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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - VA - Psychofluid (Morphonic Records @ April 07)
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VA - Psychofluid (Morphonic Records @ April 07)

guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 13, 2007 14:06
Hi All !

Morphonic Records is a new label based in France and focus on the full-on genre. The second release of this promising label is "Psychofluid" compilation, which compiled by DJ Toltek. On the track list you can find some names of new comers near some of veteran projects such as Rumble Pack and Shagma. So, lets push "play" and start this full-onish tour...

Cover :

01. Audiotec & Genetic Syndrome - The Secrets of the Muze 145 BPM
Miki Damski aka Audiotec is worked together with Ilan Shemi and the result is "The Secrets of the Muze" tune. This two guys from south Israel did very good job here - the track is flowing, melodic and easy going for each ear. The rhythm is roughly same all over the track, but the main issue here is wonderful melodies and the lovely vocals, which add lots of colors to the tune. A proper opening for magical journey. I'm defenitely look forward for new materials by Geneteic Syndrome.

02. Rumble Pack Solitaire 145 BPM
Andreas and Philip were release their debut album ('Packed and Ready') on Morphonic label this month. Rumble Pack's special style is freshing and jumpy and "Solitaire" track is doing the job well. The tempo is avarage and the baseline is running like it should be. I really like the effects around, which drawing beautiful paint and hypnotize the listener to the sounds.

03. Lamat Fade to Gray 145 BPM
Track which starts with melody is most of the time a positive sign for me. Lamat's style is really remind me the Eskimo's revolutionary line, but I found the "Fade to Gray" track a bit boring. The soft melodies are very enjoyable and sometimes even help the track to pump, but the big picture is disappointing.

04. Life Extension - Relax 148 BPM
The BPM is going up here. Please be ready for long drive with a stirring sounds. The track is developing slowly and create a dance floor bomb with some unforgetable parts like on 02:50 when the lady is singing and than come a danceable baseline which support the singing. After five minutes the middle brake is on - brilliant melody and strong up...completely chaos ! Surely one of the best tunes on this VA.

05. FFT Virtual DNA 148 BPM
This time Marcos Sanchez (Lamat) is unite forces with Christian Vogel as FFT. The full on madness is go on. "Virtual DNA" track is twisted and unstable, there are always changes with the base line, which make it intersting and pumping.

06. Shagma Nevralgic 144 BPM
Two bombs are behind and now Jean & Laurent is taking the business down. The "Nevralgic" track is done well - the body is still moving and the head is get some rest & pleasure with calm melodies and easy flow. DJ Toltek was put this order for make a balance for the listener and provide full power experience. Great job Shagma.

07. Ion G8 140 BPM
I hope you all ready for the bigest suprise of this cd and my personaly favorite tune. Ion Geragelos is a new name for me, but his "G8" track is simply a gift. When I'm imagine a perfect full on track, this is exactly what I'm expecting to get. The sound quailty is high, the tempo is almost going down to the proggy genre and the atmosphere is electrified. You can find here everything - lovely guitars,exciting vocals, fine melodies and amazing groove. I'm just flying with this track and smile all the way up . Thank you MR. Ion for taking this cd one level higher.

08. Ancient Beach Dimension Seeker (Huicholity remix) 145 BPM
Huicholity (DJ Toltek) is present his own remix for "Dimension Seeker" track of Nozomi Nakamura aka Ancient Beach. This one is not my cup of tea at all, I have a difficulty to connect this kind of flat kick & running baseline. The flow is very nice but for me there is not something to remmember.

09. Ital Going to the Matrix 145 BPM
One of the best thing on compilations is the sweet end of most of them. Ital (Daniel Carcur Arredondo) is new comer with much talent and great musical touch. Here, he is take us to the end through a smiley way with super-melodic track following with groovy beats and comfortable vibes. Keep the good work mate.

All in all, this cd is leave me with very good impression especially because I'm not deep into the full on business, but still I can enjoy from smart selection of tracks with considering order of the track-list. Thank you DJ Toltek, all artists and Morphonic Records for this cd.

The cd is available on PSYSHOP :

Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - VA - Psychofluid (Morphonic Records @ April 07)
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