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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - VA DIGITAL FORCE (Deviant Force Records) reviewed by Psydog
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VA DIGITAL FORCE (Deviant Force Records) reviewed by Psydog

Deviant Force Records
Deviant Force Records

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Posted : Jul 23, 2015 18:51:54
Digital Force V/A by Deviant Force Records reviewed by Psydog

For this occasion it was backwards you know, normally the label gets in touch with me for reviews of their music but this time I personally asked David aka Mutaro to send me the audio files and therefore write one for the deviants, released last July 15th 2015 and just by reading at the track list; this is high quality stuff, I must own this, my precious..

1. Makumba- Bounce With Me 148bpm

Ascending intro with dynamic bass lines along with synths and nice rhythm, cool breaks on the 16 and 32 beat. Forest Leads very crispy and organic and the conclusion is just beautiful. Track has good metrics and very detailed in composition.

2. Digitalist- Time Victims 152bpm
Ascending intro also with solid percussion sequences and well synchronized chaotic leads, dark atmospheres intelligently evolving while the track is submerged in strong constant waves of baselines, make all the sound layers perfectly tuned with each other.Sweet breaks and metrics. Digitalist is a hell of a psytrance artist.

3. Lab Vs Karran- Ohm Connection 150bpm

Vicious intro thanks to those corrosive synths, constant kick&bass lines and smart percussion which confirms Renato’s programming style.He is not alone though, Karran is killing it also. Sick voice samples and awesome breaks and changes, spacial deep atmospheres&leads. Excellent metrics. So fucking clean. Love this combination of artists. A dance floor napalm.

4. Terratech- Data Circuits 150bpm
Another well composed track with an original long introduction. Loving the voice samples, atmospheres and effects. Forest style with strong kick&bass lines along with strong organic leads as well. Will take you on a deeply mental forest journey.

5. Digital Abstract- Molecularly Unstable Future 150
Dirty constant fat bass lines with delicious note changing all along the track, loaded with heavy atmospheres and engaged with solid breaks at the 32 beat. Shiny sparkling hi leads with massive sound layering and synchronized percussion. I feel like exploiting inside myself as the track goes on, since I can’t do so I stomp like a lunatic in front of my audio system. All that energy will take you on dark chaotic trip, good effects and cool voice samples too.

6. Paul Karma- Nemesis 154bpm
“You can’t go out there, you know how dangerous it is..” An example of bad ass sampling. Wicked intro.Powerful track, solid kick and constant bass lines again with exquisite note changes, metrics are perfect and leads so is the equalization for all those forest leads from intro to conclusion. Absorbing dark atmospheres.This is top notch production.

7. Haunted Spectre- No Boundaries 154bpm
This is what I call darkpsy no strings attached, the one that scares people on the dance floor. But not us precious, we love it to the bone. Heavy kick and constant nasty basslines, obscure spacial atmospheres, beautiful sampling and effects on the main leads accompanied with simple but accurate percussions. Like falling from an abyss into the blackness, there is no return period.

8. Chromatec vs Mutaro- Digital Force 155bpm
Love those fucking smart percussion sequences, The bass lines are super massive and perfectly tuned, evolving and changing its tonality matched with the main leads. Unbelievable breaks and changes.
Those leads are lethal, sharp mental frequencies for the edges of your brain. Chromatec always brings the finest frequencies to the table.It’s a fact.Keep them coming Mutaro, cheers bro!

9. Rawar- Omen 156bpm
Without a doubt my favorite track of the compilation. Mysterious&deep atmospheres combined and destructive&unpredictable hi pitch sounds on the main leads. Perfect metrics, just freaking awesome, love this track from end to beginning, raw, insolently dark and solid as concrete. From the bottom of my blackened wounded heart, thanks for existing Rawar. Been following you for a while now and your tracks fill my dj sets in a devastating fashion.

10. Mind Oscillation- Secret Music Technology 160bpm
Rock solid main leads, constant bass lines and strong kick with phenomenal breaks and changes. A unique gem. Unleashed madness on high speed . It is a crazy darkpsy track with al it’s condiments.Destroying with excellent metrics. The secret that opens your mind to oscillate stoned immaculate.

Every single track in this album is worth of the deviant logo and the psychedelic trance community attention, done with dedication and hard work from well established artists. No fucking around tunes, straight in your face sounds. Very hard to see releases with this kind of music and so many good tracks nowadays reason why I strongly recommend to get this compilation. Original, creative and professional. Hitech and mainstream artists&labels, shove this album up your ass and learn how things are done. A standard of the psytrance music genre. Stronger than ever and darker than before. Time to Celebrate!          V/A - DIGITAL FORCE COMING SOON !!!
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - VA DIGITAL FORCE (Deviant Force Records) reviewed by Psydog
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