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VA-Penduloom Waves | Sonic Loom review


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Posted : Jun 20, 2013 10:42:57
***Momentum – Armylian (Sygnals rmx)

Momentum Armylian getting rmxd by Sygnals – a project is the collaboration of Alexandros A. , Aristides K. and Phoebus N .. ……while MoMentum is Aristides K. solo project, this one here is where it all starts flowing more and more colorfully and richer in psychedelic flavor and talented creativity by joining forces into Sygnals. I am really in love with this one and all these reviews that I share with you are motivated only because of my passion and love for listening to music that speaks with emotions,that describes that which is indescribable,that speaks of the inexpressible and unspeakable, that which is charmful, which plays with the spirit, elevates the consciousness and comforts the ear. I really don’t want to pretend I understand of music,especially technically, but this is something really deep and very highly recommended from my own self. There can be no better title of the opening track of a sonic momentum looming light against the darkness. This sonic armylian, resonating strong energy sygnals throughout the psychedelic fabric of space&time is a journey of sound and exploration right till the very boundaries of what music can transfer in the sense of story & bass line, message, overall spiritual vibe and soul of the composition. Music is the language of emotions in some sense….Because as one listens more carefully(with the heart) down deep beneath the rolling waves of sonic labyrinths , around the start of the 4 min the track draws beautiful sonic like whirlpools, echoes throughout the artmospheric sonic scapes. Right There lies a hidden message to be found inside this track…subliminally reminding us of our roots. There it is…. At our finger and ear tips……… resonating with a beautiful wake up is not like, because it IS a call… to WAKE up ……..

‘What’s the Real Deal? How do we bring Real Peace to our world? The answer to that question is actually easy. The REAL question is this: Are you prepared to hear an answer that is so simple, so prolifically accessible to all, so do-able, that it is resting right at your fingertips this very moment?
It’s simple, it is profound, you will immediately feel the resonance of it’s Truth begin to loosen constraints within you. And here it is...‘

This is a mirror journey of self exploration,self reflection transferred through a sonic momentum, continuum, medium….. format! It is purely sonic poetry.. which calls us to wake up to our true potential , to realize that real evolution is the evolution of consciousness… and the real deal about world peace is inner peace. Simple wisdoms that can save and make mankind a better species and respectively the world a better place which knows Peace and where the power of Love, Unity&Respect truly exist and overcome the love of power! Peace – it is when the smile and eyes on our face appear wide and the perceptions are cleansed, the world will know peace and everything would appear to man as it is – infinitely true and our very own self – totally free&independent.

***Memphidos – touch the universe***

Touch the universe by listening to it with your heart, I guess is what the message behind this piece of sonic wizardry, brilliance and exuberance. This is just ……my favourite! I love those vibes and the way that (sub)base kicks – it is so wonderful that words cant express. It channels you right into your own youniverse to seek and transcend our own deeper meanings and connection with this YOUniverse… OUrverse…. Innerverse… It is no wonder and co-incidence that one needs to tune into the universe for one to explore it. What follows to be heard as a mini big booooom theory in a sonic format @ 2:33 min of this audio recording is… beyond any description. The tune starts creating this texture, it’s pretty much sonic poetry involved in here, being written in an electronic audio format, this flow almost alive like a voice singing, moving, living in that dimension of space beyond words, a place where profound explorations and realizations take place… Indeed, such a nice way of coming in touch and contact with the wonders of the universe…. Always in the small, small, micro……..verses. What a peaceful bliss! Personal favourite! Blissfull! Mind expanding…heart opening…pure music for the heart and the mind! Plato - "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything"

          " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings "

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  248
Posted : Jun 20, 2013 10:43
***3,14 – How could they know***

Yes, it seems this peace has something quite mathematical about this. Let the countdown start..5,4,3,2,1 by a very beautiful and sexy voice sounding really rhythmically, actually algorhythmically groovy, yet heavily ambient. The message behind this is also quite mindful and meaningful. 3,14 …which is pointing to March 14th is the Pi Day. There is a lot to be left to the interpretation of one’s own imagination. This beautiful form of poetry is really beautiful. It is more than that. It touches the soul and plays with the brain cells, with the mind so tenderly, such a gorgeous,playful musical act. But how could they remember…

***Unknown lifeforms – Unknown forms of Life***

Knock,knock…who is there? We have been transported back to another shore, a seaside full of dust like sonic particles,building up these drawing such hypnotic sonic atmospheres and shapes, forms and objects. Totally hallucinogenic….

Unknown art forms, unknown forms of life…… let the good times roll on here and forget about form Let’s go abstr(act) and open that box…of the human mind. Let’s find our way to get familiar with the ‘unknown’, using this psychedelic channel… starting by a drum kick and wave like sonic particles, this sounds mystical from its very beginning. Brings the listener into a 1 minute intro which leads into a very warm , rolling sonicscapes. It is kind of uknown, yet very alive forms of life. It just rolling round and round, and has got the thrills and chills , a wise man once described. Albeit its downtempo, this is clearly a heavy roller coaster ride providing the voyager with unknown, yet so familiar waves of chill

***Fugitive Factor – Midnight Ghost***

Fugitive Factor a.k.a Dark Elf…presenting us his downtempo/dub side in here, quite subliminal one. It is really a dark, night ride… very lucid , midnight ghosts are creating vivid, yet hypnotic and very psychedelic atmospheres. There is a certain motive, a touch to it that makes it really distinctive from the rest of the tracks. It kind of stands out from the rest in terms of flavor – which I find very psychedelic. Because as it still should be, I hope, the psychedelic in general stands for something disintegrating the borders between styles,groups,divisions,still something beyond standardizations,actually breaking the standard. Projecting both downtempo psybient and night time forest psytrance, Dimitri has been broadcasting his army of Elves all over in both of Sonic Loom’s divisions, which is remarkably outstanding. It really moves the whole composition in a bit of different, much more deeper direction.


Being a big fan of Orestis ordinary music, this is my first touch with something out of the frame of night time/psychedelic music. And it still is as heavily psychedelic as usual! I just can’t believe my ears – the vibe keeps rolling on and on... starting by what sounds like female voices, this finely tuned bass line lifts higher and higher and soon our ram flies away. Its vibrations step heavily on this sonic scape,

***DaoineSidhe - Kudle***

Brainchild of Phoebus Noussis, DaoineSidhe is the project responsible for a great part of Sonic Loom’s psybient downtempo and providing even night time psychedelic releases under his other project Dendrobate's. That track is a very atmospheric, deeply panoramic piece of ambient brilliance in musical respect….actually it starts like kind of lounge, REAL smooth, with a very subtle drum kick and by the first one and a half minute, it shifts gear and sonicspheres, as if going through a portal, a sonic vortex. Then the percussion and drum elements combined and by the 3th min this sonic tale begins to unfold. What peaks right after then is quite a harmonical, melodical, harmonious …and beautiful,peaceful,meditateive-friendly mind cleansing, soul puryfing , PURE pieces of ambient brilliance-creating visions like cosmic galaxies of dust, this represents a quite epic journey of sound. Quite a meaningful and deep technique of transcending experiences and feelings. There is something quite ancient to it, an element that keeps the track very mystical. Lovely work and to share a moment of intimacy with your thoughts or may be even better – your beloved!

***Escape Velocity – Radioactive raindrops***

Escape velocity is a project crafted by Tilemachos Vlachos & Dimitris Theadoropolous. They have also presented another track titled Cosmologies of Alcman in the following second sequence of releases on Sonic Loom’s psybient VA Orbita Solaris, and reviewed above …Here is a few words by the artists themselves, which can be found on their own page, that I reckoned it would be interesting to share with the readers here eventually…

Harmony and Proportion... The music is present everywhere and governs all temporal cycles, such as the seasons, biological cycles, and all the rhythms of nature. Together with its underlying mathematical laws of proportion it is the sound of the harmony of the created being of the universe, the harmony of what Plato called the "one visible living being, containing within itself all living beings of the same natural order".
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At the moment of writing and listening, I am currently looking through my window , in the wall, and I am listening to the raindrops – as its rainy outside. And slowly just like a calm before the storm, one can already smell the after-storm aroma. The trick with this track is, that you can experience this very same sensation by just tuning into it even if the sun is shining outside. It is so melodical, peaceful and filled with al sorts of known and unknown, mystical and organic sonic elements , it draws such a beautiful, tapestry-like soundscapes! Music which speaks and drops strong sequence of message after message – which is resonating deeper than we could have ever imagined. It really is a fairy tale of sonic drops, spells which just keep filling drop by drop the ocean of awareness. Indeed, like the sea of blissful awareness, taking us on a wave away from a place of spiritual pollution and radioactivity filtered carefully through the sonic looms, to a place where we break-through and realize the spiritual connection we have with the earth and its elements which we really need to preserve as carefully and mindfully .. full of awareness and consciousness, this track uplifts the listener to a very strong message and shows a way to dance and deal with the radioactive rain drops


Silencing the mind is silencing the sense. What does this mean? There are mediation techniques, which I am barely aware of, whose goal is to silence the mind and reach what the Buddhist tao&zen teachings call ‘mind of no-mind’…. where the judgmental properties are totally turned off and we are displayed THE true picture of the reality we think we are living in. It is difficult to connect to that time&space continuum - but this piece is very meditative friendly, educative, helpful and quite efficient in helping us tune into that realm and meditative state of consciousness.What a nice tool!!!...


Quite surprisingly, Band Crash project is representing in both of Sonic Loom’s downtempo and ambient compilations, varying the tempo just according to the taste and preferences. Just at the right time. Monday! But why hesitate and not take on THIS music trip? Its MONDAY,for God’s sake! Written and produces by Alex and Depy, from Athens, who started experimenting with the psychedelic dimensions of electronic music, as stated on their page @ Sonic Loom, back in ’94. Through their big love with that concept and through their use of electronic equipment , they started transforming their feelings into psy-trance and freestyle music synthesis. I must say totally abstractly, that this is indeed freestyle and out of any frame anyone might try to label on this work…or categorize into styles…but its not meant to be. Psychedelic is indeed freestyle – it should be a way of break through the mass of labels and categorizations, generalizations, frames and so forth and so on…abstract is not generalizations, however. And this track provides an abstract way of looking at it from a musical perspective. Very innovative approach !

CONCLUSION: This is audio poetry, definitely a lovely production and one needs to listen closely uninterrupted to appreciate this music voyage. It is something special, something which brings news directions musicwise , expands one’s horizon, taste and preferences, and elevates one’s consciousness and spirit indeed. Keep tuned!          " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings "
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