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VA- Greatful Dance; Geo TV

m-it brown

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Posted : Nov 29, 2006 00:15
First I have to say thanks to Dr. Spook for proscribing this particular sound remedee to me. Anyone who has picked up previous Geo TV works knows, that these tracks can cure what ails you! And we are greatful!

This is my first attempt at a review, so expect it to be a little remedial. But of course I'll do my best.

#1 Virtual Light- "Dear Human"
The opener is an artist that is new to me. But the light breaks work as a welcoming sound. The track is all together pretty light, bordering on fluffy. I thought it would do just as well on a morning star cd. It does give you a taste of things to come during the first break, but aside from that I don't get to much out of this track. And so we move on...

#2 Hyper Frequencies- "27 eme Parallel"
I like these noises at the beginning. I always have. Its like an unraveling metal ribbon bouncing to and fro like a pendulum. It's accompanied with a very bouncy but solid kick and bass for about 1 1/2 min before fading into a mischieviously urgent driver.

Maybe it's the ticky mid-high noises, but what ever it is, it does a good job of winding you up and unraveling several times. This track is definitely a notch up from the opener. A good sign.

#3 Khopat- "Full On Experience"

Spook said this was his favorite, and I can see why. This track goes everywhere. It definitely lets you know this is a dark star album. There is never a dull moment. It's an urgent story with unexpected turns, but the message is clear... Get Your Ass Movin! Solid example of Geo TV quality. Kudos to the artist for the experience.

#4 Poison Engineers- "Twisted Number"

Another artist that is unfamiliar to me, so I didn't know what to expect. I like the bass. Its dark and driving, and revs up every now and then. the noise patterns are fun too. the artists make good use of the launch pad moment.(the one at the end of the phrase that all the sounds crescendo towards before fading to a slight silent instant where it all becomes oblivion, and then snaps back to a different dimension) This one builds into a slightly cheesy, but not all together bad, anthem at the end. A good track, but not as well as #3.

#5 Virgin Suicide- "Rest Your Tears"

This one gets super cheese, but i love it anyway. It doesn't get chaotic at all, but it uses some interesting off key sounds, like a slowed record, and god awful scorpionesque vocal sample, that cracks me up.

#6 Delysid vs. Wicked Wires- "Crawling Ghosts"

This track starts off pretty ominous. the vocal sample sounds like Delysid's doing. a cerebral clip that makes its way in and out all through the track. the door slam/knock makes for a very ominous feel, in the beginning, but the body didn't quite deliver on that feeling.

#7 Electrypnose- "Ornic"(Sushupti rmx)

When I first heard this, I wondered why Electrypnose wasn't being his usual screetchy -to-a-halty self, now I come to find out its a remix. Makes sense. You can hear Sushupti's influence right from the second phrase. No screetchy breaks, just straight blast you in the ears. I'm not sure that its an improvement on electrypnoses sound, but you can definitely tell somethings different here? A brutal ride.

#8 SophiaX vs. Phsychoz- "Chicken Virus"

We are well into the second have of the journey, and into the thick of the album. This track is expansive. The bass is fast and tight and seems to streamline to the third eye and chest regions, while all the other sounds bound, swirl, and grow outward. a very enjoyable track, and one easily lost in.

#9 Audiopathik- "Pandemoniak"

Moving from the humerous dark to the dark dark mmmmm! This ones a killer. I can't tell if that's Kris kristofferson, or Wilfred Brimley in the beginning, but regardless: Deamos Ominus! Pounding spikes, computer bleeps, and screetchy winds swirl around a pounding kick and a bass line that rubbs a balloon just the right way. I like the way the artist pulls the track back just to blow the bubble a little bigger. Nice one!

#10 Psychoz- "Dark"

I've heard a few of Psychoz's tracks before on previous Geo TV releases. This guys nuts. His tracks are thick and heavy. It's hard to wade through all the sound, but mood is as undeniable as the title.

#11 Virtual Light- "Radeon Radio"

Sweet. This track is a perfect counter to the opener. Sinister synths, and a wicked breakbeat. VL does a great job of keeping this track fresh w/o ever leaving the intial wickedness. beatiful closer!

Favorites: 2,3(!),4,5,8,9(!),11(!)

So, there you have it. Geomagnetic TV's newest release. I'm not sure how much insite I gave, but if you're familiar w/ the label and it's commitment to excellent tunes, then I'm not sure how much insite you need. Thanks again to Spook for the tunes (sorry this took so long). Thanks to Random for his touchBeautiful sound man), and to Witchdokta for tuning me into Geo TV.
Wizack Twizack
Wizack Twizack

Started Topics :  239
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Posted : Nov 29, 2006 00:24
virtual light very good artist from canada! pure morning fullon with lots of nice melodies and great bass!

also the khopat trax are really smashing! been hearing it for long time now and it stills pumping hard more darker side project poison from khopat and friend really great track to full of nice synths and breaks well knowen as khopats style!

very cool compilation this! for night and morning times

bOm..           For Contact & Bookings:
New Album Out: Wizack Twizack - IV (Ovnimoon Records 2011)
m-it brown

Started Topics :  2
Posts :  27
Posted : Nov 29, 2006 01:24
Yeah, it has something in it for everyone, yet it all flows together in a consistent story. good yin and yang.

Started Topics :  16
Posts :  412
Posted : Nov 29, 2006 19:58
killer tha u liked my track im still waiting for this gem , just heard 3 tracks and all sounded very night oriented just the way i like it

boom to troyan and spook 

Started Topics :  22
Posts :  355
Posted : Nov 29, 2006 20:19
good compilation, geomagnectic rec. it has many great artists
Splinter / Kode Six

Started Topics :  61
Posts :  578
Posted : Nov 29, 2006 21:08
killer cd.

love the khopat one.

props to geo
Hyper Frequencies

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  268
Posted : Nov 30, 2006 11:17
Finnaly out! That's cool!Congtatulation Géo and Troyan...
Can't wait to hear the whole CD, after read you r cool review m-it!
please friend's, send me a copy...


Started Topics :  9
Posts :  96
Posted : Dec 14, 2006 19:12
hi there, im very happy to see this va finally out...congratulations Troyan for your good work...i hope to see more troyan's work like this one...boom and until ever....
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  20
Posts :  632
Posted : Dec 17, 2006 18:47
I must have this Cd.... the samples are just wicked!

Fantastic Artist line up on this release!
It's gonna rip massive holes in my speakers for sure!

Congradulations to all the Artists &!

Thank you for this twisted piece of pure bliss!
(Helder, vous méritez ceci!)
Delysid / Wicked Wires

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  332
Posted : Dec 19, 2006 01:49
sorry for not fillin ur ominous expectations mate...jeje....preety old tune...but works as hell in the dancefloor....big booms for this release lots of friends here....

troyan and spook made great work....

big bala boom bim da dum boom tum....ominous perinous merinous terinoussss...aaaaaa mennn...  

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  44
Posted : Jan 26, 2007 20:27

great compilation by mexican talent, killer tracks,,, best of luck to troyan an geotv
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