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VA - Cosmos (Tribeadelic)

IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Feb 26, 2007 02:28

Tribeadelic’s latest compilation is also its best. Released at a time where the sheer dearth of fullon releases means that hardly anything gets any kind of exposure at all, it’s definitely one of those diamond-in-the-rough situations.

Rinkadink’s Suadade is pure Rinky bliss, smooth sounds and interesting half-melodies with a decent drop; and it gets better with LPU (CPU and Melbourne’s Liquid collaborating) – a hefty, thunky track with balls as big as two planets tucked painfully into a pair of tight spacejeans. Indra’s Bomb Bass isn’t bad, it’s the whole Isra thing again, and it's bloody cheesy: but it’s executed well. New Australian producer Audio Unit does encouragingly well with Pink Cup, one of the finest examples of fullon around at the moment. The peaks and builds aren’t forced, the production is punchy, and it shies away from cheese.

Legohead makes a welcome return with Pinky And The Brain, showing that he can still do what he does, and does it well. The sample at the break is nothing short of hilarious, and the subsequent drop has your feet moving, your face smiling, and the bits in between all feeling rather nice indeed.

Next up, Nosferatu by Liquid Nebula – a veritable Australian supergroup with Luna Orbit, Fractal Glider and Ozzy on vocals – ok not really. But it’s a decent track, buzzing along at a fairly frenetic pace and making good use of that guitar plugin (for once). The escalation is organic and effective, the middle run is more kaleidoscopic than 1968 Jefferson Airplane playing in Ken Kesey’s living room, except with better production.

The wonderful DMMT do well with the Doors-exhuming Break On Thru, a fucking stellar track with or without its cheeky sampleage. Liquid & Legohead is a good collaboration on paper, but Lick Your Leg falls short. It’s not bad, but it lacks a certain punch and the arrangement of sounds favours the lower end, with the result sounding a little muddy.

Things get better, and brighter, with Life Theory from Tasmania’s Mycosonic. I am all over this track at the moment; there’s a slicing, a stuttering going through the whole thing and a warm production that puts you in mind of Voice Of Cod. It escalates like a dream, and the peak, while melodic, is fucking bliss. It loses it slightly with a bit of a misplaced piano, but once that fades away you’re left with a final run that anyone with a pulse will love in some way.

Finally a rare downtempo outing from Fractal Glider: Ride The Wave sounds like its title would suggest, dubby without being too shanti, and a cocooning vibe that sounds like being hugged by the carpet (or something). All in all this is a bloody impressive release; lose Indra and you’ve got an almost perfect album.


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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2007 05:45
really nice album. liked the l.p.u. and legohead tracks. even the audio unit and dmmt tracks were nice. expected a little more from the rinkadink track, none the less a good compilation. g'luck to tribeadelic and all those involved.

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Posted : Feb 26, 2007 07:21
good release from the tribeadelic group,considering this age of stale full-on commercial musik era.3,6,7,9 good traks.totaly new direction in the psy path.hope to hear more from tribeadelic : )
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