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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V/A The Remedy (ZMA)
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V/A The Remedy (ZMA)

Solid Snake

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Posted : Jun 12, 2002 12:54
First of all GO SWEDEN!!!!!! haha argentina is history i love anders svensson and his feet no im not a fetisch mow lets get back to the topic...

Hercules is about to be my favourite compiler nowadays, after shocking me with monarchie 2 (read review) i just had to get my hands on the remedy. and i did btw: a nice cover.

1 Morphem - Grainalizer
2 Prisoners Of The Sun - Imagine Acustica
3 Antix - Altered Axis
4 Segment - Gelfling (skekses mix)
5 Adrenachrome - Drug Inventory
6 Fuzzion - Sound
7 Nuclear Ramjet - Those Who Digg (Ver 1.1)
8 Kumei - Homo Robato

lets do the shahar thingy for this one

(t1) very good groove, some nice percy sounds and good fxs. overall a good one to start a comp with... (t2) havent realy connected to those prisoners, allthou the beginning sounds like a ticon or something... kewl hihats... good hard groove. but nothing i would choose or dig too on the floor. (t3) After i wanna be on plastiks latest comp i was realy looking forward to hear this one, good groove very stompie KLICK kick, nice fxs work but theres an old sample which reminds me of a very old track called U96 - Das Bot... kinnda scary a little bit in the track a very groovey bassline comes with some scary pads, I love the groove, reminds me of magnetrixx only more aussie. gets kinnda repetative (doh!!!) in the end. (t4) opens up with another klick kick... some well places percs... when will people stop using choir sounds? other wise a nice stompie beat. some cool fxs coming from every direction... a few goaish sounds realy didnt fit in here imo... and more choirs hahaha, watch out for album on z.m.a soon (t5) opens up with a sample containing kids and music sounds like a funpark or something(kinnda cool, a bit shpongle feeling actually)... very hard percs, almost like a break beat track with a 4/4 beat... not my cup of snares... synths are dark and heavey... the good old sample from fear and loathing in las vegas by my favourite actor Jonnhy Depp but overall a bad track imo. (t6) `this one is very cool. i remember the Browned eyed girl kinda special noise play he got here... bassline reminds me of the levis commercial, only faster and harder... haha very cool track, he plays with every sound (good trackname) one of the favourites so far. (t7) A very good groove and some nice pad playing... right left right left wow im impressed by his work and intelligent solutions to those little things many misses nowadays... very good... absolutly the favourite... u gotta hear this... a fitting trackname for sure(t8) last track on the comp opens up with a funny sound and another klick kick funny percwork for sure... good fxs and a funky groove. bassline feels a little bit housey actually like old son kite or atleast at that direction. i recognize a few sounds from Reason which can feel a little cheap sometimes... but regardles of the earlier statment this one is realy worth a listen... might suprise u... kinnda dark and scary... uses the same pling plong sound as shiva chandra in creator rmx... give it a listen as said before...

Favs: 1 2 3! 6! 7! 8!

bottom line: Zma will surely dont dissapoint u if u choose to buy this one... a good attachment to the case...

Thanx from me i hope u enjoyed.


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Posted : Jun 12, 2002 15:37
well didnt read all of it but the tracklist looks nice

Good one
          P . L . U . R !
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