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VA - Pulsar - Compiled by DJ TV -=- Oxygen Records

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jun 15, 2007 04:30
VA - Pulsar - Compiled by DJ TV ( Oxygen, Jun. 2007 )

Track List:

1. Sound Field Ė Oxygenate - 143 bpm
2. M-Theory - Soundproof - 142 bpm
3. Setherian - Angra - 145 bpm
4. Suntree & Antigravity - Straight oMM - 142 bpm
5. Aphid Moon - Oceanic - 141 bpm
6. Plasmotek - Obsession - 143 bpm
7. Hydraglyph - Psyops - 141 bpm
8. Rumble Pack - Timecode - 143 bpm
9. Freakulizer - Are we there? - 143 bpm

Oxygen Records is a label concerned about releasing original music. I have been following and reviewing their last releases, Setherianís second album and the Sound Field debut, which were diverse and original releases. Their seventh release is this compilation Pulsar, which has the heavy responsibility of keeping the level of the Sound Field debut.
DJ TV is the responsible for this compilation; heís an experienced compiler and also one of the owners of Oxygen Records.

Inside the booklet itís written: ďPulsars are neutron stars which emit detectable electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves.Ē

But if Iím not mistaken most pulsars emit mainly x-rays and not radio waves... Not easy to have a geek scientist reviewing your release, uhm?

Back to the review: As usual with all Oxygen releases the bpms to all tracks are written on the back of the jewel case.
And since this is no copy & paste stuff they actually changed the message inside the jewel case, now it says: "Copying kills our music, download from Beatport." Haha, this is a funny and also straight to the point message.

The compilation was mastered by Schwa @ ORM studio, Prague. I liked the result.
Artcover was made by Mike Comandeer, and I just liked it. Very green. Looks like some sort of vegetation, not well defined, a colorful addition to my CD case. Check it here:;

Andy, the man responsible for the previous Oxygen release, the highly recommended Sound Field debut, is in charge of get things moving. The delicate atmospheres and melodies together with a progressive reminding bass show his ability to manipulate the sound, resulting in an uncheesy track. Ops, did I said uncheesy? It seems I just invented a new word... Well, itís better than repeating myself. Itís probably because after reviewing his debut album I run out of adjectives. Jokes aside, Oxygenate is a splendid track. The second track here was made by M-Theory, a project by two guys from UK. My first contact with their music was in the last Alchemy release, I didnít dig their track there, but this Soundproof (T2) sounds much better to me. It develops in a soft way, being a good follow up for the Sound Field track, which contributes for the even flow of the compilation. The ending is busier, contrasting with its ambiance. Good job.

Setherianís music deserves at least a paragraph. He released his second album on Oxygen Records in the end of 2006, it was a very diverse release, ranging from 120 to 145 bpm. I thought he was now into slower music, but he managed to surprise me, delivering the faster and probably most packed track on this compilation. A pounding bass line, some samples and melodies, sometimes it sounds like there are too many things happening at the same time, youíll have to listen to understand what I mean.

Following Setherianís colossal track, TV introduces us to Suntree & Antigravity, two new projects from Israel. Their track (T4) is filled with a mind grasping melodies and effects, not to mention the samples all over the place, which adds something beneficial from my point of view. Itís an OK track, and a nice opener for Aphid Moonís Oceanic, which is one of the slowest here, although its bass line makes it sounds faster. But as a constructive criticism I must say itís too short, meaning that maybe if it were a bit longer it could build the tension a bit slower. I donít know, just sounds too crowded for me.

Plasmotek surprised me with his Obsession (T6), it builds slowly for a time enough to leave my imagination wandering around. Nice tune with subtle melodies that caught me, and its ending is just as interesting, with different bass lines, but unlike the usual full on the bass here is just another well fit element inside a bigger picture. I love the ďclick-clackĒ noise that changes the sounds now and then, good idea.
Thank you Thibaut for making me dance alone at night in the Lab!

Psyops (T7) by Hydraglyph is another one that didnít catch me. Weird thing is that I canít explain why. It has good bass lines, isolated pleasant melodies, well placed elements that generate an involving environment and even an impressive synth work. Maybe itís because it also has too much breaks or perhaps itís the overused samples, I donít know. Iím sure some people will enjoy it, but not me.

Another favorite here is the Rumble Pack track (T8). I have recently reviewed their debut album which Iím still listening, and this track makes a nice follow up for it. Itís straight to the point, a tune meant for the dance floor, but better than those on their album in the fact that it has more personality, not following well established formulas.

Closing the album we have Freakulizer. Simon is needs no introduction; he is a regular part of Alchemy Records staff where he released his debut album and many other tracks. The bpm range of this release fits perfectly his style, this is a 143 bpm closer with many different bass lines and samples, good closer.

After listening this compilation over and over I must admit it has its ups and downs, for example the Aphid Moon and Hydraglyph tracks are not my style, but the Sound Field, Setherian, Rumble Pack and Plasmotek tracks more than compensate it. Itís difficult to please everyone, and this compilation tries using its uniqueness as its best weapon.

Recommendation: This release delivers over 70 minutes of previously unreleased tracks, having a solid line up with artists from 6 different countries ranging from Oxygenís regular artists to new names like Plasmotek that really impressed me with his Obsession track. Iím enjoying it and recommend it for people enjoying non-regular full on below 145 bpm. Itís a diverse release and definitely should be checked by those after crunch psychedelic sounds and DJs seeking to spice up their sets.

Favorites: 1(!), 2, 3(!), 6(!!), 8(!), 9.

Buy it here:

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Posted : Jun 15, 2007 07:30
I didn't get my copy from TV yet but the Plasmotek track as always from Thibaut is just awesome, this track has been kicking a lot in the dancefloor lately, watch out for him, more stuff is coming soon

Good luck TV, can't wait to hear the whole compilation!
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Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 19, 2007 22:59
very solid release. nice to see that oxygen studio has outstanding taste to full on music. it is great when real professional and responsible label continuing with its own style. not so many labels in todays europe show this high level of quality and original music.

my favs are sound field, m-theory, hydraglyph and freakualizer.

thanx dj tv for compiling this one. im already waiting for next chapter... good luck with it!           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.

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Posted : Jun 27, 2007 21:22 this age of high bpm ruling the trance scene..this v/a is a perfect xample in proving real psy dosent need high bpm.
all the tracks r crafted in a special pattern so that every area in the brain gets stimulated in a positive way and clears the negative clog out of ur system...perfect sound-craftmanship.
cudnt think of the best trak in the v/a as all the tracks r linked to one other to form a perfect plate of psy-meal. full till the brim
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 2, 2007 23:44
TV could be really proud about his variation of this cd.. so much love and intelligence needs time and a really sensitive ear... lotīs of flow and psychedelic for the morning... my favourites are hydraglyph and freakulizer... I hope for more of that...           *
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oxygen records
Oxygen Records

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Posted : Aug 29, 2007 16:16
Have found on review that wasnt posted here.
So here is the link for those who are interested:
oxygen records
Oxygen Records

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Posted : Aug 30, 2007 13:44
and one more review for Danzk Freakz
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 13, 2007 17:10
My review, taken from:

Pulsar is the seventh CD release from Oxygen Records, a label known for their focus on psychedelic trance for the morning hours. DJ TV has compiled an interesting line-up of artists from around the world for this release. With contributions from as far afield as Brazil and South Africa, he manages to shake up the usual European line-up with several different approaches while maintaining a common theme. As always with Oxygen Records, impressive graphic design ensures this CD will make a nice addition to your collection. Each individual track is also available for purchase from the usual online distributors.

Sound Field (Andy Yakovlev) begins the journey with Oxygenate, an epic morning groover infused with an ethereal old school spirit. Rumbling tribal beats provide an ideal foundation for the timely development of several ornate melodic themes, all of which intersect in the halcyon central breakdown. The rhythmic return that propels the song to new heightsóthis is captivating stuff! Should you enjoy this, be sure to check out Andyís recent release on D Oxygen Records, the Ascension EP.

M-Theoryís Soundproof is inordinately sublime, glistening with polish and an almost aristocratic level of reserve. Although the quality of this work is undeniable, it runs the risk of being so smooth as to cruise by unnoticed.

Setherianís Angra starts on a strong note, digging deep into the ground with fat kick drums and thickly coiled bass lines. This massive tune seems to have a great deal of potential until the entrance of some rather questionable female vocals later on. The vapid lyrics and quavering intonation donít really suit the rest of the song.

Likewise, Suntree & Anti Gravity encounter similar issues with Straight oMM, another promising piece of upbeat full-on tainted by an ill-fitting set of Hollywood samples. Too bad about thatóthe positive energy of this song is otherwise quite striking.

Aphid Moon gets the compilation back on track with Oceanic, a richly psychedelic piece of full-on psytrance loaded with style and substance. The melodies are catchy without being overdone, the breaks are packed with power, and one has to admire the technical proficiency with which Aphid Moon dishes out thumping beats and crispy percussion. In short, this is a dependable dance floor thriller and a nice treat for fans of melodic full-on.

The French producer Plasmotek (Thibaut Lapeyre) is relatively new on the scene, having released no more than a handful of tracks prior to coming out with Obsession. Incorporating sleek rhythmic programming and an alluring array of mysterious melodic themes, Plasmotek makes a good impression with this track. Never forced, it proceeds in a deliberate way, pushing onward to a satisfying conclusion.

Hydraglyphís Psyops is a more upbeat and morning-friendly version of the heavy South African style popularized by Nexus Media artists like Shift and Slug. Bad sample usage crops up againóseveral repetitions of the same uninspired phrase detract from my enjoyment of this work. Since the rest of the track is no better than average for the style, I donít find any reason to dwell on it for very long. Hydraglyph has better tracks out there.

The Swiss act Rumble Pack alleviates all concerns with Timecode, a compelling piece of psychedelic trance that appeals on all levels. Every moment seems right; there is nothing out of place. My only regret is that it ends so soon! What is their secret? Crystal clear production value, intelligent programming, and a rare kind of vision combine to yield a genuine emotional response. This is truly outstanding!

Freakulizer (Simon Schwendener AKA DJ Thujon) brings the compilation to a close by posing the simple question, Are We There? This cheerful track blends upbeat bass lines, mild guitar riffs, and a number of tantalizing drops. Although it seldom deviates from the full-on formula, there is a deepness to the production that lends this track some amount of substance. Not bad for a finale.

Pulsar functions reasonably well as a source of quality material for DJs keen on the morning sound, but there are a few weak moments here and there. Production value is sufficient throughout, but I find that some of the sample choices are distinctly unpalatable to my taste. This compilation is at its best when focusing on pure moments of trance, as exhibited by Rumble Packís exceptional track Timecode and the grandiose opener by Sound Field. Aphid Moon also provides a strong offering, and there are several more that could be worth playing out while they remain fresh. Fans and DJs keen on the morning sound will probably find something to like on Pulsar.

Visit the full review for pertinent links:
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 15, 2007 03:07
track 6 really caught my attention... hi energy loaded track which is rare thing these days when i hear all the time identic basslines... plasmotek just hit me in the style after all

other trax are very good too, especially sound field with deep uplifiting morning track and setherian with totally unique production technique...           VA - Momentum vol.1 - Compiled by PhaseTech
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 16, 2008 13:27:29
Artist: Various
Title: Pulsar
Label: Oxygen Records
Format: CD Jewel Case
Release: May 2007


01. Sound Field - Oxygenate (9:20)
02. M-Theory - Soundproof (7:35)
03. Setherian - Angra (8:07)
04. Suntree & Antigravity - Straight oMM (7:10)
05. Aphid Moon - Oceanic (6:45)
06. Plasmotek - Obsession (8:59)
07. Hydraglyph - Psyops (7:09)
08. Rumble Pack - Timecode (7:38)
09. Freakulizer - Are We There? (7:31)

Oxygen Records now located in Barcelona was established in the Czech Republic. They have released several compilations and a couple of artist LPs. This is their latest, so let's get to it!

Sound Field - Oxygenate- Sound Field are Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia and have recently released their debut album. This is another long track so strap yourself in. Fine progressive trance here, with nothing too abrasive. Some would even call this Psy-progressive. It moves along nicely with each part fading in and out seamlessly. Good track.

M-Theory - Soundproof- I believe this is Rob Nichols. We start of with a nice atmosphere set up with a bouncy bass line. It peps up nicely with some fleshed out hi-hats. What I like about this track (and good progressive in general), is that there is no dead air waiting for something to happen. The break is smooth, so smooth, with the delicate percussive touch. Fabulous track!

Setherian - Angra- I haven't heard much out of Christian Zahn since his Multiverse album, even though he has released another since then. This track to me is the definition of filler. Nothing standing out, some cheesy vocals, and an uninteresting bass line. I'll pass.

Suntree & Antigravity - Straight oMM- I'm clueless as to who these people are, but their track starts of with lovely sounds. A gentle mix between psy and progressive. The break is almost ethereal, with a bass sound trying to escape. The light "goaish" melody twists and turns across the track. Near the end, a tight acid line dominates and pushes the track all the way into the Psy category. Great track!

Aphid Moon - Oceanic- Jules Hamer has released a pile of tracks and had 2 full albums. I've always liked his style. With a rambling bass line and some dirty deep sounds, he takes control. His acid leads surround you and sound so wispy. The finale is a pulsating ride into the night. Great track!

Plasmotek - Obsession- This is Thibaut Lapeyre from France. He brings us a galloping bassline and some eerie noises floating up above. I like how he maintains that bass line throughout the entire track. Coming out of the break, we still have that "something ainÔŅĹt right" feeling. Cool. Good track!

Hydraglyph - Psyops- Andrew Morgan & Marc Ackerman have release 2 very good albums and plenty of compilation tracks. They seem to be on top of their game. The synth sounds seem to surround you driven by a rotating lead. I think I heard Al Pacino. I feel like I'm floating as well. The kick drum is muted through the break adding an alien effect. This was very good in a laid back style. Great track!

Rumble Pack - Timecode- These guys just released their latest album which I haven't heard yet. A nice glassy pad starts us off with whippoorwill sounds. that spelled right? Spell check says it is, but it looks weird. Anyway, swirling pads drop in and out and this track has a foreboding feel to it. There is even Indian singing! Well, kinda. The end of the track has leads and deep, growly pads. Great track!

Freakulizer - Are We There?- I believe Simon has a new album on the horizon. He is good at weaving progressive and psy elements together. This track is slightly unfocused. I couldn't get into the flow, although there were some nice bits. The breaks were mellow and didn't seem forced. Decent track, but nothing to write home about.

In summary: Wow, this will easily be one of my favorites for 2007. With the exception of one track, this compilation is loaded. There is a nice balance of progressive tracks and psytrance. Well done Oxygen records, you have guaranteed that I will buy your next release. 8.5/10

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