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V/A "Platform # 1" Spiral Trax, jan 08

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 23:46
Title : Platform # 1
Type : Various Artists
Label : Spiral Trax
Style : Progressive
Format : CD
Release date : january 2008

1. Gaudium - Phunky People (Motion remix) [130 bpm]
2. Toli Q & Ad Mark - I´ll get you [125 bpm]
3. 9 West - Dig This [128 bpm]
4. Out of Loop – Sugar [130 bpm]
5. Luke Porter - Vice Versa [127 bpm]
6. Tomic - Beautiful Pearl [128 bpm]
7. Keenan & Dale Anderson - Drifting Away (Martin remix) [130 bpm]
8. Duca - Trance Europe Express [128 bpm]
9. Out of Loop - Strangest night and still... [130 bpm]

Spiral Trax’s withdrawal from the market for a year or so (not withstanding an Astrix EP in june 2007) was not sufficient to make us forget the prominent role the label has played in defending both quality Progressive and what was tagged “Scandinavian Trance”. Numerous cornerstone releases had established the label’s authority and respect alongside other major fellow scando labels such as Digital Structures and Iboga. This new release, signalling the return of this Swedish record compagny, can only be hailed as great news. Anti, the label’s head honcho and distinguished DJ, is the compiler. Let’s see what he’s cooked up for us.

1. Gaudium : Phunky People (Motion rmx)
The CD opens with a gnarly reworking of a Gaudium piece by Motion, the solo project of Vincent Courcot. The original was published in the Swedish duo’s seminal album “Nordic Nature” released at Spiral Trax. This remix starts with a rocking intro which orchestrates the beat with the whole drum set: tom, snare, kick, claps and bell. Then it takes the funk of the original Gaudium piece into Motion’s fat sounding analogue synths and distorted electro style. Quite a radical rmx, as you would hardly recognize the original!

2. Tolis Q and Ad Mark : I’ll get U
Embark on a journey into more technoish territory with the Greek duo Tolis Q and Ad Mark, featuring an enticing and forceful arppegiated lead which brings a banging forward momentum. However, it is a bit formulaic and the piece would show little evolution if it weren’t for reverberated sampled vocal interventions.

3. 9 West : Dig This
Greek project 9 West delivers here another example of their hammering chunky Prog-House music. The eponymous voice sample “dig this” punctuates the 6,38 mn of this unsophisticated yet very effective piece. This rough rhythmical banger will satisfy the demands of the movers and grovers’ hips for sure. But don’t expect any poetry here.

4. Out of Loop : Sugar
Out of Loop is the new moniker chosen by Sweden-based Dj fames Parham & Plaza who can boast heaps of releases at the most famous Progressive labels such as Vapour, Plastik Park, Renaissance, Armada and Tribal Vision to name but a few, as well as at their own label, Fokused recordings. “Sugar” is in the vein of their best Prog House output. It’s the right combination of a groovy bassline topped by mesmerizing loops and sweet hissing vocal snippets to generate positive vibes. The brief final break introduces more clicky beats only for a short while to better enhance the morning feel of the entrancing recurring loops. My favourite piece so far.

5. Luke Porter : Vice Versa
Young Aussie producer Luke Porter, formerly based in Melbourne and now in London, has deservedly made himself noticed by the foremost Progressive Djs with just a couple of releases at Often Gruven and Tribal Vision records. In an electronic music scene in which techo and tech-house productions seem to predominate, Luke Porter is emerging as a name to watch out for in the progressive house genre. Even though his piece takes quite a long time to unleash its full impetus, its housy groove, interesting bassline, and reverberated elliptic melodic line make it a winner.

6. Tomic : Pearl
German producer Thomas Wagner illustrates here another version of his atmospheric Progressive Trance anthems, pretty much in the vein of “Emotion” which Bakke selected for Iboga’s set 7, and also reminiscent of Liquid Soul’s sonic landscape. The classic ingredients are here, from the soaring pads to the bouncy bass line and the voice samples which seem to be derived from NASA. It’s flawlessly produced and will thrive in open air parties as well as in clubs.

7. Keenan & Dale Anderson : Drifting away (Martin rmx)
The next piece further explores the atmospheric side of Trance with a rmx signed by Swiss Dj Martin, sideman of the Earsugar project with Nicola Capobiaco aka Liquid Soul. Unfortunately, the male voice sample recurring throughout the track likens it to a Redanka track, and does not match up to the standards set by D-Nox and Beckers, amongst others, in the genre. The singing is backed by quite old-fashioned arrangements, and the track will trigger reactions of either approval (if spun at the appropriate moment of the party) or rejection. Not my cup of tea.

8. Duca : Trance Europe Express
Serbian Producer Duca is featured on almost all Progressive compilations these days. His contribution to this one is, unsurprisingly, marked by his signature chunky electro-house style, with thumping kick/bass combo, and easy - if not trivial - sentimental pads in the last sequences. Not his best track IMHO, yet his fans might find it to their taste.

9. Out of Loop : Strangest night and still...
Parham & Plaza return for the conclusive piece, the longest and most ambitious track of the album, exceeding ten min. It features tight percussion loops which rest over the question-answer development of the lead and the sparkling melodic line which eventually brings along galvanizing female voice samples in the last sequences. This is entrancing Prog-House of the best metal, which builds an irresistible groove and it is arguably the best piece here. Anyhow, a great finish!

Bottom line
Spiral Trax has delivered a good compilation with plenty of dance floor friendly and reliable DJ tools, very much the vein of the AC/DC (S.T’s progressive side label) soundscape, mostly focussing on the housy edge of electronica. IMHO, the best numbers here are: the two Parham & Plaza tracks, Tomic, and Luke Porter. The CD does not include any ground-breaking pieces, yet they all do the job very well, so you won’t want to miss this year’s vintage of a CD which sees the successful return of one of the most respectable scandinavian labels.



constantin sankathi

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Posted : Mar 19, 2008 20:15
for me the last track is doing it!

"Strangest night" is a deep and uplifting track - really good work!
thanks.           · the hymn of the universe · the beginning of time · the cosmic truth · the infinity of being ·
el presagio

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Posted : Mar 20, 2008 17:00
Spiral Trax delivering us a brilliant compilation, love all the tracks being my highlights the Out of Loop tracks. Praham and Dominc Plaza are outstanding artists and im looking foward to listen new tracks made by this guys.

Congratulations to Dj Anti.
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