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V/A - Psybration: Fundamental Progression [AP Recs 2004]

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 1, 2004 22:10
AP Recs have really pulled a rabbit out of a hat with this release, and seeing how it hasn't yet been reviewed, here we go...

1. Acupuncture / Reality Conflict
2. Zerotonine / Arkturus
3. Echotek / Hamutzim Land
4. Reflex / Chop Tip
5. Meller / Banshee
6. Tegma / Wild West
7. Vazik / Under Stretched Dimension
8. Etnoscope / Screamer Slice
9. Magnetrixx / Somnam

Track 1 is by Acupuncture (aka SBK, Kruger!) and shows a side of his production no one has heard for a while... deep hypnotic psychedelic trance (not really progression, but big fat beats and great sample usage) - an excellent start to the compilation. Zerotonine bring in some LOTR samples to introduce a new offering... I really liked this group when they first showed up, making some of the sweetest minimal psy I had ever heard (back in 2001 or thereabouts)... haven't heard too much from them since then but this track is a corker. Deep psychedelic trance with a slight menacing feel, perhaps lacking a little something, but it fits right into the tracklist so no complaints. Reflex & Echotek are up next with two tracks that I will skip - I'm tired of these projects, though there's nothing really wrong with these tracks... they just don't do it for me. Mel.ler offers up Banshee, a rolling dark psychedelic track with some really excellent loops... not entirely sure where this project came from but I've liked every single song they've made so far, and this is no exception... solid hypnotic psytrance with excellent percussion, going tribal at all the right moments... Tegma's track is about what you'd expect, dealing with the western theme with class. Not a stand-out but it's well done. Vazik's tune is dark and rumbling with a big beat and a few scratchy noises - but it's a bit simplistic and underdeveloped for the quality standards of this album. Etnoscope take the cake with Screamer Slice, an undoubtable festival rocker and all-round stellar track. Tribal and psychedelic with a wistful quality that leaves me humming this one on the subway, certainly the best tune from the album (and, dare I say it, better than anything on their album!). Magnetrixx close out this compilation with Somnam, a really beautiful tune that doesn't really follow any standard... excellent closer, completely addictive. My 2nd favourite from the album...

WHY is this so good to my ears? Is it the mastering? Everything sounds so full and rich here... there is diversity, dark and light, psychedelic and progressive fusions with perfect tribal touches. Acupuncture, Zerotonine, Mel.ler, Tegma, Etnoscope, and Magnetrixx all have excellent offerings here... and in a time when 3 great tracks on a compilation is a rarity, this release is golden.

Purchase it at your favourite outlet:

* No I didn't get a promo for this, I just like it a lot. Peace.
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jul 2, 2004 01:08
i "liked" only the magnetrix track, and even this one so "usual" for this artist.           Believe your soul !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 2, 2004 15:57

I enjoyed this compilation. Not all the tracks please my sensible ears, but it definetely has great moments: track #1 by Acupunture, track #5 by Meller and track #8 by Etnoscope (very very good, but contrary to basilisk I still think that Sneaky Drums from their album is their best work until now - magnificent track!!)

Mammoth Hunter

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Posted : Jul 2, 2004 18:24
Great compilation and nice review by Basilisk, I agree with most of his points. Here are some observations:

1. Acupuncture is a side project by Sebastian Kruger and I don't know what has possessed the guy this time. One thing is for sure, you can't blame him for sounding housy on this one, hehe. There's a standard voice sample in the middle of the track about the aliens making experiments with humans. Can someone please write an essay about the influence of UFOlogy on psy trance?

2. Zerotonine's song is too full-on for my taste like most of his work. I believe he's from Berlin. I remember fondly his great track "Dark Entries" on the Iboga compilation "Anima", one of the most memorable tracks from my favorite Iboga compilation. Unfortunately, he's chosen a different path with the rest of his music and that's cool, but it just doesn't do it for me.

3, 4. Echotek and Reflex - not my cup of tea, nothing that I can remember his songs for. Same goes for the album on Flow. I'm bored!

5. Mel.ler - these guys have had some releases on Tatsu, I believe. This song is nice, but not spectacular.

6. Tegma - haven't heard much from them since the album. I really liked this new song though. It's unusual in its exploration of the Wild West theme and done masterfully. Good stuff!

8. Etnoscope - what a great track! I'll go with Basilisk on this one - for me this is the best Etnoscope song - the percussions are awesome. Groovy, tribal tune all the way. My favorite track on this CD.

9. Magnetrixx - excellent proggy tune and a nice closing track for the compilation. And, Zombi, I don't know what you're talking about, man, I don't see anything usual in it, it's quite different from both his albums. I have them.

Overall, this compilation was a pleasant surprise for me and I'm glad I bought it.

The CD art is nice, but if there really are aliens would they have large, perfect breasts??? I find it unnecessary and sexist, especially if you claim to have an evolved identity which is what the overall theme suggests.

Solid Snake

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Posted : Jul 8, 2004 19:30
i think its a nice collection of groovy tracks! good work from AP
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 14, 2004 04:35
Something I learned while hearing this out and LOAD... Acupuncture's track has a surprise my ears did not catch the first few listens... the 'breathing' sound coming in at 6:16 is a brilliant touch - try taking some deep breaths in time to the music, close your eyes (best outdoors at the events of course), and wow... there's the potential there to put a person in a really solid trance state. Powerful stuff. Kudos once again.
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - V/A - Psybration: Fundamental Progression [AP Recs 2004]
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