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Va How the moon was made 2012 (SBCD010 Space Baby Records)


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Posted : May 22, 2012 08:07:49
Va How the moon was made 2012 (SBCD010 Space Baby Records)


(compilated by Therange Freak & Shiva3)
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GENRE........................Forest Psy
Tracks....................... 10
Release date:3/2012

01. Disia - Lucid Interval
02. Re-Horakhty - Black Debesis
03. Manju - pyramid cycle
04. Dohm - The Path
05. Shiva3 Acid family (version 2012)
06. Therange Freak - Forest Dump
07. Laatoka metamorph
08. Tooky Tooky - Follow to The Light
09. Grobians - Nukular Energy
10. Therange Freak Dreamland

Total Time: 73:96

Compiled by Therange Freak & Shiva3
Mastered by Dimitro (Zymosis)
Cover by Ahankara

Description :

The moon is a powerful force of nature. Just step outside in the middle of the night when the sky is clear and the moon is full and look it for a moment. You won't be able to deny that it feels magical and intense and amazing. And people over time haven't been able to deny that either. In fact, the moon has been a central part of many myths and legends across different cultures precisely because of how powerful this part of the sky is.

This is the first release of a series of cd * How the ..... was made * 933058-02/ 637602 he-moon-was-made 29 2_rd?ie=UTF8&child=B007J8RGDA&qid=1336130281&sr= 1-22 as-made 280 718 s+Made/Space+Baby/5060062 -moon-was-made/13224191/: +Was+Made/Space+Baby/5060062 -the-moon-was-made n-was-made/trance/4174337.html +the+Moon++was+Made+/detail.aspx

Released by: Space Baby Records
Release/catalogue number: SBCD010
Release date: Mar 25, 2012

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Posted : Jan 4, 2013 09:20
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Trance Forum » » Forum  Russia - Va How the moon was made 2012 (SBCD010 Space Baby Records)
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