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V/A - Tranchillizer (Peak Records 2008)

Morpheus Music
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 24, 2008 14:44:54
Downtempo trance chillout compilation. Ethnic instrumentation punctuates lazy electronic tapestries - as synthetic arpeggios and cycling phrases wind around their measured rhythmic core, didgeridoos, twanging Asian strings, voice snippets, natural sounds and international drums thicken the mix. Much of the musical structure here is atmospheric - melody lines are brief and circular, rolling and layering into intricate textural forms - smooth pads and airy strains drift through the air particularly in evidence as tracks open or close. There are a lot of quite acidic tones, psychedelic squirts and pithy synthetic stabs here producing an overall sound that is often sharp and fizzy, bubbling under as if ready to overflow at any moment.

The hazy lilac hue of the cover puts the listener in mind of scented smoke and gradually unfurling psychedelic imagery. The feel of the music is overwhelmingly synthetic and contemporary full of technical trickery and impressive sound sculpting, yet there is also a lot of mood building going on here, sonic forms slowly coming together, establishing patterns, repeating into familiarity and then shifting.

Complex graphic designs overlay and fade into the fabric of the package - everything tinted pale lilac. The impression is one of timeless tribal influences transported into a modern framework - polished and delivered afresh. The tracklist for the album appears on the rear of the jewelcase and within on the booklet. The innermost section features an illustration of a sleeping goddess surrounded by floating phrases designed to set the mood - BE STILL - LET TIME FLOW - GLIDE TO REST.

Tranchillizer is the latest downtempo offering from Switzerland’s psychedelic trance label Peak Records. Label masters Ajja S.F. Leu, Master Margherita and Tanina Munchkina all appear on the album along with a variety of other familiar names. We have tracks from well known chillout artists and some unexpected contributions from others better known for their more upbeat output.

Tranchillizer will be welcomed by fans of chillout that enjoy the approach of psytrance music delivered with a lower bpm. Not aiming at ambient groove or melodic downtempo this album is uneasily tranquil - its heart touched by the things of the higher tempos - lingering for now, 'tranchillized' revelling in the current reverie.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 24, 2008 21:03
Very awesome release! Peak Records always kicks ass! 
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 1, 2008 12:29
Pathetic review

Atriohm - tengri... is a kick assss track, Acidic melodyy... i get totally NUMB in my senses when the melody comes in,

hypnotising stuff.
           “What we need is the development of the Inner Spiritual man, the unique individual, whose treasure is hidden in the symbols of our mythological tradition and in man’s unconscious psych.” - CJ Jung

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Posted : Jun 5, 2008 02:31
Another chilladelic release from Peak.
Atriohm track is amazing.... so is the Ajja and Master Margherita ones. Infact all of em
Kudos to all involved!!!

Waitin for the next

Master Margherita

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Posted : Aug 5, 2008 12:22
New review from
or in polish here

Peak Records is one of those few independent lands in the psychedelic world Anno Domini 2008. The label has got its own political vision, its own musical constitution, its own citizens - all the time rooted in colours of psy- prefix. Actually, there isn't much of this kind of labels. Of course. Unfortunately. So with all the more satisfaction comes to me - to me as traveller - going deep into the land. My visa is "Tranchillizer", that allow me to admire chillout landscape... Not this time dark psytrance, which also belongs to Peak. I am not too positively convinced to that just mentioned state, because it not smells with a variety and a bigger originality. That architecture is too common and grey. Not like in a fully coloured sound of views, that now I simply must describe for the posterity.

The expedition into the Peak's world guided by Mr. Master Margherita showed me thanks to "Tranchillizer" many different specimens, that in sum up I can now describe as downtempo psychedelic trance. It's worth to be closer to them, because they are filling a musical can of expectations and not allow for a bore. Luckily, I wrote everything in my journal... "Aequus Animus" is the intro combined of birds singing, female monologue, pad and sonorous nature's green. (...) "Pearcushion", thanks to its mystic melody, brings a smile into the fairyland, where we find cybernetic support of downbeat percussion, trance bass and synthesizers. Forested and mysterious aura of the composition contain very nicely twisted acid lines. (...) "Tengri" is a perfect continuation to the previous view. Thanks to the evolution we have this time a bit darker and technologic sounds - but still with an aftertaste of uncontrollable nature in the background. The track has kick on 4/4, and a twisted melody that contain an element of sorrow. We have a night and sounds from the depths of forest, mysteriousness, downtempo dynamism with cybernetic notes, and a pad in the background that try to summon an atmosphere of sunrise - although the sun beams we have thanks to that pad are only at the beginning and at the end of track. (...) "Drumridoo" is another forested track; progressive downtempo/uptempo(= midtempo?) psytrance. Because in the middle a kick on 4/4 is starting up, while before everything had growing. Because the melodies are the ether of goa - looks like as Aes Dana species. (...) In "Ragga Agogo" for the first time on this journey appear a feeling of more expressive world music influences (flute, didgeridoo, Latin taste). I see samples of nature (raven) and a bass with a percussion that create smooth arrangement. (...) "Bleeding 4 Africa" is an optimistic fun of dozens of sounds. Dub composition offers cheerful elements, as weren't seen before. (And won't be - a note from the future). (...)

"Soulcatch" contain a massive percussion, German-language male spoken and electrically charged atmosphere. The compilation of sounds very distinctive, that want to emanate with distinguished-looking slowness and the power. If a state of matter of previous tracks is liquid, then this composition is solid - because of this reason I'm not satisfied with that view, because this is a set of sounds too rhythmically differ from the others. (...) Thanks to "Askia (Tzoura Remix)" the journey's dynamism starts slowly, though noticeably, down the speed into the calm direction and long-sighted landscapes. A guitar create lazy, not concerned atmosphere, while dubby accompaniment draw a sound of The Eastern. (...) That eastern aura is going deeper due to melodiousness of "Flying Carpet"; the sounds of another path guided by Mr. Master Margherita. Expansed flowers composition contain a guitar that is transforming into melodic line evocatively illustrate the title of that imagination's path. Twisted melody is supported in its main phaze by a synthesizer and a downtempo steady percussion. (That's the most melodic species met in that journey - a note from the future). (...) Composition "2060" is beginning by a lone guitar. I feel the aura as calm and not eastern, and arrangement as twisted and - I'll say in positive context and at the same time really, paradoxically, serious - drunked. (...) "Dreamcatcher" tell a longer story. At first I have taken a lazy journey of consciousness around white downs of blue expanse. Next I have discovered a little colours of thoughts; a dynamism still all the time hadn't showed every of its arrangement's virtues. A guitar notes are flying here since the beginning, while just in the last phaze arrive to them an acid and twisted melody and everything benignly is going to the goodbye of dreamy thoughts. (...) "Pray" is a ritual of wind, calmness and fear. Pad, female hum, eastern atmosphere - these creates a vision of mountainous-deser solitude. (...) "Nirvana" is, I know, the epilogue - because I knew: "Tranchillizer" is a visa of just 80 minutes. Builded on pads and emanating with worrying, leads to the border's passage, to the home. (...)

The journey through that Peak's land was great. Was, is, and'll be what to recall. I remember, that from the start do the end was calm and harmonious, just without a little danger and a dose of nervousness when I have met "Soulcatch". The walking tour was very nicely leaded through psychedelic thicket of perfect sound quality. I've met a dozen or so of species of this world, although I thinked, that everything was created by one person. And actually that was one person - person of Peak... That land, here in "Tranchillizer" guided by Master Margherita, proved the unity of personify of its philosophy with life's practice. So the life was created rich in beautiful sounds, that smelled mainly with lenient worries and psychedelic version of anxiety, sometimes sniggering ironically and hallucinogenically... Creative music, technically perfect. Not innovative and not revolutionary one. Great, though leaving in thoughts a certain unsatisfied feeling because of other, in the context to the whole, characteristics of the track number seven (excessive electric) and thirteen (excessive futurism); though for sure there is no bad memories because of listening to them.

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