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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - VA - Raindance II (Random Records) - Reviewed by Psydog
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VA - Raindance II (Random Records) - Reviewed by Psydog

Dj Samsara
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 11, 2016 16:42:24
Raindance II reviewed by Psydog

Before we engage again into a dark train of thoughts from this honest writer, my gratitude goes to Samsara and Furvus for their interest in my reviews and for the excellent quality music they collected for this compilation. All tracks composed on 4*4 metrics with great sound escapes. Outstanding audio mastering by Petran.

Wrap your seat belts….

01 Zalabim – Pish Fondue 147 BPM

Funny weird track with excellent intro loaded with crazy experimental sounds and rhythms. Funky bass line with different tunings, a solid kick with absorbing psychedelic leads.

02 AnnoyingNinjas – At Bygge En Bro 148 BPM

This is a forest psychedelic track with solid kick& bass line along with organic leads. Clean production.

03 Shivattva – Holy Water 150 BPM

Excellent combination of forest leads through the track, very groovy and powerful completely danceable with a lot of rhythm. On this one specifically, I love the conclusion it has.

04 Uttu - Mischief Managed 152 BPM

Deep& obscure dark forest track with sick kick & gloomy bass lines, experimental breaks and wicked atmospheres driving you into a strong psychedelic trip, intelligent sampling and sound manipulation.

05 Metaphyz - Fugu 149 BPM

Another massive dark forest track with great intro, those jungle sounds and mental leads combined with accurate percussions sequences and great equalization are features from this artist, intelligent main leads constantly evolving and emerging from the blackness into reality.

06 Ataro & Noitrik – Upside Down Puzzle 148 BPM

Great combination of artists, loaded with heavy& crazy sic fi leads, dark atmospheres, solid kicks and bass lines with crazy rhythms and groove. Very good panning between the different sounds and frequencies.

07 Digital Abstract - Back To Dust 150 BPM

Solid and powerful track with great fadeouts, killer leads and massive bass lines perfectly tuned and those kicks making the Earth tremble Back to Dust. Smart breaks before it reaches it climax with a nasty snare arranged with clever percussion sequences. Dark Sci-Fi atmospheres prevailing again. Nasty & vicious track.

08 Mutaro – Overacting Imagination 152 BPM

Wicked intro, crazy experimental breaks & pauses, smart aggressive main leads, dry heavy kicks and strong monumental bass lines surrounded by haunting atmospheres. Voice samples with excellent effects and equalization. Killer production brother, you got this!

09 Band Crash - Cpu2 152 BPM

High pitch psy leads with reverb effects, intense atmospheres, great evolution and flow between all the sound layers for this track, sick bass lines and kicks. Percussion sequences are awesome. My favorite Band Crash dual socket track so far :]

10 Quadraphonic - The Tesseract 152 BPM

Hard and heavy kicks/ bass lines, my favorite part starts at 3.27 min, the high pitch leads, dark atmospheres and the harmonies created by the synths during climax and conclusion are very well composed. You can feel massive intensity and madness on this one.

11 Paul Karma, Daash & Stranger - Goalien Monkies (Paul Karma Remix) 155 BPM

Nasty bass lines with different variations of tunings and note sequences, fucking professional production combined with explosive breaks and kicks solid as concrete. Powerful track from beginning to end. Dark cutting edge atmospheres. Three minds are better than one..

12 Kasatka & Chromatec – A Certain Reality 157 BPM

Chaotic disobedient track, outstanding equalization, kicks and bass lines are heavy and massive, the killer “barking” samples on the main leads and distorted textures with destructive clean sounds and smart percussions arrangements; make this a mental nuke to level up any fucking place on the universe. Huge fan of both artists, you will find their sound in my sets without a doubt.

This compilation is a must have if you are into serious modern mental Psytrance. Play it out loud and dance with the rain falling in your face. Honestly, I am very fucking impressed with the track selection & production and willing to collaborate with the label anytime. Another thing that drags my attention is the vision, focusing on saving the planet and promoting consciousness about natural resources and their conservation, badass.

Darkness once more prevails..Thanks for reading freakz m/

Buy link:
          [ Ultimae Records ]
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - VA - Raindance II (Random Records) - Reviewed by Psydog
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