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VA - EleVenture (Horns n Hoofs)


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Posted : May 17, 2003 03:54

1.Breakpoint - Godzila
2.Vintakrut - New Engine
3.Neoris - Nosferatu
4.Fuzzion - Meccano
5.Cybered - Freaks
6.Cybered - Master of Puppets
7.Fuzzion - Fuzzball (Neoris RMX)
8.Weird Walker - State Flow
9.Metalogic - Litergy
10.Vacuum Stalkers - Time Generator On
11.Fuzzion - Meccano (Ear Drum Friendly Mix)


Im very surprised with this compilation ("with this label"), what a cutting edge material u find here, I have to be honest its not my fav. style since its a bit to monotonic for my personal taste BUT still I like this comp. very much. What a futuristc point of view in psy techno trance, wow!! The style here is very dark, heavy, yet groovy, industrial psy prog. techno.
Its not for any ears for sure, I think someone to like this need to be very matured and used to the techno atmosphere. If u are like this u will love this killer release. Totally Avant Garde, 100% Cult!!

my favs.: 3,6,8 n 10

>Seth           The Devil Is In Detail!
Neogen / Overlap

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Posted : May 17, 2003 20:20
Yes! Realy great release!
my fav: 1,3 and 11.
Soon next compilation by Neoris
Best regards.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 17, 2003 22:34
Heard this one at a friends house and it gave me a headache Tooo weird for my head.           Opus Iridium
Koan / Vacuum Stalkers

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Posted : May 19, 2003 10:34
Good works: 1;3... may be 10.
Third compilation by Neoris release in September...

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Posted : May 19, 2003 16:00
very nice compilation by Fuzzion, I like most of the trax! espicially 1, 4, 10, and 11

My request to Fuzzion is that he should produce more electro trax....
his release on Clangour "backfire" is wicked!!!
Fat Data

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Posted : May 19, 2003 23:25
my dear friends i have only one thing to say iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's a killer compilation it takes your brains to a much darker side !!!!

specially track's 2-3-5-8 are killer!!!

good work i hope you keep making this kind of compilations more & more
keep it kicking!!!


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Posted : May 20, 2003 02:53
amazing compilation
cybered - master of puppets is kickass. The sample in the middle sounds so evil
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 6, 2003 01:49
What I like about the H&H crew, I tell you sincerely, it's, no advertising blah blah bullshit, it's that' the artists, really think about progression, about self expression, about making something of their own.
Anyway. Thanks everybody for the feedback! You make it possible! You make us want to take it to new levels and we certainly will be a lable on the edge of high quality, whatever music it will be! Time will tell it's story.
Gilad Refael
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 6, 2003 03:33
this release definatly brings up H&H in my favorite labels list
i'm anxiously waiting for the next release!!           REHAB is for quitters
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 10, 2003 01:39
Very nice compilation from H&H !!
A lot better than Fundamental, all tracks are good, maybe Fuzzion are a little ahead of the others because i guess they have bigger experience, but all the artists here are just getting better and better everyday. I wonder whats next ? Anyway great job from H&H and their artists !!!

Good luck in future !!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 21, 2003 23:42
Respect to all@H&H, one of my favortie trance cds from what i heard lately,very innovative in opposite to many new releases, i wish people will put their attention on this sonic developments and grab it!Im waiting for the next chapter!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 21, 2003 22:12
another review from:

Review by PKS
Horns & Hoofs Entertainment is back with more dark music...

Horns & Hoofs Entertainment is out with a new compilation, compiled by Fuzzion (Vladimir Kozlov) from Russia. Fuzzion is known for several tracks on various compilations on different labels like TIP.World etc. Russia is known for their minimal dark trance, and that`s where Fuzzion takes us too.

EleVenture (Horns & Hoofs Entertainment) 2003 (H&HCD002)

1. Breakpoint – Godzilla
2. Vintakrut – New Engine
3. Neoris – Nosferatu
4. Fuzzion – Meccano
5. Cybered – Freak
6. Cybered – Master Of Puppets
7. Fuzzion – Fuzzball (Neoris Remix)
8. Weird Walker – State Flow
9. Metalogic – Liturgy
10. Vacuum Stalkers – Time Generation On
11. Fuzzion – Meccano (Eardrum Friendly Mix)

First out is a track by two guys called Breakpoint. They give us the dark Russian style, with mostly hard pumping rhythms and some noisy psychedelic sounds in between. Pretty varied track. Track 2 takes us a step closer to techno music. Drifting techno rhythms with scary sounds swirling around. Reminds me a bit of The Delta, but this is not as massive. Track 3 by Neoris is my favourite track on this album. Totally scary night time trance with deep rolling rhythms and a very trancey sound picture. Dark and pleasant for the dance floor. Then we get a track by Fuzzion himself. This gets even darker and harder. Very hard pumping. No light sounds, just scary vibes all the way. Track 5 by Cybered starts floating before the brutal rhythms hits you in the face and rolls you through totally scary soundscapes. Track 6 is also by Cybered. This one reminds me a lot of The Delta style. Dark and noisy in a scary way.

Then Fuzzion gives us his track called Fuzzball, here remixed by Neoris. Techno influenced trance with some sort of tribal effects and a very metallic sound picture. Track 8 is by Weird Walker. He goes the techno influenced direction too, but with a lot of noisy psychedelic sounds thrown in. Some parts of this track sounds pretty funny, almost like jazz. Interesting track. Track 9 by Metalogic is probably the weirdest track on this compilation. It goes pretty slow. Another very techno influenced track. Track 10 by Vacuum Stalkers goes a more traditional stumpy way. Nice psychedelic sound picture. Fuzzion finishes this compilation with a chilled track made by him self. Pretty different from most other chill out I have heard. Sort of dark and scary, but relaxed and chilling.

This compilation is probably perfect for those of you who likes scary and dark night time trance, or a bit minimal techno influenced trance. For me, this gets almost too dark, but it will for sure fit to some moments. One of the darkest compilations I have heard.

Time lock (BNE)
pps project / time lock

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Posted : Aug 22, 2003 19:06
i like all tracks accept
4 and 9 trax! even not listened it yet more then 1 minute! and all athers trax are very imotional and conziptional!
go go horns and hoofs!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 5, 2003 03:07
another review for tehis V/A taken from:

Compiled by Fuzzion

Horns and Hoofs Entertainment ( )


The work compiled by Fuzzion for the all-Russian psy-trance artist showcase on Eleventure is so steeped in technology, progression and vision – a vision that is dark, ominous and brooding – that the style’s trademark organic flavor is non-existent.

Each of the artists on Eleventure, and each of their respective tracks, could be a strikingly effective theme on any soundtrack dedicated to a strikingly effective piece of thoughtful, albeit dark, cinema.

This is not psy-trance for the body, nor psy-trance for the party vibe, but for a deeper, thoughtful glare into the possibilities of the style. Even if the spiritualism, or the trademark sci-fi markings for that matter, that makes up the majority of psy aren’t even hinted at on this collection, the quality of this ambitious and surprising compilation is impressively of the highest level.

Credit Fuzzion highly for bringing a dark vision to the intents of this project but credit him even more for keeping that vision consistent and thickly effective throughout the eleven tracks displayed within. Above all else, though, the supreme nod goes to this artist for his trio of exemplary productions that both enhance and expand the horizons within.

His relentless stalker “Meccano” is undoubtedly one of the best to be found in this menacing treasure. Yet, even if that full-on gem is so great, it’s no comparison to its reincarnation for the disc’s finale track during its “Eardrum Friendly Mix.”

What Fuzzion does on that concluding track is nothing short of brilliance. Mixing sweeping ambience and trance with professionally controlled psy characteristics and a fresh helping of enlightening Gothic flavors, this second version of “Meccano” is more welcoming than anything else on Eleventure. Yet, despite all the progression convincingly displayed within, this later take on “Meccano” reaches into unexpected realms, coming up with a fresh approach that relaxes the mind and the soul as much as it does with providing those human parts with a feast of self-exploratory sound.

The inducing trance is abundant and colossal throughout and it is not uncommon to find delightful traces of deep techno scattered across several of these moments. On Neoris’ remix of Fuzzion’s “Fuzzball” that deep techno carries the track far beyond an acceptable level of quality, much in the same way that Metalogic’s live bass experiments on “Liturgy” and Vintakrut’s going-for-it blaze on “New Engine” does.

Intent on an undeniable intensity in its approach, Fuzzion’s vision of psy-trance, along with the vision of his comrades in this collection, is dangerous to any barriers one might erect in their understanding of this genre. Yet, if the dark intent displayed within these works is any indication, they probably won’t mind destructing those barriers at all.

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