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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - VA : Patchuli Sexy Lounge (Moonstone Records , March 06)
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VA : Patchuli Sexy Lounge (Moonstone Records , March 06)

guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 4, 2006 10:41
Hi All !

The compilation Patchuli Sexy Lounge is a result of collaboration between MoonStone Records & the Patchuli Bar. Efrat Livne aka Dj F-Rat is the DJane who compiled this cd.
The style of this release is a "world-music" with many influences from all genres. All track are fit well to the atmosphere of bars/lounges because the comfortable vibe and the intersting stories behind. The cd is include some tracks of young & talented artists like Mike A , Digital Samsara, Plan B and more...together with that, there is some new version of an experienced artists like Gayo 2005 remake and Children Of The Earth (amabient version). The direction of the Patchuli comp. is clear - present an unique track which sound good on every time at the day on every kind of mood. Actually, it's eleven track on gradual building with a lot of colours and styles.
This cd is really a nice experience of 71 minutes with up's & down's, but always keep you fascinated to the music.
Recommended for home-listening and maybe for long drive

Track List :

1. Digital Samsara - 7 am
Ben Cannar, Shahar Kaufman & Dirk Kunesh

2. Ultimax - Amanita Muscaria
Kosenko Maxim

3. Mike A - Sued Avatihim
Mike Anenburg

4. Zion – Arise
Hagai Assouline

5. Dao – Isqh
Chinmayo, Nani T & B. Rajkumer

6. Mafaiza & Veet Sandeh - What?
Faiza Babul & Juergen Ohnemus

7. Capsula - Dendrimers & Dreamers
Yosi Shamay

8. Plan B - Mr. Wave
Pavel Alvarez Jimenez

9. Visual Paradox - Gayo (2005 remake)
Dj Bog & Eran Henneberg (remake by Dj Bog)

10. Ultravoice - Children Of Earth(Ambient Version)
Avi Levi

11. Vibe Tribe – Adish
Stas & Elmar

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Posted : Apr 5, 2006 18:45
Thanks for the review.
I am happy you liked it

MoonStone Rec.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 5, 2006 19:18
again and again i'm amazed how you manage to write so much and say nothing guy cohen.....
Mat N
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 16:57
this is a beautiful compilation!
full with emotions and, Indian Singing, Sitar and flute sounds from all around the world. so many tracks i like here and there is a lot of variation between them. actually, the tracks i like here the most belong to the new artists:
Digital Samsara- 7AM (!)- remind me the guitar of Shotey Hanevu'aa. i love it, one of the best tracks
Mike A- Sued Avatihim (!)- most of u know Mike A from the forum. this is probably his 2nd track that i heard and i'm impressed. nice psychedelic melodies (remind me some circus music/evil clowns or something...)
Zion- Arise- very soothing atmosphere in this track, maybe because of the melody.
Dao- Ishq - an addictive track, the vocals give ("nothing to lose") some twist to it, and the flute is beautiful.
Mafaiza & Veet Sandeh - What?- another relaxing track with a jazzy guitar sound.
Plan B- Mr. Wave- another great track, with beautiful melodies.
Visual Paradox - Gayo (2005 remake)- this tracks has already been released, but still- a solid track!

all in all, this cd creates a very relaxing atmosphere and it's full with interesting melodies, instruments, vocals and new talents. recommended!
Bio Genesis
Bio Genesis

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Posted : Apr 15, 2006 14:37
Great release by Moonstone

Keep it up Dj F-Rat



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Posted : Apr 26, 2006 12:53
I was asked by A+ François to add his review, so here it is...

V/A Patchuli Sexy Lounge [Moonstone]

After 2 groovy-Full on compilations (Star Dust & Vox Draconis), this third release from Moonstone Records "Patchuli Sexy Lounge" sets a turning in the young history of the label as the musical direction is clearly world chill-out oriented.

The tracklisting consisting in not the usual famous psy chill names also constitutes a surprise. As a result, the most famous artists here, at the exception Of Capsula, come from the dancefloor area with names such as Visual Paradox, Ultravoice & Vibe Tribe but in their softest productions.

The 2 oriental chil tunes (tracks 1,5) don't draw my attention, same thing with track 2 in a more rythmic trend with percussions.

'Welcome to Transylvania' could have been a good descriptive title for a tune like this one with a slight medieval feeling , but that's not the solution retained by Mike A, formerly known as Isratrance review's moderator.

Arise is a blend of misty melodic jazzy groove & balearic downtempo tones (percussions, layer). Zion provides here one of the highlights of the compilation.

Dao has combined oriental influences, a flute melody, a hint of electronic plus a floating trance touch the whole into a lounge format for cooking Isqh, it's ok if you have nothing against lounge production.

With the Capsula's track, comes another climax of this cd. The style isn't strong tasty connoted like with tracks 1,2 or 5, at contrary, the global feeling inside Dendrimers & Dreamers is a slowly & muffled progression through a world without time notions. Sometimes there's some beside sonic ambushes tricks which mischievously try & hardly drag you out this oniric journey.

Plan B brings another nice tune, very airy, floating & springful but be carefull here with the quite audacious rythmic, let's say experimental (sounding to me like a Dj making a bad beatmatching), you could be strongly disturbed like i was while my first listen.

This new version of Gayo is brazilian sounding at first and then evolves in a too confused way for reaching a charming level.

The Ultravoice song is the same appearing in his last album 'Art Of Voice'. Children Of The Earth is good & for those who don't got this album, it'll be interesting to discover his ambient skills nevertheless i'd prefer a new Ultravoice's chill stuff instead.

The closing track from Vibe Tribe doesn't convinced me by their chill talents, though i wasn't already one fan of their dancefloor work.


The musical spectre of Patchuli Sexy Lounge is wide, from Lounge to Chill through World music & Jazzy Downtempo; consequently prepare yourself for something different from the current psychill standard productions (Shpongle, Enthéogenic Shulman...).

François/Radio Altitude


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Posted : Apr 30, 2006 14:33
more review at

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