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V/A - Stomper's Agony [Acidance/Geomagnetic.TV]

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2007 22:26
VA - Stomper's Agony compiled by Delysid [ Acidance Records / GeoDarkStar ]

well the moment i saw the track list i knew i was in for a treat. this compilation is groovy, melodic, powerful and above all tasty. hehe. ok lets get down to a track by track breakdown.

1. menog vs audialize - mental reproduction (144 bpm): here we have a monster collaberation of perhaps the 2 most well known portugese artists, so lets see how it turned out. has a cool start and the bass work sounds like something you would expect from a menog track. its dark, grim and gritty with some nice work on the highs. the track has its finer moments where you can see each of the artists lend their special touch to the track. the ambient work is also pretty nice, very eery and spooky. the synth work is pretty standard stuff from menog, but there are a few squeky synths which go pretty well. the synth work around the 5th minute is wicked and is a moment where you see both artists performing the voodoo that they do to the fullest! the melody is slick and twisted. a great track to open things with. 8/10.

2. random - bifurcation (147 bpm) : here we have ross dubois, a well known name in the american psy scene with a pretty groovy track. the beggining has a kind of tribal feel to it and reminds me of his track 'personal game' from his album. very cool ambient pads, and the bass kick arrangement has a no non-sense attitude to it. the track pretty much takes off where the last track left off as far as the power readings go. love the melodic sounds he uses, and how it just gells well with the twilight style random has. the track reminds me alot of chromatone's work which is cool considering the amount these 2 acts collaberate. the synthwork around 3:45 is cool, very fluid. subsequently the synths used are pretty acidic, and distorted, all along there is this very cool melody that comes and goes which is really catchy. i wish that the melody was used a little more, but the end product we have here is still a fine catch by any standards. great track . 8/10.

3. khopat - come closer (145 bpm) : here we have khopat presenting us with a beefy tune. the bass kick arrangement is nice and fat until the 1st minute where it gets a little more serious. the synth work is nice and twisted and uses some cool stereo fx. the compilation is getting a lot darker with this track. the synth work is seriously twisted, and alot harsher than the first 2 tunes with squishy squeeks all over. the build up around the 3rd minute is a treat, and the way the bassline changes is great. leaves you with a big smile, sort of wondering where this sick ride is going hehe. the track kind of loses it around the 4th minute, and from there go on just gets harder and harder. at about this time the track reminds me alot of a darker version of technodrome's style. really awesome stuff, which keeps the power going till the very end. another great track, so far no fillers here . 8/10.

4.tryambaka - stroke of luck (148 bpm): this is tryambaka's first apperance on the compilation and its a pretty sweet one at that. this dude's been making some really awesome power packed music full of great melodies for quite some time now. the track starts off on a very dark note with some evil laughter playing in the back and it picks up really well with all sorts of twisted sounds screaming out. by 1:20 the track is moving in full steam. the atmosphere is psychedelic and the synth work just takes it to a whole new level. the track's mean, and the story is a wild ride. the track talks to you and im sure it would make ppl lose it on the dancefloor. around the 4th minute is where things start to get super serious, and the power meter starts rising higher and higher, until u can feel the eruption coming up. ahahah totally wicked. the mind games go on for a bit, and finally around the 6th minute its reaches critical mass and goes into a break with some 'stroke of luck' ahahahah. twisted effects on the sample and the synth work is off the hook! really steller track by tiago here. definitely a highlight of this release. 9/10.

5.toxic - mofos in da house (145 bpm): the release takes a slower turn after the high paced tryambaka track, and this tune starts off with a pretty spooky sample about jack and 'the groove of all grooves' and a really catchy tune. the guitar riffs are around as can be expected from a toxic track. the kick bass arrangement is pretty hard and tight, and there are some cool synths used. kind of lend the track an element of mystery. and the melody from the beginning comes back around 2:30, in a very very twisted and down right demented form! ahaha really wonderful work from avi. demented, epic and oozing with power. the track evolves rather nicely with new melodies coming and rolling in really smoothly. towards the end of the track toxic uses some clubby synths and the track kind of becomes lighter, which kind of lets me down. none the less, this is another great track and shows alot of toxic's new style. 8.5/10. 
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2007 22:26
6. sick addition - today's madness (145 bpm): here we have tryambaka and d-maniacs collaberating in contributing their own brand of madness. the track starts off with a great sample of adam sandler and jack nicholson from the movie 'anger management'. ' i dont want u to listening to any angry music' - ahahahah what a way to get things started. the kick bass is tight and simply put it - hard as hell. the synth work is cool and around the 2nd minute kind of sounds a little like toxic's style. the bass line used is fat and rolls all over the place kind of like a lumbering giant. around the 4th minute things get super serious with some really amazing synths which literally scream at you! 'madness'! ahaha the synths just keep getting better and better. about the 5th minute the track kind of stops and takes a really cryptic turn with some super freaky sample work talking about the final battle between good and evil, and the tune that comes out is something straight out of the phantom of the opera! ahaha delicious. the melody is just wonderful, and the story is just epic to say the least. this kind of track makes dance floors go insane! beautiful music, just wonderful. this is by far the track of the compilation. its a 10 minute roller coaster ride with so many highs its difficult to keep count of really. i think my favourate moment is around the 9th minute, the melody is just full of raw emotion. truely a gem. 10/10!!

7. delysid - stomper's agony (148 bpm) : finally we have the controllers of this wild ride with the title track - 'stomper's agony'. it starts off with some catchy synth work and some great samples. i think the samples are of goa gil talking about psychedelic music. the atmosphere and ambience is epic but soon goes into full steam by some neat tricks with the pitch and kicks. the melody is great as one would expect from any delysid track. when the track loses it, its just awesome. the track evolves smoothly going from one sound to the next sound in perfect harmony, becoming more and more intense. this track is definitely not for the feint hearted. the break around the 4th minute is wonderful, and the melodies that ooze out are great. the track kind of gets a tribal feeling for the buildup, but soon drops everything and goes beserk around 5:15. another superb track this one. 9/10.

8. wicked wires vs brain hunters - mr. mars (148 bpm) - the intro to this track just is just bubbling in power and when the track finally gets in you know that these guys are taking no prisoners. very aggressive bassline, with some cool spacey sounds and some neat phaser like synths all over. the track surely has the fast as hell feeling that one would expect from any of delysid's work (here under their alias wicked wires). the track is intense and the samples used are pretty spooky talking about schizophrenia which kind of goes with a track name like 'mr.mars' hehe. track sounds alot like a menog track especially in the break of the 4th minute. the play around alot with the pitch and pull of some nifty tricks in the same break. and the melody that follows is wicked! heheh this track is a bomb and would destroy any dance floor. a great track, though not as good as the previous solo by delysid. 8/10.

9. brain hunters - genetic poison (150 bpm) - here we have brain hunters from mexico with his solo track. it starts off with some great sample work from the movie doom 3 i think. the samples go really well with the whole story of the track, which is intense and insanely fast at 150 bpm. expect wonderful noise from this one . there are twisted chopped up synths all over the place, which follows with another very dark and aggresive atmosphere. the synth work is great with catchy melodies being thrown at you. the breaks in the track are cool with loads of tricks being used from changing pitch to beat arrangement. and the power levels on this one just keep rising. and the break around 2:40 is a BLAST! i love the way the samples are used and how the melody keeps coming and going. ahaha total mayhem! 'do not kill everybody they are not infected!' ahahah this is just stellar work from brain hunters. towards the 2nd half the track kind of gets a very eery twitchy kind of edge to it which is great. superb track and another highlight of this compilation. 9.5/10.

10. meta aka aeon - boing! (bonus track) (145 bpm) - this bonus track from meta allows things to drop down to a slower pace as seen in the bpm count. i was rather interested by this track considering he is on the verge of releasing a solo album. if this track is anything like the stuff on the album, we are in for another interesting release. the track starts off with some spacey sounds and leaves you with no hint of what your in for. when the track truely takes off it has a really catchy fat bassline to it and the only phrase that comes close to describing it is groovy as hell. the synths are wonderful and the melody is great. really groovy, perfect way to finish off this furious compilation. with some chanting like sounds happening in the back ground sort of has a tribal feel to it but the melody keeps things in perspective albeit sort of lends a sluggish feeling to the track as a whole. but dont let that fool you, this track would definately keep things moving in a party. the evolution of the track is seamless and the changes in melody and sounds is subtle and well thought out. a really nice, groovy track and a great way to finish things off. 9/10.

all in all this is a great compilation. any fans of twilight scene from portugal will have a field day with this release. the tracks are aggressive and powerful, and above all the melodies are just wonderful. all the tracks here are pretty solid and there aren't any 'fillers' here. great work by acidance, geomagnetic and delysid for getting these bunch of stomper's on 1 cd.

overall - 9/10
favourates - 4!,5,6!!!!,7!!,9!!,10! 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2007 22:41
no words

sick addiction

fav tracks

no doubt for these talents

anyway good choice from delysid

wery good begining of 2007 !

          Hallucinated Neighbour / Silent Existence
!Ce M@n
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 11, 2007 08:16
The name of the V.A says it all "stompers aaaagony"
Realy liked all the trax from this V.A ...
specially Menog, Tryambaka,khopat,delysid -wicked wires And TOXIC
the track that stands out for me is by "sick addiction" intelligent stuff from both the maniacs ,& "brain hunters" - VEry nice production..Well he had a few single releases.. but did'nt give much attention.. well in this V.a this guy's donn a good job
one hell of a stomping track...
All together a KIllerr V.A and a Killerr review by Squirm
Hats off to acidance recds and all the Artist involved

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Posted : Feb 11, 2007 12:00
Thanks for the kind words, Squirm! Glad you liked the track. Yes, my album will be out in a few weeks, it will have tracks that run through a variety of moods, some for the night, some for the morning...

Hats off to Delysid for putting together such a kicking comp!

MorNinG MaGiC

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Posted : Feb 11, 2007 18:17

Every tune is xploding in ur face and has so much attitude and power to it ..!
Only twilite bombz in here ..
For me the second half of the cd show cases the futuristic styles and varied ranges of prdtn quality tht is coming out frm the SICK ADDICTION , DELYSID , BRAIN HUNTERS , META bro.s ..!

Thr is sum strng psychedelic force in here meant to massacre the dance floor ..!
Loved every bit of it and these traxs im sure will be endlessly played on the dance floor ..!

Acidance have made a strong cum bak to da scn ..! and delysid have compiled an xcellent compialtion in my opinion ..!
Now im truly and eagerly awaiting the artist album and traxs frm SICK ADDICTION , DELYSID AKA WICKED WIRES , BRAIN HUNTERS , AND OFFF COURSE METAAAAAAA....( the trax in here is so groovyyy loaded cant wait for the album )..!

Kikass review by squirm my bro the beer seems to be doin the trick for u thr my frnd ...!

I leave out the favs traxs prt in here coz its a worth it compilation to b heard by all twilite loverz ..!
luv n lite to all involved n best of luck for the future ...!

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 11, 2007 22:19
ahahah i actually wrote this review sober . ehehhe. your right about the 2nd half of the cd, its where mood goes beserk. anyways great cd once again.

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Feb 12, 2007 00:01
good compilation, great artists.
congratulations to brain hunters and delysid bouth are crazy minds with a dark heart.

hope to hear more from "dones team"!! hahaha

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 12, 2007 00:06
Oh my God!This is a freakin fuc**** BLAST compilation!

I love all the tracks in this, i cant say wich one is my favorite is impossible!
Delysid you did a really excellent job on this one.Congratulations! Really...unbelievble!

I just have to say this words...once more Portugal artists are proving that they can do an excellent work, by producing this grat music, with such great imagination, hard word and love for what they do.For them i give my big congratulations and love.
But of course also for the other internacional artist, great job!

All of the musics are absoltly fabulous!

I hope to see another v/a from Delysid...and soon!            life is short or to long so i can give myself the luxury of living it so bad.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 12, 2007 01:08
hey hey very nice v/a compilation , geatins for my friend alfonso and dani (brain hunters and menog)

keep on that music mans, mexican hugs for all

Perma Fry
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 13, 2007 08:09
yaaaaaah !!!
watta soopah compilation!
great review mr. squrim

my favs: 4!!, 5! , 6! , 7!

This one is gonna make balagan for a looong time

big kudos to Delysid,Acidance Records and GeoDarkStar
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 13, 2007 16:48
Shit this sounds killer, i need this ASAP.            “What we need is the development of the Inner Spiritual man, the unique individual, whose treasure is hidden in the symbols of our mythological tradition and in man’s unconscious psych.” - CJ Jung
Methodic Marble
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2007 21:43
Fucking great compilation...

Khopat and Tryambaka tracks are HUGEEEE!!!
theses guys are making some serius stuff

Tuga trance rules:D
Delysid / Wicked Wires

Started Topics :  8
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Posted : Feb 28, 2007 19:27
thnx for the support u all maniaks....we did our best to gather some stompers.....glad u liked it...

bim bala boom!!!

best vibes and respect...


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Posted : Mar 1, 2007 15:49


I prefer the old ones           ========= DemonizZ and DuoPhonix =========
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