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V.A - Radioactivity (Point Zero Rec. | Mar.06)

[It Peiote Reviewer]

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Posted : Apr 3, 2006 19:10
Album: V.A – Radioactivity
Label: Point Zero
Released: March, 10th.
Catalogue Nº: (PZR001)
Format: CD

Track List:

01. Project Fm - Brazilian Vibe [143 BPM]
02. Solar System - Master Mind [145 BPM]
03. Marcello VOR Vs. Goblin - Hackney 3am [143 BPM]
04. Ergenzomatic – Lagun [143 BPM]
05. Freakulizer - Just Trust [143 BPM]
06. Psysex - N.G.R. [140 BPM]
07. Rinkadink - Jedi Vibes [145 BPM]
08. Cimi – Deejavool [145 BPM]
09. Vibra - Kiss The Bass (145 BPM]

Short Introduction:

Point Zero strikes with their first album. Artists from all over the world. Brazil, Switzerland, South Africa.
Very uplifting tunes. Ket’s take a better look.

Through the Tracks:

Track #1: Project Fm - Brazilian Vibe [143 BPM]

Have never heard of this project before. I got mixed up with Magical and Dj Fabio’s project (FM). This one is an Italian duo, owners of Point Zero Rec.
Starts pumping. Very nice bass line. High kicks. Some future sounds. Then starts the groove, with the kicks spinning differently. Very interesting bass line. Alternates its style. Very morning “Brazilian” track. Demonstrates the Brazilian spirit. Always kicking, and grooving. Good track.

Track #2: Solar System - Master Mind [145 BPM]

Solar System needs no further introducing. Their past speaks for their music Starts very funky. Then appears a great bass line. Kicking and speeding up. Very morning also. I think the hole CD will keep in that way. Very interesting track. Very high quality production. As usual. Nice voice samples (I couldn’t recognize them. If some one can help me. They seemed very familiar to me). Great track.

Track #3: 03. Marcello VOR Vs. Goblin - Hackney 3 a.m (143 BPM]

Both artists also don’t need introduction. VOR is starting to produce many tracks. With Vibra (under the name of 2Hi). Now with Psysex’s Dj Goblin.
Very nice start. Nice developed bass. Kicking high, with many interesting breaks. Very groovy track. I think groove gives the track a bit of spice. Unstoppable track. Alternates its bass, breaks, and gets back on groove. This track has also that “Brazilian” touch. Burning dance floor vibes, non stopping. Very good track. The best one so far.

Track #4: 04. Ergenzomatic – Lagun [143 BPM]

This was the first time I heard about this project. Seems to be a brand new one.
Stars quiet, some funky tunes, entered by a very surprising bass line. Kicking and grooving from the begging. Also some scratching synths. This is a bit heavy track. I found it very deep. More than the rest of the album. A bit of dark in it. Specially tha bass line. Good track. Heavy one.

Track #5: Freakulizer – Just Trust [143 BPM]

Simon’s work IMO is just absolutely marvelous. A wondered my self if his style would be the same in this track. And it did. I was glad. I dig this groove sound.
The track starts slowly, than followed by that Thujon/Freakulizer style. Groovy, kicking high, with a great bass line. The turns are very Freakulizer’s style. Always returning those kicks high. And that magnificent break technique. Break, speeds, break than BOOM! Always vocals. His samples are just great. Always. Very good track.

Track#6: Psysex – N.G.R [ 140 BPM]

Now Psysex is a single project. Yone is know dedecating his time to Ace Ventura, which is one of my favorites Prgressive tunes.
Anyway, the track is very good. Very powerful, kicking a lot, with a very nice bass line, also. Regular track.

Track#7: Rinkadink – Jedi Vibes [145 BPM]

Vana’s work is just great. Very high quality, but the most important, very unusual. Not that same Psy-Trance formula. The guy has got creativity. And lost of it.
Great start. Funky as usual, not to much groove, but very deep and nice bass line. The tunes are great. Master Yoda’s sample. Nice track. That old Rinkadink break., which in fact is pretty amazing. Good track.

Track#8: Cimi – Deejavool [145 BPM]

Aparantelly, Cimi is Dj Marchello from Etnica.Net (according to the info I found at the Search forum) Never heard of this project also.
The track starts with a telephone conversation. I couldn’t recognize it either. Than a pumping, uplifting bass line, followed by a great kick enters. Then some groove, many scratched tunes. Regular track. The only one that did not get my full attention. Excpet for the 3 last minuts. It gets groovy in a sort of dark way.

Track#9: Vibra – Kiss The Bass [145 BPM]

Daniel Costa is Vibra. Assigned with Neurobiotic Records. Has been emerging in the Brazilian, and World scene for the past 2 years. His style is very morning, that was kept in this track.
Starts grooving and kicking. Just slowly entering the bass line. With a distorted voice sample. Than the fun begins. Kicking high, grooving like words can’t describe it. The bass line is just brilliant. The breaks are very good also. Very good track, by the way. Really enjoyed it. Very uplifting, groovy and great dance floor track.

Short Overall:

The hole album, is has a very unique style. It only changes, in the Ergenzomatic track, and the Rinkadink. I shorter words, very good album, for full-on listeners. In such terms, the tracks are simply outstanding. Very morning, fresh, and uplifting tunes. Very good album. Good work Point Zero. Keep it up.

Favorites: 1(!), 2, 3(!!!), 5, 7 and 9(!!)




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Posted : Apr 7, 2006 10:37
Indeed a great debut release from London based Pointzero! It's already been played by many djs down here in Brazil! Thumbs up Max and Fabry! See you guys soon in London! And Peiote, glad u enjoyed the track, mate! Cheers

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 7, 2006 11:05
nice review
but track 4 is not
"Ergenzomatic – Lagun"
its "Lagun - Ergenzomatic"
there is a mistake on the cd
believe me he one of my best bros.
for me he is the most promising austrian act atm

          - last possible solution
- trick music
- ambivalent records

ps: y trance?
[It Peiote Reviewer]

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Posted : Apr 7, 2006 18:06
It's always a pleasure to say good things, about good artists! And u guys managed to do a very good track. The best one IMO.

Thax for the correction mf!!
I'll leave it in the hands of the moderator to change that, please.



          CHOOSE LIFE!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 12, 2006 18:57
This couldn't be a better start for this new london based label... great job Max and Fabri.. nice style and good selection of tracks.. nice cover as well.. thumbs up mates...

Peiote wrote..
Track#8: Cimi – Deejavool [145 BPM]

Aparantelly, Cimi is Dj Marchello from Etnica.Net (according to the info I found at the Search forum) Never heard of this project also.

I've been a Etnicanet dj for 3 years but not anymore.. I'm with Neurobiotic rec for the past year and a half..cheers.. Cimi is my solo project but now I'm working with Monastic Squid in this new project M-Theory.. U will be able to check us out soon.. Best regards Marchello
          M-theory & Cimi aka Dj Marchello
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