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VA - Build Your Own Reactor (Liquid) (UK)

IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Jun 27, 2005 23:28
Build Your Own Reactor
Liquid (UK)

Ding and indeed, Dong. Build Your Own Reactor is a real shot in the arm, particularly for a UK scene that’s had so many people around the world writing it off over the last few years. Build Your Own Reactor sees England back on form – and if you don’t want to know the scores, look away now. Scorb vs ODT’s Green Eggs and Ham is one of the best opening tracks of the year. Mellower than Scorb’s solo output, a confident and baggy groove sets in and proceeds to slowly pick up more and more edge. It’s an utter ninja of a track, with typically great Scorb production: the sounds have a dubby, eerie depth. Top marks. Mexico’s Tron has been causing one hell of a buzz lately, and from Spirited Away it’s easy to see why. Think a very polished fullon sound, with a sort of progressive-trance approach to layering and tension, with a smothering of nighttime trance chucked in for good measure – like Logic Bomb inviting NRS round for tea one Sunday. Morphogenetic’s Everything Is… has a lazy, almost drunk groove to it. It adds layers of acidy noises and demi-riffs over the top, and its swirling, seasick feel work a treat. Voice Of Cod are back, with a taster from the upcoming album in the shape of Heart Of Gold, thankfully not a Neil Young cover. Trademark Cod bass is the order of the day, with a ticklish couple of midrange riffs driving you up to a proper-job run with tasty peaks and drops. We like. BioTonic’s Shamanic Mathematic has a nice couple of riffs in there, and a fair amount of a squelch in the middle bit, and Banana Gigalo from Z Man has an adorable synth line that keeps it going like strings control a puppet… a phenomenal sound and begs to be played on a big rig. S-Range’s Welcome To Paradise kicks off with a wonderfully quirky reggae intro, and falls effortlessly into 4-4 before becoming a wonderful piece of immaculate fullon that could only come from this bloke. Bloody hell. Just then, Ecliptic comes in with a piledriver in the shape of Not Human, a thundering metallic spikey ball of a tune. It has an incredibly futuristic sound to it, with these razors stuck around the edges, that makes it all sound like a sort of very funky alien disco (which I suppose is what it is.) Finally Fromem_Ory closes the album with Chameleon, a damn near perfect bit of trance. There’s a lot of buzz about this bloke at the moment, and this explains it: beautifully-layered, pensive trance with a real-music feel to it, coupled with this energy that sort of magnetises the middle of it, drawing you in like so few tunes do today. Very, very good. Build Your Own Reactor is a pretty fucking awesome album, with excellent showings from the new artists giving it a firm foothold as a cream-of-the-crop album emerging from the UK this year.


1. Scorb vs ODT - Green Eggs & Ham
2. Tron - Spirited Away
3. Morphogenetic - Everything Is...
4. Voice Of Cod - Heart Of Gold
5. Biotonic - Shamanic Mathematic
6. Z Man - Banana Gigalo
7. S-Range - Welcome to Paradise (not a green day cover!)
8. Ecliptic - Not Human
9. Fromem_Ory - Chameleon    
liquid ross
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 2, 2005 19:18
Press Release July 2005

Build Your Own Reactor is collection of funky full on psychedelic trance compiled by Liquid Ross. Ross is a resident DJ and founder of the infamous Liquid Connective party organisation and also chief A&R man for Liquid Records.
For the last 5 years Liquid have put on some of the largest of the UK's psychedelic open-air events and have had regular sell-out nights in some of London's largest clubs, as well as many Liquid nights across the country. Liquid have always had that magic ingredient and have continued to push the boundaries.
Liquid Records is one of the new projects born out of 5 years of hard work. This release celebrates 5 years of Liquid, with some of Liquid's own artists plus some of the more established artists, but all cutting-edge. The album features the first releases by Liquid artists Fromem Ory, Morphogenetic, and also by rising star Tron. S>Range, Liquid's newest signing showcases his new full on morning style and also an example of what to expect on his third album 'Another Theory' soon to be release on Liquid.
As well as trance compilations, Liquid also has a chill out compilation ready for release and also the solo albums of both S>Range (who has already had two massive albums on Spiral Trax) and the long awaited debut of Mexican artist Tron 'Existence'. But it does not stop here. Liquid are already working hard on 5.1 DVD projects with an elite team of music producers, video artists and 5.1 engineers. Watch this space, because things are about to get very interesting!

Also coming soon:

Various Artists 'Soul Vibration'
Chillout CD compiled by Liquid Djems featuring exclusive tracks from Gaudi and Tripswitch collaboration, Red Seal vs Leftfield, Graham Wood, Greg Hunter...

S>Range 'Another Theory'

Tron 'Existence'

1. Scorb vs ODT - Green Eggs and Ham
2. Tron - Spirit'd Away (Diesel Campaign Remix)
3. Morphogenetic - Everything Is...
4. Voice of Cod - Heart of Gold
5. Bio-Tonic - Mathematic Shamanic
6. Z Man - Banana Gigolo
7. S>Range - Welcome To Paradise
8. Ecliptic - Not Human
9. Fromem Ory - Chameleon

Released 11th July
**PRE-ORDER yours now for 5% off at

Track and Artist :

Scorb vs ODT - Green Eggs and Ham
Scorb, the masters of the funky night night time tunes, return with a funky-twisted-epic opener with dynamic duo ODT. Embracing the more funky club trance vibe but still maintaining the twisted textures. Superbly received by many DJs as a new summer anthem.

Tron - Spirit'D Away (Diesel Campaign Rmx)
New Mexican talent and master of the full on daytime sound, Tron shows his more deep funky full-on side with this dance floor remix of 'Spirit' (original out on AP Record's next Psycomex release). Tron's album 'Existence' will be released at the end of the year on Liquid. Expect to hear a lot more of this name!

Morphogenetic - Everything Is...
Morphogenetic is the full-on trance project of chill master Slack Baba, where he is already making a big name for himself. Jonnys' trance project is true night time twisted sensation, and his debut here on Liquid confirms a promising future in trance.

Voice of Cod - Heart of Gold
Colin Oood and Andrew Humphries need no introduction. Between the both of them their input into the dance scene has been well received. Voice of Cod, their newest project, definitely brings the best out of their duel talent. Heart of Gold is a dance floor ripper bringing together the best sounds of the old school vibe and the kicking projection and style of modern and future times.

Bio-Tonic - Mathematic Shamanic
The French trio have released many tracks on Solstice, and offer a more full on edge with this dancefloor rocker. Combining tender note, super twisted dynamics, and well crafted samples, Mathematic Shamanic brings out the best to date of the Bio-Tonic boys.

Z Man - Banana Gigolo
Jonas's work in the field is well noted with Logic Bomb and Hux Flux, so it's no surprise his solo project Z Man is just stunning. Very clever kicks and bass lines, here the pinnacle of morning trance is showcased... soft centred but rocking. His unique style and sound makes him hard to categorize but definitely he is by far one of the best producers of modern times.

S>Range - Welcome to Paradise
Anthony Sillfors returns again, this time with a full on morning blaster, mixing both hard edged trance with dub grooves, show casing his new style and a sneak preview of what to expect from his third album 'Another Theory'. S>Range is Liquid's newest signing, and his work here is by far his best to date.

Ecliptic - Not Human
The mighty Mexican duo Ecliptic are about to explode on the trance scene with the support of record label Maia. There sound is a unique blend of full-on twisted fun, great for daytime carnage and dance floor magic. Funky as hell. Most definately a gem in the trance scene.

Fromem Ory - Chameleon
Canadian born and Kent bread trancer Alex Story is probably one of the hottest talents to emerge in the UK scene. His grasp on melodies and funky morning sound is sublime. His first encounter with trance was at a Liquid party, and almost 5 years on he returns to join Liquid on their campaign.

Between June - December you can catch Liquid Artists at :

04/06 Little Green Planet Openair, UK (Liquid Chillout plus trance Liquid Elf, Liquid Ross, Entropy and Caban)
04/06 Gothenburg, Openair, Sweden (S>Range LIVE)
05/05 Costa Cabana, London UK (Beat Tree LIVE)
10/06 Altered States, Pulse, Medway UK (Tron LIVE, Liquid Ross, Alien Dan)
10/06 Kailas, London (Gandolfi)
17/06 Liquid Chill Night, Psy Dmt, London UK (Organismic LIVE, Nagual Sound Experiment LIVE, Slack Baba LIVE, Liquid Djems)
18/06 Survival International, London UK (Liquid Ross and Liquid Djems back2back)
23-26/06 Glastonbuey Festival UK (Nagual Sound Experiment LIVE, Slack Baba LIVE, Liquid Ross, Liquid Djems, Gandolfi)
24/06 Liquid Trance Night, Psy Dmt, London, UK (Tron LIVE, Fromem Ory LIVE, Mood Deluxe LIVE, Liquid Elf, Kana)
01/07 Underground City, Sanctuary, Birmingham UK (Tron LIVE, Liquid Ross)
02/07 Tribe of Frog/Reactor Party, Bristol UK (Tron LIVE, Slack Baba LIVE, Liquid Ross)
01-03/07 Hadra Festival, France (Nagual Sound Experiment LIVE)
09/07 Reactor Launch Party! Cambridge (Liquid Ross, Elf, Djems, Tron, Fromem Ory, Mood Deluxe)
15-17/07 Glade Festival UK (Liquid Stage, loads of Liquid!)
21-22/07 Wickerman Festival, Scotland (Tron LIVE, Liquid Ross, Liquid Elf, Kana, Mood Deluxe, Nagual Sound Experiment, Liquid Djems)
29/07 Psy Dmt, London (Tom Fu)
05-07/08 Big Green Gathering, UK (tbc)
05-08/08 Sonica Festival, Italy (Arianna)
12-14/08 Sun Explosion Festival, Italy (Liquid Ross)
12-18/08 Omnifestival, Spain (Alien Dan)
19/08 Ozara Festival, Hungary (S>Range LIVE)
19/08 Street Parade, Zurich, Switzerland (Tron LIVE, Liquid Ross)
19-21/08 Secret Garden, UK (Tom Fu, Luna Lis and Gandolfi)
25-27/08 Small World Festival UK (Beat Tree LIVE)
10/09 Viva la Weaver UK (tbc)
16-18/09 Earthdance 2005, Brazil (Liquid Ross)
29/09-5/10 Solar Eclipse Festival, Tunisia (Tron LIVE, Fromem Ory LIVE, Liquid Ross)
07/10 Synergy Project, London, UK (Liquid trance room)
14/10 Album Launch Party, London, UK (Tron LIVE)
15/10 Planet Shroom, Bristol (tbc)
22/10 Kundalini, London UK(Tom Fu, Liquid Ross)
12/11 Liquid Shroom, Bristol, UK (tbc)
Yab Yum

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Posted : Jul 6, 2005 00:13
wouhou!! great sounding compilation from liquid!!! deserves a massive smilie atttttaaaaack!!!!!


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Colin OOOD
OOOD/Voice of Cod

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Posted : Jul 6, 2005 02:36
My eyes... my eyes...           Mastering - ::
OOOD 5th album 'You Think You Are' - :: ::
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 10, 2005 01:26
Very nice!!!!

Good tuneage!

Need to hear more of it tho.

Dj Chris Planet
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 10, 2005 03:17

On 2005-07-06 02:36, Colin OOOD wrote:
My eyes... my eyes...

Its to much chocolate Colin, it makes them swiss hyperactive           Let us take you on a journey, that will take you from are small world stage and orbit you beyond our fragile planet......
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 11, 2005 14:58
V/A – Build Your Own Reactor


Artist: Various
Title: Build Your Own Reactor
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Liquid Records (UK)
Cat. #: LRCD001TNCD
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 18 July 2005

Track listing:

01. 8’07” Scorb vs. ODT – Green Eggs And Ham
02. 9’07” Tron – Spirit’d Away (Diesel Campaign Mix)
03. 7’40” Morphogenetic – Everything Is
04. 8’55” Voice Of Cod – Heart Of Gold
05. 7’36” Bio-Tonic – Shamanic Mathematic
06. 9’00” Z Man – Banana Gigalo
07. 6’58” S>Range – Welcome To Paradise
08. 8’07” Ecliptic – Not Human
09. 9’10” Fromem Ory - Chameleon


Reactor Building 303!

Liquid Records is a new psychedelic trance label based in London … This is compiled by Liquid Ross who’s been organizing the Liquid Connective parties for years – and this CD is the celebration of five successful years of UK parties… The tracklist is a mix of new and well-established artists and after a couple of delays this compilation is finally ready to hit the stores… Let’s dig a little deeper into the world of Liquid….

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Scorb vs. ODT – Green Eggs And Ham [140 BPM]
Scorb (Yod Onsen) released his highly acclaimed debut album Scorb on Ambivalent Records in 2003 and has since then been featured on a number of compilations… ODT is biscuit-head Jamez_23 & his mate Iain – debuting on this collaboration track… And what a track! This is an absolute corker – stomping, uplifting, psychedelic trance – crusing at a comfortable 140 beats per minute – with conveniently placed breaks and floating build-ups… Very groovy! One of the best tracks here!

#02: Tron – Spirit’d Away (Diesel Campaign Mix) [142 BPM]
“Where is everybody?” Patricio Tron is a new producer from Mexico that has had tracks on AP Records, Magma and Maia Records… The original of this track is out on AP Records’ next compilation… Anyway, this is also very well-produced neo-full on – without too much cheddar… I especially like the heavily filtered/vocoded voice-samples here – somehow it goes down very well with the madness here… The bassline can be a little blunt at times – and about halfway thru, the cheddar-alarm goes off… But besides from that this is a pretty sweet tune – very uplifting, and very dancefloor friendly!

#03: Morphogenetic – Everything Is [145 BPM]
“Everything in this universe is the smell of burned arms!” Arms… WTF? This is the full-on outfit of chill-master Slack Baba… We’re steering away from the obvious full-on pitfalls now – digging deeper into the underground on this incredibly funky number… Yeah – this is forest music… Night music without the pretentious evilness… The filtering here is very impressive – and the output is 100% pure psychedelia… I mean – just listen to the climax – nothing short of perfection! A brilliant, twisted track!

#04: Voice Of Cod – Heart Of Gold [144 BPM]
“Konichowa!” Andrew Humphries & Colin Bennun have always impressed me with their collected talent mass and kick-ass tunes… Their track on the Organic Records compilation Invasion From Hyperspace really impressed me and I’m looking forward to the upcoming debut album… On the surface this is a melodic morning trance – but there are enough spacey synths and twirling acid-lines to satisfy the night crawlers too… A damn tasty choon!

#05: Bio-Tonic – Shamanic Mathematic [145 BPM]
Bio-Tonic are Julien Lecoq, Jerome Lecoq & Julien Brizard – all from France…This dynamic trio from Paris has released three albums and countless compilation tracks – and now they’re doing shamanic mathematics… Whatever that might be!? Again we’re somewhere between lighter night-trance and harder morning trance… This track is riddled with electronic guitar riffs – not quite Skazi but its borderline stuff really… Generally I like it – but it’s like it gets a little bit out of hand for brief period of time… Not the best Bio-Tonic track I’ve heard… The climaxes are cool though – and all in all this is a pretty decent track…

#06: Z Man – Banana Gigalo [142 BPM]
“Push the tempo!” Swedish producer Jonaz Bergvall is one half of Logic Bomb and is closely associated with Hux Flux – two names that speak for themselves… Its morning now, and the style here is similar to the melodic side of 12 Moons: Uplifting, epic morning trance – soaked in synths… Very sexy and very beach-friendly… Definitely cross-over material here… It’s good, but it’s a little too well-polished for my taste… And what’s with the sample?

#07: S>Range – Welcome To Paradise [142 BPM]
“Turn up the rhythm!... Rrrrrasta!” Right – try looking beyond the 1993 euro-dance reggae sample, and listen to this… Another Swedish heavyweight here: Anthony Sillfors has released two albums and a number of EPs and compilation tracks… His third album Another Theory is in the pipes and I guess this is what we can expect from him… We’re still in cross-over country here. This is a fast-paced, melodic tune… With enough twists and turns to keep my head bouncing…Good, but lacks that little extra touch to be very good…

#08: Ecliptic – Not Human [142 BPM]
“Reflecting no light!” This Mexican duo consists of Raul Mejia & Juan Carlos Navarro who are AP Records stars with an upcoming debut album... This is a very focussed, driving tune… A hybrid between edgy full-on and futuristic morning trance… I really like how this track is constructed – constantly building, never loosing that all-important dancefloor appeal… This is the Zombie Nation of psytrance! Sweet!

#09: Fromem Ory – Chameleon [145 BPM]
Canadian born and UK based producer Alex Story is a rising new star on the scene… This is fast-paced, hard-hitting full-on – on the verge of hypertrance…Highly energetic and very melodic… And it doubles as a great tune both for sofa-trancing and for the trancefloor… A nice debut for sure, and I can’t think of a better way to end this compilation…

In the wake of the many UK labels closing down, it’s comforting to know that things are still in motion on the other side of the pond from where I’m sitting… This is a brilliant debut for Liquid Records and I like the broad, diverse taste of Liquid Ross who compiled this baby. We really get all sorts here – from uplifting morning trance, to deep trippy forest trance… And everything in between! Besides a few not-so-great tracks, I like the majority of the stuff here – and I’m dead certain many of these tracks will be played a lot on all the summer festivals…

The artwork by Rich Purple Project is pretty cool and futuristic – and has both BPM listings + lists the musical key of each track… Very DJ friendly! Well done Liquid Records. The schedule for upcoming releases looks very promising and I’m looking forward to getting liquefied again soon… Recommended to all fans of UK trance as well as fans of intelligent, cross-over dance music… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1(!), 3(!!), 4, 8, 9


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Liquid Records: (under construction)
Saiko Sounds:
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