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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - VA - Liquid Mind (Geomagnetic) 2007 CD
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VA - Liquid Mind (Geomagnetic) 2007 CD

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 25, 2008 11:27
VA - Liquid Mind (Geomagnetic) 2007 CD

01. GLYPH - The Arc
02. ELECTRYPNOSE Tricky Noise
03. LIMBERTIMBRE -Fnord Modular
04. CILIUM aka Bodhisattva 13:20 Gone Fission
05. COGNOSCENTI a.k.a. Dai formerly AMATTI Lava
06. MUBALI - Dribbla's Delight
07. MONKS OF MADNESS - Broken Machine Office
08. ARABALI (Mubali & Arahat)- Move It or Lose It
09. MUBODHI (Mubali & Bodhisattva 13:20)- Seductively Bonkers
10. BODHISATTVA 13:20 - Why Bother

Glyph is an american artist from california with his first release here on Bodhis compilation. the arc carries me on a real deep and phat groove and starts the disc not loosing any time to force me on a twisted journey. growling sounds creep in the back and little acidtreats spangle the female voice telling me the story of the arc. building a quit psycho atmosphere he has the sensitive feeling not to be frantic and becomes more and more complicated. after those breaks i am not into, he managed it to keep the tension and goes on with more blubby squeezed acids ... a few more changes might not hurt ... . good track.

good old swiss guy Vince le barde, this symphatic multitalent, brings a typical gem in this swiss exact manners in production and samples fit to the point. hitting percussions on funny arrangements building a more and more psychedelic atmosphere. he knows to turn the knobs in the right positions in the right moment, does not need any useless breaks trying to build up any tension. and even he also adds some tricks i am no big fan of but he is able to catch you so damn easily in a twisted chord that i can forgive this playful attitude... .. . sweet made vince goodie as usual!

Limbertimbre is a new addict of the trance scene, usually comes from the IDM and Electro scene in San Diego, California. with a deep dusty beat he gives a really great psydebut here. Its a bit faster than the two before ... the room is quit big and the lines coming in have all have their catchy spiralic elements and suddenly there in the break a fax machine got me catched in its programm still with this deep rolling groove. ideas ran out in the end it seems but nevertheless a good track for a debut in this genre.

a new project by Bodhi, was compiling this CD, is Cilium. and again the typical californian dusty atmosphere got me catched and the first sharp lead in the beginning carries me to a deeper psychedelic experience. here the room is filled with lots of atmo and a real big baseline. playful highs being added in its right postions and it becomes more hypnotic with its time. and after the half otf it he starts to go the twisted path, and as i know from him he still likes to use some tricks in the build up, for me just disturb the groove. luckily he doesnt overacts it and contributes a decent one.

i never heard of Cognoscenti from Los Angeles i have to say, and he has been introduced as a recent import from Japan. he also has this big deep groove is known from the japanese psytrance acts and fits with his manners brilliant to the desert feeling of the californian scene. bigger lines and playful arranged elements building a real twisted goodie just the baseline is a bit too boring for my taste .. a few more changes wouldnt hurt. but still this one fits seamless to the idea of this compilation.

Mubali has the real psychedelic highlight to take part in this strong compilation. this is by far my favorite track by greg as well the best track on this CD in my opinion. typically mubz way of groove he rolls from beginning with sharp acid titbits and here we have this jumpy groove, wich is also big and deep but has the right dose of changes keeping me teetering with my limbs all along. twisted atmospheres spangled with lots of playful arranged sounds. this is a stomper in the best californian dusty dirty acid manners as i learned to love it. people be aware, there will be more in the future and he will squeeze you out. phat one!

Monks of Madness is a corporation between Bodhi and Arahat if i am not wrong. and as i love their dirty attitude of catchy grooves this track has a highly psychedelic atmosphere in the end part of the track, where they bring massive atmospheric weird effects, unfortunately they also try too many tricks here making the track stucking in its flow in my opinion. and that is a bit kinda pity for me as this one has this wonderful deep hypnotic touch in the end part i love so much. i want more of the stomp with less of the breakplay !!! ..

Arabali, as the name may divines, is a collaboration of Mubali and Arahat. and a playful made baseline wobbles me thorugh this one is packed with lots of lovely samples and thick atmospheric lines. breaked acidlines squeeze it out and doesnt stop till the very end. but as the whole family there in california seem to like it, trying to build up tension with breaks, this track unfortunately is no exception of this producion attitude. good track anyway!

the project name may divines what artist hiding behind Mubodhi. the two friends from california already produced some squeezed out tracks. here they start with a more wooden groove than the disc treated me before and weird lines creeping in. this track is a more bated one in comparison to the contributions before, but most definitely not less psychedelic and still carries this dusty atmosphere. in the end becoming more complicated this track is a acid treat for my own taste.

Bodhi ends the disc and starts the last one with kinda hard technoish base making me wonder in the first time, but then after twitching string he changes to the roolling groove the whole disc was delighting me with. Bodhi is more hectic in this, luckily i have a pitchable one and have to say a few bpms slower this one really hits the idea of an acidtreat. at least in my opinion this might be the best on here as this one really psychs me out so why bother?

in the end i had a real treat to review here. the tracks fit seamsless together and all of them, as i mentioned quit a few times above, spreads the spirit of the big dusty deserts from califonia and the hot sun. this is as the stuff i learned to love within the time and like to call it: the dirty psy of california; and if you can handle a continual harsh groove with sharp acidleads in the typical manners you may know by those artists building this line up you will be most definitely satisfied with this. good work bodhi!

thx for the music!!


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Posted : Jan 31, 2008 21:10
thank you so much for the review Ilse!! very thorough and informative. I hope you're winter is treating you well. I hope to get out to europe this summer for boom, we'll have a pint or three.           We are all family. We put the fun in disfunctional.
-PsyCircle on Tribe-
- Arahat -

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Posted : Mar 4, 2008 09:49
Totally Ilse,

Thanks for the review, I really appriciate it.

What up Hidro,

Bodhi 13:20
Bodhisattva 13:20

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Posted : Jun 25, 2008 02:48
Ilse, I appreciate this! very detailed and honest review! you are about as picky as I am with music...Im glad the break downs in the tracks didnt kill it for you. I dont think this CD is as dusty/dirty as you made it out to be though....I hear ALOT dirtier CDs coming out of other parts of the world....even from labels that you support. nonetheless, you obviously liked the CD. Ive seen your other reviews for CDs and you went easy on this one:)

the second Psycircle release is coming soon!

hard to find this topic cause the search engine on isra is not very good           info/tourdates/psy
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2008 17:33
i love Bodhi work... especially his last full length on geo

but i have to say i was a bit disapointed with this cd.....

we need more tracks like 'Sheen Peter'!!

all the best for the next one 
Bodhi 13:20
Bodhisattva 13:20

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Posted : Sep 9, 2008 22:46
pangea, as I grew and changed, as we all do, my style went slightly harder and more intense than the 2005 material released on Geo. you probably wont hear anymore tracks like the one you mentioned from me, sorry to disappoint.

just wanted to say that this release was named as one of Goa Gil's divine dozen CD's for May 2008           info/tourdates/psy
3rd Album \\\"Equations\\\" on 2to6 records
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 11, 2008 18:06
congrats guys!!!
i'm planning to drop a few of these bombs at Equinox next weekend.
Keep up the good work. 
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