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V/A Positive Alchemists vol 3 [Avigmatic] (2007)

Le Lotus Bleu
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 30, 2007 15:47

Positive Alchemists Vol. 3 (Avigmatic) 2007

Crédits:Artwork – Dj Zen
Compiled by : Khetzal & Dj Chaï
Masterering: Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound)


1> 8'02 Protoculture – Revolutionizer
2.>8'09 Life Extension Vs. Crying Freemen - Let Me Out
3> 6'49 Mixed Emotions Vs. Didrapest - Time Stratch
4> 8'15 Intersys Vs. Optical Vision - Systematic
5> 7'27 Space Buddha - Dream On
6> 7'22 Bio-Tonic - Do The Same Thing
7> 7'37 Sine Die - Eclipse
8> 6'32 Digicult - Magic
9> 7'25 Evoice Vs. Digital Tribe - Freak Out
10> 7'40 Avigmati - Hikoseki

1> It was a long time since i last listened to a Protoculture (Nathaniel Raubenheimer)'s production, so i didn't know what to expect here. The style is still morning full on, but it has gained in smashing & heaviness. From 4'32, the tune evolves into its floating part (the paroxysm moment) , the layer is quite fresh & confers an adrenalin push. You'll be submit to a sudden euphoria, so be careful don't get cold.

2> Life Extension (Dj Olive & Dj Stenman) Vs. Crying Freemen (Dj Naya & Dj Salva) delivers something less emotional, all is based on the energy given by the powerful sounds (muted brass, heavy bassline, fat kick) with some arpeggio in guise of melody. Let Me Out is a nice body-dancefloor stuff, prepare you to sweat a lot when dancing on it; it also constitutes a positive view of what Life Extension have produced on their recent album 'Side Effects' on Avigmatic too.

3> Mixed Emotions (Or Kopel) &. Didrapest (Hanan Ben Armon) have produced here the quite widespread squealing Full On that you may like btw. Personally, it's not my thing & furthermore i find out the melody to be too much repetitive & gets quickly irritating on my nerves.

4>Things are going better with Intersys (Omri Azram & Moshe Maman) Vs. Optical Vision (Dudu Zohar) with a classic Israeli Full On stuff which means a quite bouncy bassline, some electric riffs as lead, plus some twisted fx sometimes on the metallic tones. In few words, the usual bank tones & production's tricks used by the I.F.O.M.P (Israeli Full On Mafia Production).

5> Space Buddha (Eliad Grundland) opens up his track on the pumping way, the sound is massive upto 2'30. After the 'break' (this moment will be certified by a vocal sample for everybody understanding lol, next time dear Space Buddha your mission, if you accept it is to place eitheir the word 'Climax' or 'Floating' in your next production ), it goes fairish, your head is turning at 360 degrees. Later on, another break will occur in a filtered mode this time & we will come back to the pumping mode with more aggressive leads this time.

6> Same as Protoculture, my last listen to Bio-Tonic (Jérôme Lecoq & Julien Lecoq & Julien Brizard) isn't recent. But indeed it seems it's like i never stopped to listen to them as i got the impress i already heard this tune before. At least, it was the case upto 2'20 where some minor changes happen compared to their previous productions (some 303 lines for examples) btw it's quite funny as it's the title of the tune 'Do the same thing', maybe a restricting wish emanating from the label owners who knows ...

7> Sine Die (Yohan Lasorsa) usually produces some goaish influenced Full On, with Eclipse he's just on the melodic Full On side with a funky rocked by a high tempo. I'd qualify the lead as kinda 'martian speaking' : a fast sharpy tone which twitters, something funny & catchy.

8> Digicult (Davy Piessens & Bert De Becker) keep going with the style that made their notoriety thanks to their debut album 'Avenida de Belgica'. Magic is axed on rock influences from 2'15,but you don't get the usual nervous electric riffs but a sweet melody with the electric guitar here, let's say they make it cry. It's a confirmation for this band which has the potential to generate an identifiable & genuine music.

9> Evoice (Vadim Mityagin) Vs. Digital Tribe (Shlomi Dahan) belongs them too to the I.F.O.M.P, so this stuff is dedicated for their fans, they know who they are...

10> Avigmati (Khetzal & Dj Chaï) get us used to genuine, effective songs, this time i'm slightly disapointed. I think it's due to the melody which isn't catchy enough to my taste coz if we consider the production, it's clean. It might come also from a little overdose of squealing tones & a global confuse thickness soundscape.

other preferences:2,7,8
Verdict: 7/10

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 13, 2007 12:44
gr8 work by e-voice,digicult & digital tribe

average release.           -=DIGITAL OM PRODUCTIONS=-
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IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Oct 16, 2007 02:56
Had a listen the other day and liked some tracks. As stated before this is an average release, it has some good moments and delivers what it promisses on the dance floor, but lacks surprising twists and unpredictableness.

My favorites are Intersys vs Optical Vision (T4) and Digicult - Magic (T8, with samples from Lost ).
Listen before buying.
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 20, 2007 17:29
i have just recieved the cd after a small problem with the postmen in UK and i am gonna listen this va i am expecting some serious killers in it            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 22, 2007 10:51
this cd is not so good as first part of positive alchemists but better then the second one. all in all this very good full-on compi. most of all i liked protoculture, sine die and digicult tracks. keep it up, avigmatic! nice move!           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.
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