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Trance Forum » » Forum  Promotional Releases - ..:V.A. Psycomex-Moonflower/A.P. Recs [with D-Tek, Sharigrama, Mex.Trance Maffia and others]:..
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..:V.A. Psycomex-Moonflower/A.P. Recs [with D-Tek, Sharigrama, Mex.Trance Maffia and others]:..

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 24, 2003 06:26
Powered by the magnectic spirit of this beautifull land, accompanied with a magical history of ceremonies and a fundamental mind exploration, slowly but surely the Sound of Mexican Trance came to life...
And this is what this compilation is all about !

V.A. Psycomex - Moonflower/A.P. Recs.

01 - Mexican Trance Maffia - Borrados por el Tiempo
02 - D-Tek & Moria - E-ject
03 - Space - Break the Myth
04 - Mexican Trance Maffia - Party is in the body (Blue Lunar Monkey rmx)
05 - Self Flush - Mind Regulation (Minddelight rmx)
06 - Minddelight - Ludicrous Speed
07 - Ecliptic - Title to come
08 - Sharigrama - It's Alive
09 - Ecliptic - Strange Waves
10 - Inoxia - The Great Deceiver

Mexico, the last 3 yeaars, has undoubtebly become the most growing attraction for Psychedelic Trance Music around the globe. Reprensenting a spread of the Goa scene to Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and other countries. Mexico has certainly lead the way with an unprecendeted amount and magnitude of parties, attended by Mexicans from the entire spectrum of Mexican cultures and society. Regularly hosting DJ's and Live-acts from allover the globe as well as local DJ's and Live-acts such as on this compilation: D-Tek, Mexican Trance Maffia, Blue Lunar Monkey, Ecliptic, Space, Self Flush, Sharigrama, Minddelight and Inoxia !!!

(Blue Lunar Monkey = Daniel of Mexican Trance Maffia, Inoxia = Mario of Mexican Trance Maffia)

This cd comes also released in 2 x 12 inch record, but the CD contains xtra bonustracks !!!! (See other posts on this forum-promotional !!!)

Compiled by: DJ Moonflower & AP Records
Art & Design by: Golem (Jorge Quintero- Mexico) -
Produced in association with Moonflower Recs., Dj Moonflower (UK) - & Double Agent Recs. (Canada) - or
To be released: September

The list of thanks to Mexican activists, organizers, musicians, dj's, friends, supporters, etc. is endless, so we will not go into it. Nevertheless we would like to express our appreciation to two factors in Mexico:
First and most of all....the land !! 2nd and last but not least....Maia Recs. (ex Sound Sorcery Recs.)

A.P. Records - Jinno + Jiga
Cell Phone: +49-(0)175-4559500
Studios: ++49-(0)2871-294216          Mind Funk Records
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 24, 2003 06:39
Great news my friend Mexico shows the world that can offer great stuff i see many good producers here like D-Tek , Space , MTM and also newcomers like Sharigrama and Ecliptic good luck for they.
The artwork is beautiful like all the Golem work.
I hope we can see more mexican releases in the future!!!
bully aka (raveoholic)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 28, 2003 19:44
hey bro, this is a smasshing1, love the 1st and the 2nd 1, all are r nice, hope to hear sum more from these guys

boom to all!!@

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Posted : Sep 29, 2003 05:38
All the best AP Records on this compilation...
Seems like an upcoming full on ultra super duper digital stuff in here
Hope to hear it soon...
Good Luck


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Posted : Sep 29, 2003 05:42
Well this looks like one powerful comp
dtek always rockes in his tracks
the mexican trance mafia also is making some nice sounds(remembers me of Parasense)
Sharigrama is new artist from tacoland that i also been watching out for new stuff

Best of Luck to all the Cabrons Involved in this project
peace to all
and hold the chilli plz

dont ask me to post in your top10!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 29, 2003 06:20
Nice one Gosse
Cant wait to listen to all the new bombs of this comp.
Mexican projects are gettin better and better and im sure this compilation must be great!


Brentel           **YOUR BRAND HERE**

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Posted : Sep 29, 2003 07:27

Thanks to all the people who make this possible
Ap recs, Moonflower , MTM, Mindelight, Self - flush, D - tek , Moria, Space, Ecliptic, Inoxia, Golem...
Thanks to all the peolpe who support...
Also thanx to you shawnodese (for the post!)
You can hear more trax of this and other mexican bands in the compilation of Earthdance 2003 (kinetik).

Let`s keep working...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 29, 2003 09:03
this album is great , with the best artists from mexico.
anyway , mexico is coming with new killer´s artist for we hear.

keep going !!!           Union Records - PT
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 1, 2003 07:15
Hehe.....I see the Mexicans are growing in numbers on this forum and also discovering this release now....u guys rock !!!! and I hope to visit you soon out there !!!
          Mind Funk Records
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Posted : Oct 2, 2003 00:12
Ariba Ariba muchachos , andale andale!


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Posted : Aug 27, 2004 02:37
Thanks to Jino & Jiga and all Ap-records crew for make this copilation possible also all the projects inside the cds im waiting to listen all must be a great cd
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 16, 2004 06:13
Moonflower Productions (Sweden) have nothing to do with this CD.
New compilation from us soon. Stay tuned
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