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VA / Clangour @ Boshke beats

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 23, 2003 22:47
this is the third boshke beats CD

1. intro

2. Neser d.n.a - My name is bruise
kindda fast one, working on realy deep bass and lower frequencies then usual.
but it gives the track a great smooth flow with lots of percusion all around, a good one to open with.

3. Metalogic - The lost parameter
this one was realesed eariler this year on the "Clangour" EP.
the kick, the tribalish feeling... this rhythm, u just gotta love it.
alot of drama.

4. Fuzzion - E=MC2
also was released on the "Clangour" EP.
i have no idea why, but i hear alot of acid jazz in this one, tho its almost a pure soft techno tune
those clicks just keep on going and the bass line keeps on twisting and the hi hats keep on paying with you...
i love it

5. Midi miliz - Jewels
was released on the Midi miliz "passage" 2 vinyl edition.
till 4 min its kinnda weird, i dont know...i just didnt got it
but somewhere around the 4 min its all gettin clear... the more hars and dark sound from midi miliz.
could be a great mover

6. Authentik - Back
was released on the Authentik - Vampires EP.
Authentik at its best! pumping technoish tune, and its kindda giving the compilation more air, like in this part the story just opens and turns to another dirrection... place.

7. Midi miliz - Model 1
was released on the Midi miliz "passage" 3 vinyl edition.
i might say that this is my favorite one. it got this totaly weird atmosphere, very cool sounds... "if im going on a trip, i`de better be packed"

8. Metalogic - El bongonero
was released on the "Clangour" EP.
this one is also my favorite
very technoish tune with a great drive, funky tribalish beat... and an addictive continuity.

9. Fuzzion - Back fire (closed filter mix)
dunno... i didnt liked it much.
yeah its a nice electro track, but something is just missing...

10. Triple distilled - Hopping adaggio
again... not electro but more down beat chilled tune, a cool one... but something is missing again...

to sum it all up: its a great journy through the more darker and the less commercial side of the scene, and its done in an elegant... smart and open mined way.
it begins with the great cover and art work of this compilation, followed by a well chosen list of tracks that gives you a good look on what boshke beats was about in the last months, and with a nice optimistic view to the future... and ends up in a cd with a bounch of cool prog-tech tunes that r fun to listen to just Bcoz its rare to find this thing.


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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 24, 2003 13:19
Thanx Yossi, very nice review!
Underground music ......real undergorund:)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 27, 2003 01:43
another review we found on the net:
by Freak 51

Friday, June 27, 2003
Terrifying beats and noise. You thought Chronika was extreme? This release shakes that one down and takes its lunch money. Sometimes industrial, sometimes dissonant, sometimes just plain unpleasant. However, where it works, this shows that Boshke Beats is here to stay, and making some noise. Boshke Beats cares not for the return to fluffy, floaty cheese that many have noticed for the Silly Summer Season. It's staying in the basement, oiling its guns 'n' shit. Many heart-stoppingly effective tracks weigh in on this release. The Intro is deep and cinematic. Track 2 is too harsh for my liking, and track 3 is ordinary. But after 5-6 years of Jungle stealing sounds from trance, Track 4 borrows some techstep techniques, slows them down to 135ish BPM (without resorting to played-out cheeky breaks tactics), and uses them to twist up a deep spacey techno groove. This track is essential, marking Fuzzion as an act to watch. Then MidiMiliz stamps out some Panzer Tech, ehh, not too keen on this. Authentik's effort is rhythmically intricate and industrial, as per their usual slant, if not otherwise engaging. Model 1 is a must-have track from Midimiliz with lots of subtle drama, and El Bongonero uses latino percussion on nice deep techno with cinematic touches: excellent work. Fuzzion comes on again and slows it down with Back Fire, which uses some layered feedback effects to advantage, and borrows percussion from the Kraftwerk boxes: dark & heavy, very toothsome. Finally, Tripple Distilled's Hopping Adaggio seethes and writhes all over the lower spectra, snarling at 105ish BPM. This one is totally worth owning: get it. 9/10.

Ron Lyner
Ron Lyner

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Posted : Aug 27, 2003 01:50
One of the best CD's of the year
good work.. 
You wanna dance?!...I know a´s called stick and CUT!!
Time lock (BNE)
pps project / time lock

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Posted : Aug 27, 2003 20:02
hi! yoss!
i liked only one track from this comp...
and the winner is.... NESER DNA -MY NAME IS BRUISE!
lot of power and deep movin sounds..
reminds me my (pps pro)matherial a bit..
all the rest of a cd boring!

The Funky Munkey
Inactive User

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Posted : Aug 28, 2003 05:39
This cd was a surprise for me, found accidentally when looking for Midi Miliz releases at Saikosounds... This compilation is full of hard tektrance sounds, and also some of the best downtempo beats for a long time... I have finally found a label that supplies me with great techno like sounds but with the interest of trance... I plan to give this a very good push over our summer in Aus as this style is hardly heard of at our party's... and am also planning a party here for end of 2004 to celebrate this style... thankyou Boshke Beats for such great music and I can hardly wait for future releases... already got my eye on Midi Miliz remixes

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Posted : Aug 28, 2003 13:23
yup wicked cd...track 2 is monster!! and track 9...first 2 minutes = tastiest.groove.ever

Very interesting music overall...refreshing!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 5, 2003 03:10


Clangour EP

Boshke Beats Records ( )


Coming off his impressively envisioned Eleventure project, it’s disarming, to say the very least, that Fuzzion’s appearance on the split-vinyl release Clangour EP is a funked-out party affair.

Fuzzion demonstrates that he can go the accessible, peak-hour route with charming accomplishment, coming up with a perfectly bouncy party formula on “E=MC2,” a track perhaps a bit light in weight for the psy crowd, but a track ideal for just about any wild techno party.

The track certainly drives home its finer points with conviction, assuredly bringing the sweat to a steady downpour on the form of any dancer fortunate enough to be enjoying that particular moment in front of the DJ booth. It is a punisher but, in the greatest vein of classic techno, in such a way that is a guaranteed uplifter during and after the fact.

The B-side of the Clangour wax is inhabited by Metalogic whose own take on the party aesthetic is also a decidedly un-psy affair. Yet, it too is a charmer. Inclined more toward the thoughtful, deeply progressive side of house, “El Bongonero” gets a delicious party vibe in the works with a swift pace that is encouraging, a rhythmic delight that is infectious and haunting background elements that proves its relevancy as a progressive pleasure.

Metalogic’s second offering delves deeper into the background haunts so intriguingly presented on his charming highlight though. “The Lost Parameter” is a dusky travel through the recesses of deep, almost experimental house music. It is a full 360 from the accessibility of “El Bongonero” but it is no less stellar in its presentation.

Here, even though the psy-trance elements are still surprisingly amiss, the effects are strongly in presence of what the powerful Boshke Beats has to this point so effectively specialized in. Though “The Lost Parameter” leaves less of the mental for the listener to interpret on their own, the journey is vivid, conjuring a mysterious story that Metalogic so expertly narrates, haunting and tantalizing with each anxious beat and each ominous synth note that floats out from the dark recesses of the track.

Be it with accessible party flair or thoughtful journeys through the important artistic compounds of electronic music, Clangour is an offering well worth celebrating.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 4, 2003 16:05
spanish review from


Discográfica:Boshke Beats Records (
Artista: Varios Artistas
Título: Clangour
Alex Tolstey, dj y productor afincado en Benicassim es el encargado de recopilar las últimas referencias más destacadas del sello canadiense Boshke Beats. Bajo el nombre de "Clangour" se reúnen multitud de estilos salidos de las máquinas de artistas provenientes de diferentes puntos del planeta. Desde el tech-trance del sueco Neser D.N.A. al electro-techno de demoledores bajos del moscovita Metalogic pasando por el contundente techno de los alemanes Arne Schaffhausen y Wayan Raabe, más conocidos como MidiMiliz, el label demuestra que a pesar de la diversidad de sonidos presente en sus producciones, su filosofía basada en sonidos oscuros de claras reminiscencias gótico-industriales se impone en cualquiera de sus referencias. Si veis un maxi con las iniciales BBS, no dudéis en seguirle la pista. Puro underground a prueba de modas.


p.s. partying today in GURU club @ Benicassim, Alex is playing the closure! yahoooooooo!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 10, 2003 23:21
Robert Leiner /Source Experience /Spiral Trax/H-Prod. and much more
about Clangour EP:

Clangour EP
This was the favourite one of them all!
All the trax sound well produced and have a nice edge to it.
The B side is the best.
(will play B1 and B2)
Justin Chaos
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 27, 2003 19:08
All my support to the Boshke beats crew!!!
I`m waiting for some tune of triple distilled,regards
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