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V/A Skylab - Quest4Goa Recs

Overhuman Project

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Posted : Jun 17, 2007 22:36


RELEASED ON : 2007-03-16

Excellent revelation V/A as been the 1rst compilation of this guys from Portugal; really impressed myself of a such a master piece; putting together really nice one; of what I have called :

¨ The best chosen attitude underground tunes ¨

Deep Tenzalin

This Guys in this track really suck us into a new dimension at first sight , their really dry but well defined kick+bass put the listener into the journey which begins full in attitude and atmosphere breaks are really evolving and not only gave u some breath, but turns all the time the track into different sub-dimensions or sub portals inside this Tenzalin, each time passes more u get deep into it concept. Really nice track with attitude into the border line of madness and the happiness of what totally will be a groovy-night in dance floor, really suggested sounds around putting your brain into really strange questions…(maybe a personal opinion)


This time Wilfrid put really hardcore elements inside this track ; like his rolling kick and bass . Personally I have seen this guy in live ; in my country and was one of my best moments, but well ; going back into the track.. the more u go Will put more and more really crazy and mad sounds on the flow.. , suddenly Goa influenced melody appears making the whole thing a full nice package…oh BY THE WAY NO MATTER WHERE U ARE in your mind OR SPACE ; >>>> min : 2:45 will take u to an excellent experiment of pushing attention of this Skylab V/A, Excellent track full of creativity in this one, an already Phonic Request styled track.

Imperial cult

The Journey at this moment has taken a new atmosphere side. By the Indian arpeggios influenced on this track. The whole set has turn more melodic and lets call it deep, but no leaving the twisted mood till now , some scratchy panned sounds begin this track, till getting to a black hole which turns the track groovier and then the synthetic but ancestral Indian arpeggios appears, giving a new happy face to the whole track.

Quarter life

Groovy is the perfect word for this track, of course it has more than groovy elements on it, but his funky style.. into synths & bass makes the journey to continues into this new side of Skylab ; breaks on this one has it own special character of creativity, funky and Madness as well, suddenly in min 2:54 track start going up and straight into the trails that the funky & mad sounds have left on the sky , turning the track into delicious apple pie of groove ; it is the specialty on this one as far time goes on it, funkier it gets with some break that confuse your left /right ears as well as front/back brain sides …hehehe.


Superrrrrrrrrrrrr Computerrrrrrr Intro! Samples are more than nicely used on this one , they are where they have to be, also. Snares and claps reverbs turns the atmosphere full of energy, and intelligent progressions, on melodies and fxs , not much to say about this one:



At this moment the attitude of the compilation increments into more progy style also futuristic & pretty fat bass kick around 80 kilos of madness complains into nice fullonish style ; 303 sounds goes and back , with nice suggestive bells . A pretty nice melodic composition into this one.. with some uplifting moments also

Japanese awa(DNARMX)

Oh,! a nice classic track with a new completely stylized view here ; More straight kick + bass on this one, than original .I must say , also pretty nice use of samples , deftly in my opinion much, much, much better from original.

Melo Lines

Hi Tech sounds + Deep Snares + deep leads , is the perfect combination of this track which as it goes puts your mind into higher , nice progressions and breaks fallows the coming fall of the whole tripping Skylab , defnlty in my opinion the most deep track of the whole compilation nicely morning style as we can call it in Spanish FUTURO!
Also very creative kick break putting yourself into a very suggestive use of voice samples at min 4:36 ,,, excellent wake up!

In your dream

Finally time has come and as well the landing that is being giving by this nice project of chill concept .Track indeed puts your brain into play with drums and psychedelic twisted sounds… meanwhile reverses fxs sucks you into deep deep relax . ummm yummmi love it!!!!!
BREATHE BREATHE AND BREATHE! IS WHAT U CAN JUST FEEL HERE, warning! you can suddenly feel lost into female voicessss into the back. But no worries I am pretty sure they will warm and hug you pretty well.!!! Oh I almost forgot maybe everytime u start to think it will over , well it doesn’t

Let the track leads you… don’t lead it yourself….


Indeed a nice construction of sounds has come with this new Portuguese label. Maybe is pretty overused to say : but it deserves ; As much u can hear this compilation u start to find new sounds and new sides of concepts not into an usual way but into a really leading journey in underground level !

¨ The best chosen attitude underground tunes ¨ inside this compilation
OverhumanProject, COLOMBIA

Further info. and sales of this compialtion          30th of August first delivery money back.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 18, 2007 06:33
Liked very much the first work from the Q4G guys...

Loved the first 3 tracks and the overall sounds very balanced...

Waiting for the next releases           Ren[Crystal Matrix /Animatech Recs]

Started Topics :  74
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Posted : Jun 18, 2007 19:45
i also really like the nrs vs tenzig track..

Sandy Klaus
Noisy Pipes

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Posted : Jun 19, 2007 00:09
good to see Phonic wil on that record!
following his adventure with his own full on style. crazy!

i also have to give an ear to the nrs vs tenzing track who always make great stuff together.

good luck for all of you!           Noisy Pipes -
Twisted ReAction
Twisted ReAction

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Posted : Jun 21, 2007 15:28
Good luck with this Comp !!! looks killer lineup for sure!!! Best of luck!!!! 

Started Topics :  16
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Posted : Jul 11, 2007 22:27
phonic request track kicks ass 
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