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Va - Amber - Free Com Incl Lauge,Onkel Dunkel,June Rashava + more

IsraTrance Analyst Member

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Posted : Feb 5, 2008 20:32
Zealotry Music founded by th danish art group "CrackWhoreModels".
Their aim is to promote the danish chill-out music scene.

the first cd is a FREE compilation called
Amber - the gold of the North

you will be able to download it tough our website which launches soon

Senzar - Into The Forest
Lauge - Fall
June Rashava - It´s You
Søvnigt Sind - Small Tribe Celebrating Life
Nelson Mandala - Käse Brezel
Onkel Dunkel - Ice Queen
Erot - Quod Erat Demonstrandum
NASA - Mortal Coil

The Story Of Amber
Amber is the name for fossil resin or tree sap that is appreciated for its colour. It is used for the manufacture of ornamental objects and jewellery. Although not mineralized, it is sometimes considered a gemstone. Most of the world's amber is in the range of 30–90 million years old. Semi-fossilized resin or sub-fossil amber is called copal

Amber has been worn as an amulet for protection of health, protection against bad luck and evil attacks. It is said to bring balance, to absorb the negative energy, to ease pain, and increases life force. It should even heal nerves and bone marrow. It is supposed to help your decision on what you desire and calm your nerves. It emits a sunny and bright soothing energy, which helps to calm nerves and to enliven the disposition. When worn around the neck, it assists to cure sore throats. It can even assist in digestive ailments, bleeding teeth, headaches and epilepsy.

Release Date: 4 feb 2008
Get It Here:

Samples & Info:

Mastered By Monno & Zoolog & Coverart By Senzar

Artist Info:

Senzar is Thoke Fillip Anders Thomsen born sep. 1979, living in northern Denmark. He has always had a strong love for the electronic side of music.
"For me chill out is made to give pleasure to our souls. The music gives you the posibility to find peace in mind and makes you fly away from this world and discover the beautiful and peaceful universe of our own minds. I believe that the music brings peace, love, harmony and it gives people a light in their lifes. " Senzar is a label dj for ajana & trishula records and has precious released music on kagdilia rec and future release on ajana rec.

Lauge is Henrik Laugesen born in Copenhagen, Denmark in august 1985. Lauge has always had a
weakness for electronic music, and in 1997 he started producing music under names such as
Synthetic, Qcedelic, Lauge and Phatamoghana. Lauge released 4 tracks with the Qcedelic
project, on the Athens based trance label Unicorn Music.
Over the years, equipment, software and studio had major improvements, and the sound quality
was also improved. In 2003 Lauge and two
friends formed the chillout project Orbital Peace and up to 2006, they wrote lots of tracks
before splitting up.
In the fall 2006 Lauge got his first chillout release on his own, on the Chicago based psy label
Divine Balance Records. This year (2008) Lauge will release his debut chillout album on the Divine Balance

born in Denmark but now living in the UK, is a 21 year old female DJ & Production artist.
Her musical journey began when she, at the age of 13, began singing in a band called "Twice As Nice". Where she performed at several festivals as the lead singer.
At the age of 15 she discovered psychedelic trance, and at 18 years of age she began producing chill out / downbeat music,
developing her sound into an ethnic / electronic flavour, where she used her voice to give it an oriental touch.

All in all, June Rashava both with her productions and dj sets (as miss sinister)
offers a fresh breath of energy, coupled with a femine touch and understanding of all things psychedelic, to electronic music freaks everywhere.

Name: Daniel Mark Christensen
Age: 22
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Style: Electroacoustic Organic Ambient/Experimental/Musique Concrete

The man behind Sövnigt Sind always had a certain fascination for the paranormal and mystical which
lead to an early need for expression trough sound-moods. In 1999, he started off making psychedelic trance
with some very simple software tools, the genre went hand in hand with his obsession for weirdness.
Over 6 years, it evolved through a long journey of different styles - at last in a psytrance/goa-duo by the name Teku Dot,
with a friend. On the doorstep to a label-signing og the possibility to get his tunes out to a larger crowd, he began to
doubt the whole thing. One of his biggest dreams was finally becoming reality, but it didn't feel right.
The tension and personality in the whole process and product was no longer present.
He decided to leave the project and start up a solo-project where he could express his thoughts and off-codexed ideas.
The style was no longer pretty melodies and pumping beats but a more non-dancefloor orientated style with organic breathing soundscapes
often combined with songs and acoustic guitar, real instruments and below 60 bpm beats.

The style is as mentioned still pretty wide-ranged, often telling a story by sound - not so verse-chorus-verse in the arrangement, but more
like a long journey evolving into a perfectly symbiotic relationship with every sound in it. Mostly music/sound for listening, not necessarily
good background music or dancefloor friendly beats.

The "Nelson Mandala" psychedelic chill-out project is the brainchild of Mikkel Pedersen, producer, destroyer, consumer since 1979.
In early 2008 this project spawned in a self-exploratory search for new vibes and energies. The inspirational sources are fractal mathematics,
sacred geometry, believe, revelations, symbolism, new-age religion, swarm intelligence, gaia, cosmos, the universe and everything.
Mikkel is no rookie in the mind-expanding music department, releasing several forest trance tracks as the duo "AnnoyingNinjas" and a bundle as a
solo artist under the name "Zoolog" on labels such as Manic Dragon, Apoxina, Cosmic Theatre, Sanaton and Yggdrasil Records.
As a musician he has performed in many countries; Poland, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Greece, Ukrania, Switzerland, Germany and recently three time in Russia -
and is well known for bringing some of the most twisted stories to the dancefloor, both as a dj, promoter and an artist.

Transmission Start............... Onkel Dunkel is the result of an over active imagination coupled with technology. It´s the solo project of Monno member of G.O.W. Originally started up in 2003, the Onkel Dunkel project has been in hiatus mode up until 2005 where it slowly but surely worked it´s way from imagination to sequencer and in 2007 on to releasing material. Inspiration comes from everywhere possible, as well as sound sources of all manners. Above all else a love of organic synth sounds and electronics.

Pointless trivia you might not need to know, but you´re gonna anyway:
proud owner of one of the worlds finest studio tans
also available for children´s birthdays
will work for things that go beep and/or has knobs
half man, half six-pack

more info may or may not be had at

it´s his own little slice of the conscious collective/shamelessly self-promoting hive mind for the "more me" generation. Gotta be hip with the hipsters and down with the groove see you out there somewhere. End transmission.........

Erot is Tore Mortensen born May 1986 and raised in the Danish town Aalborg.
He was introduced to electronic music by his father, when he put on some Kraftwerk, to which Erot immediately took a liking. In 1996 he started listening to Goa Trance, such as MFG, Astral Projection and so forth. As the years went on he got more and more into the progressive side of the music. So it came to be, that in 2006 he started djing chill-out, and was booked for a dj set at the underground Middle Earth Festival. In time he got more and more gigs. Today he spins often, having created a new and freshly inspired djing routine.
He started producing music seriously in 2005, and has experimented with several genres, but found his artistic heart lies with the alternative chill-music he now produces. His sound is dark minimal downbeat with a twist of weirdness. He focuses a lot on the ambient atmosphere in his tracks, which he tries to keep as dark and mysterious as possible.

Mikkel Rasmussen from Denmark experimented with different kind of musical instruments in the past
until he finally approached psychedelic music, as he considers himself as dynamic in his music as the scene in itself.
As he progressed, he approached his favourite feeling - the progressive and deep reaching music.
His music exposes straight basslines and flashy strange psychedelic fx that deports you to another stage of truth and enlightenment.

Well-known as one part of "The Gnome Effect" project, he has started his solo appearence as "NASA" with good ressonance,
several releases on various labels including Iboga Records, and great feedback from the dancefloors around the globe.

NASA´s first album is in the planning.

for more info on crackwhoremodels please chek


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Posted : Feb 6, 2008 01:52
Looks very nice guys, congrats !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 6, 2008 16:28
Real nice compilation, i like =)

Best vibes

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Posted : Feb 9, 2008 20:31
Wow ... Very nice... chill out from the forests... sounds tasty


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Posted : Mar 16, 2008 11:13
Just downloaded this and some very nice music here.
Liked the Senzar, Onkel Dunkel and Nasa tracks very much. The rest also are very nice tooo.
Thanks for this CrackWhreModels. Keep em coming

Greetz from India


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Posted : Mar 17, 2008 11:51
UrbanPsySpirit @

Thanx.. We are working on the next VA. It will be out in the start of the summer.
And that´s a free one to..

Thoke - Zealotry Music           Senzar - Before the Morning Sun (debut album) out @ Lookinglook Records

Promo DJ set, info, bookings, free music:

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Posted : Apr 20, 2008 23:37
Sounds great man.....
Lookin fwd to hear tht one as well....
Good luck... Greetz from sunny india

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