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V/A Positive Alchemists vol1 (Avigmatic)

Le Lotus Bleu
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 3, 2005 14:41
Positive Alchemists vol1 (Avigmatic)

1. Goma - Intelligent Solution 7'30
2. Digicult - Infection 5'52
3. Optokoppler - Spacetravel 8'05
4. Vibe Tribe - Zimba 6'57
5. Cyber Cartel - Always 6'31
6. Ananda Shake - Pressure 8'33
7. 4 WindsCircle vs Electic Universe -4Tune Circle 9'45
8. Avigmati - Password Request 7'42
9. Psynymph - Psycordia 7'17
10. Azriel - Akane Still Dreaming (remix 2005)

Avigmatic is a new french label from Villeurbanne (Lyon's suburb) led by Khetzal & Dj Chaï with a major goa flavour or at least melodic colorfull full-on orientation, as you can check half of the artists are newcomers;
Positive Alchemists vol1 is compiled by Dj Chaï & Khetzal, mastering done by Huby Sea & Vince (Ultimae crew).

1. Goma (Renato Schnyder from Switzerland) opens up with a morning full on tune in a quite close style from Tri-Force's album 'Entrance To Reality'. The musical journey couldn't get started nicer.

2.Digicult (Davy Piessens & Bert De Decker from Belgium) proposes something more goaish even if at first, it seems to sound more full on. I find out the bass, during the goa part (from 2'31) , to have a little something of E.B.M. which doesn't bother me.

3.Optokoppler (Oliver Schmidt & Tim Rüsken from Germany) launches the more fullonish part of the compilation, an energic one with a remix (a twisted guy voice in this version) of the famous spoken sample contained in Dancing Galaxy from Astral Projection at 4'50 "...The space extends life, the space expands the counsciousness, the space invites to space travelling..." . I do enjoy their album Replugged but here it lacks a bit of magic (results too much classic full on), as a result i feel some few frustration here. However I hope to listen to some new hits from them in a soon future.

Tracks 4 [Vibe Tribe (Stas Marnyanski & Elmar Ivatonorov from Israël]), 5 [Cyber Cartel (Vik Sheki aka Intergalactic from Israël)] & 6 [Ananda Shake (Osher Swissa & Lior Edri from Israël)] are typical Israeli Full On songs. You may like that or probaly consider this country has generated too many artists providing the same indigest & un-inventive formulas. I'm for the second option, although i must recognize that the Cyber Cartel's one is a bit nicer due to the hypersonic-funky influenced bassline.

7. 4 Winds Circle vs Electric Universe (Luca Szekely aka Dj Geza & Boris Blenn from Germany) deliver a long floating cosmic goa stuff. This collaboration is a success, this 4 Winds Circle/Dj Geza is someone which deserves to be looked after in the future. Obviously, Electric Universe should endoss a big part of responsibility in this production too as it's easy to catch several Boris's trademarks all alongTune Circle like his typical floating layers at the beginning or some more acid melodic part on the end.

8. Come-back to kicking goa sounds with Avigmati (Khetzal & Dj Chaï from France), i appreciate here the work on the rythmic with a changing kick tone which caught my attention. Another thing has drawn it also, at 1"20 it's the saple of a woman saying 'are you talking to me?". So officially here i asked for the remix of Password Request with this time the correct sample , i mean the José Garcia's (french actor) one saying the same thing with the add of 'you fucked my wife?" & keep the laugh answer of course .

9.Psynimph (Hans & Brice aka oLOvonborg & Skysurfer from Germany & France) with Psycordia evoluates between fullonish-goa with shrill riffs from 1'40 & more fairy like moments such as at 2'50 , some ideas for the construction but still lacks something. I consider that these guys still posses a progression margin, let's see with the next productions.

10. Azriel (David Lebossé from Canada) closes up on a softer goa tune in a midtempo. The particularity of the song is the slighty sour lead played in a way (during his solo break at 4'10) that makes me thing the melody comes out from a violin, probably coz of the following of spinning around arpeggios.

Globally , a good compilition if you don't have anything against a current Goa revival obviously.
With Positive Alchemists vol1 let's just say: Welcome to Avigmatic records & Goa Is Not Dead!

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Dec 3, 2005 17:02
Goma - Intelligent Solution
One of the best tracks of this year. Very emotional - strong bass & vibe

Optokoppler - Spacetravel 8'05
As always good music, old school element, with new stuff!

Cyber Cartel - Always 6'31
Nice one!

Ananda Shake - Pressure 8'33
surreal atmosphere. Groovy!

Azriel - Akane Still Dreaming (remix 2005)
imho nord lead is overused tool, but this track is nice

all the other tracks are nothing special.

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 8, 2005 14:46
good comp from Avigmatic rec.
well about this compliation at all was good .. i like some trax there..goma's track was nice..also digicult's track goa sounds start at 2"50 and avigmati's trax including goa-ish sound and very intersting "ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? ...YEAAAAH "..but avigmati's track is my highlight in this compilation back to oldschool goa by french these days u can hear a good goa sounds ..but avigmati do it enough and make smile in my face about before but very powerfull than before..and more darkish and melodic sounds together u can hear in this track, nad vik shefi again with his great work keep going Viki ,boriss blen collabration luca..its new experience for me ..and i like it a lot ..strong bass line and melody and very quality track from these guys , Psynymph i didnt any track from this project before..if this first track from psynymph was a good production from this project and at the end AZRIEL..very melodic track i like it alot ..different style and melodic..and thnx le lotus bleu for this good review
my favs : 1,2,3,5,7(!!),8(!!!),9,10(!!)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 4, 2006 05:51
Awesome comp! The Goma and Digicult(I wish it was longer!) track are truly moving. This is how Goa + Fullon should be done. I defy you not to bob your head!

Nice track by Optokoppler and Vibe Tribe- very melodic.

Cyber Cartel track- Love the snare in the beginning! Now...You are playing...with power!

Ananda Shake- Pressure. Good, but I was expecting so much more.

Electric Universe track is very good and quite long. I don't think he makes bad tracks, but pack a lunch cause you will be here for a while!

Avigmati - Password Request and Psynymph- Psycordia is a true trip back to Goa. Nice work.

The Azrael track winds us down with a nice melody.

This comp was great and will stay in the deck for a while. Great work, look forward to more from Avigmati records!

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