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V/A - Pyrogenetic (Psytropic Rec's)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 13, 2005 16:39
Compilation: Pyrogenetic

Label: Psytropic Records

Year: 2005

Format: CD


Country: Germany

Label Info:
Founded in 2003 by Thomas Vitali (Chemicus), Psytropic aims to provide music with no fixed styles within Psy trance & Goa, showing the same dynamic of change reflected by the scene itself.

(image) >

01. Psynina - Between Spheres *
02. Thujon - Human Imagination *
03. Sixsense - Dancing Alone
04. Ultravoice - Desert Fly
05. Chromatone - Xes *
06. Intersys - Experiments
07. Elec3 - 40 Amps
08. Ananda Shake - The Movie Star
09. D-Tek - Restricted Area (Audio X Remix) *
10. Dark Nebula - Space Weed

The meat :

* 01. Psynina - Between Spheres

From her last appearance in Psyinjection (Psytropic), Nina has covered some ground and with this song it seems undeniable the girl is making some strides. The doors to Pyrogenetic open with a liquid treatment of echoing drops and German samples that make me wish I would have finished the language course. Below the hood, the kick is letting us know she means business though. As the beats develop in between bubbly noises with such delight, it is hard not bob your head with smile like an Asian doll. The chopped up voice reminds me a bit of samples used in Deja Vu Project on the live version of "Zen" (V/A - Zen – Déjà vu). Added to the combination, a strange voice wallowing in the midst of some otherworldly meditation. While the timelines runs its course we are treated to a delightful assortment of heavenly pads rounding up the production quite well.

* 02. Thujon - Human Imagination

The freakuilzer has been surprising me lately since my last encounter on (V/A – Interphase - Alchemy) The full-on-ish aspects to the production are still there. The higher frequencies bring back that groove factor I sense in Black and White through the first part of the shindig. I might have a dislike for the two-three note melody by the end buzzing like a raver boot camp. But, i have no clue with what to replace it either.

* 03. Sixsense - Dancing Alone

Sixsense has been releasing on Pukka music, Spliff, Utopia and Yellow Sunshine explosion in the past. This time the production dwells in lighter melodies presented as easily digestible psy trance for the club the generation. At the beginning, what sounded to me like a bamboo flute with an electronic tail, and the samples of a Madonna wanna-be singer turned me off a bit. After that, it is just a matter of letting the song do his thing and it does it well. The leads and synth's echoing in trip mode intensify considerably as the song progresses in very tuneful way.

* 04. Ultravoice - Desert Fly

No doubt Avi L. has been working hard in these last couple of years with two albums under his belt on Com.Pact and numerous appearances on Phonokol, Utopia, Alchemy, Ajuca and yes Psytropic amongst others. By this point the Ultra Voice has had enough experience time on the sequencer to make the kind of music he likes. A combination of psy trance with a moving and unthreatening rhythmic spells, combined with light and sunny overtones.

* 05. Chromatone Xes

Chromatone has been spreading good vibes on Vaporent, Mechanic Sound and Spun to name a few examples. From my last encounter with his style in Mind Funk Records, on their release V/A - Twilight Twisters (with “Soul Storm”), I hear some clear signs of kinship amongst these two songs, but still find his music hypnotizing. It is this same mutating riff immersed in distortion squelching his way through a transient journey. Eitherway, there are interesting technical aspects to the production.

* 06. InterSys – Experiments

‘In the mid nineteen fifties the army's chief of chemicaaalll intelligence, preached a new military doctrine, of war without death…” The voice samples echo after the piano delights in nursery rhyme mode. InterSys consists of Omri A. und Mark P from Israel. The young buds treat us to a cute song with candy melodies and a number of very interesting samples (I won't give them away, though), turning parts of the song a bit like a story… I enjoy this now and again, when people take the time to catch your attention with something mildly interesting. The squelchy noises in a harmonic rhyme are catchy and for this type of production; ideally suited to take your girl on the dance floor (or as an excuse to go find yourself one) for a while without necessarily stomping your feet like monkey.

* 07. Elec3 - 40 Amps

“It was great for a while, like this weight was lifted of my shoulders and you were the one that was supposed to carry us through, but that is not what is happening… the problem here is trying to get out…- no, I said what did you do!” I'm not sure what she did or who is in charge of the beats section between Igal, Brisker, or Leonid but the bouncy bass line stuck in between the electric percussion sweetens the deal a bit for me. Their work has been featured before in Spliff music, Magma, Utopia, Mahogany, Turbo Trance and the newly formed Digital Oracle. From the label names alone it should be clear the sound is highly melodic with heroic leads and a lot of action on the higher frequencies, well 40 amps is no different. The song is moving as the riffs evolve on top of all sorts of psy-effects. I personally like my trance with a bit more variation and spikes on the speakers but, I could claim the same with a number of tunes present in this compilation.

* 08. Ananda Shake - The Movie Star

Osher Swissa and Lior Edri have had a good run in the melodic market with a number of tracks dispersed throughout Shiva Space Japan, Crystal Matrix, Mahogany and Fungi records just to count a few. ‘The Movie Star' presents an interesting proposal based on a sample of the Gladiator movie, when the massacre is taking place in Albion… or so my slightly senile sources inform me -and I can partially attest. It sounds like a cello accompanied by a small orchestra with the war drums included. The output is battle-cry dramatic. As the drum is suppressed for the electronic equivalent, the song goes into full electronic mode smoothly. In the midst of it all we find the typical Ananda Shake: Melodic and Energized by the pink bunny himself. The break comes around and there is that sample again with a fitting lead. Where's my shield and sword cause I'm feeling like slashing some orcs! The danger of using such cinematic samples is that your sound might not carry through all that emotion originally conveyed... especially if you set your standards that high and have a slight weakness for classical music. From this point on though, is pure psychedelic candy as the original notes of the cello transpire to an electronic arpeggio and finely tuned accompaniments.

* 09. D-Tek - Restricted Area (Audio X Remix)

I have not heard the original version (from V/A – Decoder – Neurobiotic) and to be honest Audio X does not ring many bells either, except that mention on V/A – Higher levels (Fungi records) in the past. So in short, the song transports you well to the Aliens movie where the options are ‘do or die' in the claws of the space fiends. The intensity levels fly higher than usual on this release and that is refreshing, as the samples of “proceed to nearest evacuation facility” zoom past the speakers. The action here comes from all angles in a musical manner, but with no intention of sounding flowery.

* 10. Dark Nebula - Space Weed

"Spaced weed can be smoked or ingested orally, because of its intoxicating effect. And the fact that it is supposedly habit-forming…” Nebula got some funky greens this time around to share. In ‘Space Weed' the dark clouds that surround this project, in respect with what he has shown us during the years, have been replaced with a strangely groovy edge. The bass and the synths alone are enough proof to assert these claims. I like my nebula a bit darker and with no cream, please… Eitherway the "Space Weed" acts as a fitting night cap closing the compilation well.

1, 2, 5, 9


Gert it now:

musique à la carte in mp3 & wav.
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2005 08:38
I liked the more melodic tracks (6 to 8) but the rest of it didn't do much for me.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2005 23:08

On 2005-06-14 08:38, ----Dawn---- wrote:
I liked the more melodic tracks (6 to 8) but the rest of it didn't do much for me.

i had an oportunity to hear a number of these songs last weekend at beach party and they went quite well... i guess it depends at what crowd you are aiming at 
musique à la carte in mp3 & wav.
Reviews, interviews, downloads, articles.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 15, 2005 01:34

On 2005-06-14 23:08, Rah wrote:
i had an oportunity to hear a number of these songs last weekend at beach party and they went quite well... i guess it depends at what crowd you are aiming at

Yeah agreed.

If i was listening to it at a party or whatever i'd probably like it - but then again knowing me i'd probably be too wasted to care (i could dance to a fire-alarm) As for general home listening i thought it sounded more or less the same as so many other ok but pretty bog-standard comps. Not bad - just samey and forgettable (i only listened to it yesterday and i wouldn't remember any of the early tracks).

That said - the good tracks are good (if you're into more melodic so-called cheesy stuff).

Like all music, it's a matter of taste - and maybe i just don't have much lol.
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IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jun 16, 2005 04:36
This release really surprised me! For what I heard up to now, it's very good!
Waiting for my copy to arrive and then I'll wrote my complete review!

I strongly advice everyone to check out my interview with Psynina, where she talks about this release, her work and many more interesting things:

Hope you all enjoy it, soon I'll be posting my review.
Respect!           .
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 17, 2005 03:27
Track #1:
Psynina – Between Spheres (9:11)

Nina’s job is a master of piece IMO. Nice intro, very smooth, a serious conversation between 2 people... very quiet beginning. Some noises, psychedelic sounds… A very good starting from the bass line, very surprising. And then the fun starts… Very energetic, up-lifting, psychedelic track!! Has a very scary voice, like a man’s voice with some distortion! Nice going. Good track, it its like an enter from prog, to full-on.

Track #2:
Thujon – Human Imagination (7:02)
Very fresh sound! Superb quality, as very strong and characteristic bass-line It starts a bit prog, and enters a bit full-on… Nice touch, it gives a spice to the track. It has so much harmony! “Human imagination”, what a line… what can be more powerful then that?? “You’re having fun!!”… followed by a very good bass-line enter… Some groove sounds, very uplifting as well, morning sounds!!

Track #3:
Sixsense - Dancing Alone (7:57)
Its starts a bit refreshing, with some cool sound, a very smooth female voice, followed by strong bass-lines. Full-on characteristics, like some morning sounds, groove sounds, and beautiful harmony. Very pumping up.

Track #4:
Ultravoice and Kyo-Log – Desert Fly (6:31)
A dancer floor track, IMO. Very uplifting, like all the others. With some tricky sounds, many groove appearances, very colorful track, happy, in a sort of way. It reminded me of the HomMega school. Go Avi, always appreciated his work.

Track #5:
Chromatone – Xes (7:12)

Very nice starting. Melodic, then explosive. Powerful bass-line, strong and tripy sounds with a light touch. Very happy track. Very psychedelic one, many weird sounds, that take u to a long trip, and it doesn’t stops that easy. It keeps going on and on… very good track. One of the best in the comp. IMO! Definitely dance floor track, will make a blast for sure, if well played.

Track #6:
Intersys – Experiments (7:22)
Nice piano entry. Very cool. Followed by strong bass-lines (which became already a characteristic of the album) but that’s good. Has some nice psychedelic sounds, lots of groove and nice voices, talks about Albert Hoffman, about colors, very happy track, takes u on a timeless journey. Very harmonic track just carries u on and on! A bit usual, but nice.

Track #7:
Elec3 – 40 Amps (7:18)
I always liked Elec3 stuff. But this one is blast for sure. A mix of a lot of sounds, a kind of guitar power, voices (which IMO gives a lot of action to the track) very groovy, up-lifting, dancing track. Good track, nice energy, very colorful, and motivating. Good for dancing.

Track #8:
Ananda Shake – The Movie Star (8:07)
Interesting entrance. It reminded me of “Metallica’s – One”, with the drums, and blows, then a deep voice enters, followed by a nice bass-line. Groove touch in the beginning, and very nice energy as well. Some nice turns, not expected. Lots of psychedelic sounds, which gives the track a nice atmosphere. Very colorful track as well. It goes smooth in the middle, then back again with the album’s characteristic bass-line. Finishes like the starting, the deep and scary sounds… nice touch

Track #9:
D-Tek – Restricted Area (Audio-X Remix) (8:18)
Here we go with some Mexican spice… I’ve heard this song before in a party, and a felt good while listening to it. I believe it’s from the “Resident Evil” picture, if I’m not mistaken. (correct me if I’m wrong). Very nice track, David’s work is fascinating, very up-lifting, and dance floor oriented. I loved the pumping sounds, very psychedelic touch, good. “ Do not move…” then BAMMM! Loved it.

Track # 10:
Dark Nebula – Space Weed (6:46)
Lunas sound is changing a little bit. What once was a very dark stomper, now is a good full-on morning sound. Maybe just for this comp. But I loved the new style as well. Very up-lifting, dancing track. U just don’t stop dancing.

All the tracks pleased me very much. Maybe that´s why I didn’t say anything bad about the album. I really liked it, truly.

I think that’s about it. In a overall average…… let’s give a modest 8!! Good work Psytropic… keep on. Good choices Chemicus, the final result was very nice!!

See ya next time...


IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jun 24, 2005 01:38
Compilation Pyrogenetic -=- Psytropic Records (june 2005)

Finally I got my own original copy in my hands! Surely it was worth the wait! But what is Pyrogenetic? The booklet has some answers:

PYROGENETIC - definition explicitly
adj: produced by or producing fever.

1 - Pyrogenic - definition
Producing heat; -- said of substances, as septic poisons, which elevate the temperature of the body and cause fever.

2 - Pyrogenous - definition
Produced under conditions involving intense heat; "igneous rock is rock formed by solidification from a molten state; especially from molten magma"; "igneous fusion is fusion by heat alone"; "Pyrogenic strata" [syn: igneous, pyrogenetic]

This fine release was compiled by DJ Chemicus, some people know him as Thomas, and certainly he is a psytrance enthusiast. The mastering was made by Triptych and sounds very good!

This is Psytropic Records second release, this label is based on Germany. Many people may think it's a small and unimportant label, but they're wrong. PsyTropic Records has its roots deep on psytrance's philosophy and this release is packed with lots of messages on the booklet, for example:

"Thanks a lot to you as acquirer of this original Audio-record! You consequently support the label's and artist's work and give the possibility to release new killer tunes on compact discs with even more improving booklets and designs!
Thank you for this chance!"

Also the release come with a stick with the PsyTropic Records logo and on it's back the statement: "MP3 kills your music".

Cover: The cover was designed by Jan Moravec.

One of the things I really liked about this release (in fact in all PsyTropic Releases) is that they printed on the CD the number of the track, the artist name, the name of the track AND THE BPM of each track. I think other labels should try to do the same, it's a DJ friendly addition.

Track List:

01. PsyNina - Between Spheres 09:12 - 146bpm
02. Thujon - Human Imagination 07:03 - 143bpm
03. Sixsense - Dancing Alone 08:00 - 148bpm
04. Ultravoice & Kyo-Log - Desert Fly 06:27 - 145bpm
05. Chromatone - XES 07:10 - 145bpm
06. InterSys - Experiments 07:22 - 145bpm
07. Elec3 - 40 Amps 07:18 - 145bpm
08. Ananda Shake - The Movie Start 08:07 - 145bpm
09. D-Tek - Restricted Area (Audio-X Rmx) 08:13 - 145bpm
10. Dark Nebula - Space Weed 06:50 - 146bpm

Let's see how psychedelic this stuff is:

01. PsyNina - Between Spheres --> Opening this compilation with some German samples is Psynina, a talented German girl who enjoy making dark music. And she is not kidding here, if you play this track during the day it's very possible an eclipse will happen, at least in people's mind. After the intro this track develops a dark atmosphere impossible to ignore, well placed effects at 146 bpm, however it does not seems so fast, it sounds slower and scary. Good and different dark tune. Hope to hear more from PsyNina soon!

Don´t forget to check my interview with PsyNina, where she talks about this album, her future releases and much more:
The interview is at my sample database:

02. Thujon - Human Imagination --> Thujon brings the bpm down to 143, the slower track of this compilation, yet sounding as fast as previous track. Groovy stuff, Thujon show us he's developing his own concise style. Good bass, nice effects that reminds me Cosma (only reminds me, it's not copy & paste) and lots of samples:

"...Because our reality..."
"Create this paradox of sensations... The feeling of being born all over again..."
"Human Imagination..."

And a long sample I can't understand, but it ends like:

"It's not the human world, it's inside your soul..."

The samples fits perfectly the atmosphere of this track, and add meaning for me to thing about while I'm dancing.

03. Sixsense - Dancing Alone --> Utopia Records just released an album compiled by Sixsense, but in my opinion this track is better than the two others at Utopia's release. This track is joyful to dance and I like the effects and vocals... Fits smoothly after Thujon's track in spite of the BPM difference between both tracks. I recommend it for home listening!

04. Ultravoice & Kyo-Log - Desert Fly --> Good track! Ultravoice is compiling an album... Just hope it has tracks like this one... Nothing more to add else than what's on the samples: "We can fly!..."

05. Chromatone - XES --> Another great, it flows continuously yet building up a little every moment... At the end the only thing I know for sure is that I danced a lot... Steady track, different layers of effects... Good full on!

06. InterSys - Experiments --> Starting with a melancholic melody, Intersys prepare our mood for what is coming: a well designed, sober work. Everything here is my taste! Many well fitted samples from the documentary "Getting High: The History of LSD":

"In the mid 1950s, the Army's chief of intelligence preached a new military doctrine of war without death..."

"Thimothy Leary had one of the great mid-life crises of our time.
He was forty years old when he first took the magic mushroom."

"Everything he looked at was transfigured.
When he looked at plants he could just see them,
rather like Albert Hofmann before him, bursting with life, bursting with color..."

"There was a feeling that you could take a college graduate from Indiana U and give him L.S.D. and create hippie, that that's what it was, was sort of college baby boomer plus L.S.D. equals hippie, and hippie equals somebody who's dropping out and probably wants to overthrow the government and the culture of America."

This track is great for home listening and also is my favorite from this compilation. Very emotional stuff here!! InterSys, please release MORE!!!

07. Elec3 - 40 Amps --> This track is more danceable, nice bass, joyful journey... Many samples, there's a woman talking fast and latter a guy says: "What did you do?" After the break at 4:30 this gem rocks any dance floor! This is a great full on, best track designed for the dance floor from Elec3 IMO. Really good work.

08. Ananda Shake - The Movie Start --> This track has the trademark of Ananda Shake it. If you liked they album got after this one, in fact IMO this track is better than most track sin their album (and I liked their album). Their music evolved, this is clear by the track structure. Nice bass, nice synths and great melodies. This is the real stuff, the track name is THE MOVIE START, not the shit quality "movie star" I supposed to be on NET... Go and buy it.

09. D-Tek - Restricted Area (Audio-X Rmx) --> Uhmmm, a remix better than the original? You can bet your ass in that! Pumping bass, great synths and effects, and new ideas here. More samples from the movie "Final Fantasy":

" Proceed to the nearest evacuation facility.
Proceed to the nearest evacuation facility."

"- How much more time?
- Not enough.
When he reaches code red, the treatment shield won't be able to hold the aliens particles.
- Engaging bio-etheric laser.
- Do not move!"

"This is a restricted area, do not move!"

This track is a dance floor monster, psychedelic, pumping, danceable, good work Audio-X! ::good:

10. Dark Nebula - Space Weed --> The compilation ends with darker tune than the previous, funny samples that I can't completely understand:

"Space weed can be smoked or ingested..."

This track makes this release end as it started, dark tunes at 146 bpms.

Verdict: 8/10. Psytropic did it great, different styles inside this compilation, ranging from tenebrous dark stuff to tracks perfect for home listening. Also this released is packed with 76 minutes of music, that shows Psytropic respect to fans!

Favorites: 1(!), 2, 6(!!), 7(!), 8(!) 9(!).

Recommendation: I recommend it for the eclectic psy listener, and for those who want make their DJ case wider without having to buy releases containing only one style. DJ Chemicus did a nice work here; the album can easily be seen as solid, tight piece of music. I really liked this album, in fact I think it's together with Positive Prototype (Proton Records) and Check In (High-End Records) the hall of the best compilations of 2005.

Buy it here:

PsyTropic Website:

...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jun 24, 2005 02:36
Sorry, I made a mistake, track 6 was made by InterSys & Rhythmic Acid! It's the best track IMO!
Do yourself a favour: buy it.
...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 24, 2005 05:30
yO ppl

thx for the good words about our music
really make us happey!

and full on baba soon ull hear the new ones

and PsyTropic Rec going only up boom to thomas!


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Posted : Jun 27, 2005 11:07
I listened to the tracks and I liked very much:

Track 1
Track 5
Track 7
Track 9

Lots of fun !
IsraTrance Team

Started Topics :  278
Posts :  5470
Posted : Jul 1, 2005 05:33
Thanks Intersys, please release more...

Can you give us more info on who is Rhythmic Acid? Thanks.

This release is VERY good!
Respect!           .
...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...

Started Topics :  4
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Posted : Jul 14, 2005 09:19
Great release !
I enjoyed Track 1, 5,6 and 9.

Various styles on one CD is perfect.
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