unique music through out this VA. Enjoyed listening to all of the tracks and hope we have more releases like this. Very exciting!
Silent Horror

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Posted : Sep 12, 2008 19:35
nice review a3k
triamera was equal works of me and tilak surely 2 brains did a better job than just one
glad this Va opened out lots of hidden talent.
many more on the way .. there are quite alot of indians now makin brilliant music wish em and all the others good luck
liked the cd. gidra and schizo were nice to hear
boom!           ------------------------------
Black Cat
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 15, 2008 15:08
Very Nice one!
a3k Great review as always!
I like most:
Silent Horror - Diseketed
Flipknot - Intense Vivid Bharti
Gidra - Adam Leatherface

Bom Bom 
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