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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - VA - Pag Asa [Phonix Records] Charity Release out 21 March 2014
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VA - Pag Asa [Phonix Records] Charity Release out 21 March 2014


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Posted : Mar 20, 2014 16:12:15
Title : Pag Asa
Label : Phonix Records
Cat no. : PHODIGI008
Format : Digital download
Release Date: 21st March, 2014 (JunoDownload 2 Week Exclusive)
World Wide Release: 4th April, 2014
Track 1 Mastered by Dash Hawkins @ Glitch Studio, South Africa
Track 2 Mastered by Ady Connor @ TRK Studios, United Kingdom
Track 8 Mastered by Dale Byl @ DB Mastering, South Africa
All other tracks mastered by Alon Laifer @ Orca Studio, Israel

Artwork by Etnarama:

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. The super typhoon caused unimaginable loss of life and the displacement of more than 4 million people. We at Phonix Records believe that the relief efforts there are a cause worthy of our support. Thus the story of ‘Pag Asa’ – the Filipino word for hope – came into being. Hope is the central idea of our release as all proceeds from sales will be donated to children’s charity – World Vision – focusing on relief efforts in the Philippines. Artists from all over the world have joined us to help bring this vision to reality. The end result is a compilation encompassing some of the freshest acts in the twilight psytrance genre.

To start things off we have rising talent Glitch, from South Africa, who introduces us to the surreal ‘Karma Bonus’ – an understanding of how human elements interact, showing how one good turn deserves another. Following him is the French genius Brain Driver's epic, ‘The Box’, a story of twists and turns, a box full of surprises. Bringing us back to reality, Remove instills a sense of calm madness through the ancient elemental technique – ‘Be Water’. To take things deeper, Catarsis – the deadly duo of X-Side and System Sequence from Mexico – take listeners on a ‘Twisted’ trip through an alternate dimension, the lull before the storm that is South African scientist Sonic Assault’s ‘Edge of Sanity’. The talented Hysteria then sets off on a melodic journey, describing the wonders of our universe and how its vastness can still fit into ‘Just One Cap’. Keeping the high energy levels going are beat hackers Distant Touch and Fright Rate who tell the disjointed tale of the ‘Hillbilly Stripper’. Disoriented and still reeling from the pumping endorphins, South African duo Disco Volante (Critical Mass and Risky Business) take over your lost mind, after all the old saying does say ‘Finders Keepers’. The final chapter of our journey by System Sequence - ‘Pag Asa’ encapsulates all we wish to say through this album, and leaves us with the message of hope, with the music giving us the strength to get back up after the psychedelic maelstrom and rebuild. A special thanks to Orca aka Alon Laifer, the Israeli twilight master – for his impeccable mastering for a majority of this release.

This is a release for those who enjoy energetic, powerful twilight psytrance and believe in the healing power of music. Above all this release is intended for those who like us believe in the message of hope – that we as human beings can come together to help the unfortunate in their time of need. To learn more about World Vision and donate directly to their relief efforts in the Philippines, please visit:

1. Glitch – Karma Bonus 144 BPM
Written and Produced by Dash Hawkins at Glitch Studio, South Africa

2. Brain Driver – The Box 145 BPM
Written and Produced by Sylvain Cornut at Brain Driver Studio, France

3. Remove – Be Water (Fictional Characters Part 2) 146 BPM
Written and Produced by Antonio Portilla at Remove Studio, Mexico

4. Catarsis – Twisted 145 BPM
Written and Produced by Mario Funes and Jose Luis Cruz Vera at System Sequence and X-Side Studios, Mexico

5. Sonic Assault – Edge of Sanity 147 BPM
Written and Produced by Pierre Le Roux at Sonic Assault Studio, South Africa

6. Hysteria – Just One Cap 148 BPM
Written and Produced by William Langroudi at Hysteria Studio, South Africa

7. Distant Touch vs Fright Rate – Hillbilly Stripper (Distant Touch Edit) 148 BPM
Written and Produced by Seth Human and Ashley MacLaughlin at Fright Rate and Distant Touch Studios, South Africa

8. Disco Volante – Finders Keepers 146 BPM
Written and Produced by Daniel Honor and Alexander Inggs at Disco Volante Studios, South Africa

9. System Sequence – Pag Asa 145 BPM
Written and Produced by Mario Funes at System Sequence Studio, Mexico

Available on shops everywhere such as:
Juno Download




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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - VA - Pag Asa [Phonix Records] Charity Release out 21 March 2014
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