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Trance Forum » » Forum  Austria - V/A Planet BABA compiled by IMIX vs Cohuna Beatz bOOming April 2nd!
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V/A Planet BABA compiled by IMIX vs Cohuna Beatz bOOming April 2nd!

B.A.B.A Records
B.A.B.A Records

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Posted : Mar 6, 2009 15:18:12
V/A Planet B.A.B.A. Pt.1 & Pt.2 compiled by IMIX vs Cohuna Beatz

a collection of modern, eclectic electronic dancemusic including high quality stomping new tracks from known and unknown galaxies!

styles: hitec psytrance, freestyle, electro, minimal, house, deep techno and dubstep

V/A Planet BABA Pt.1 & Pt.2

are bringing you the ultimate screenshot of todays international electronic dancemusic scene, carefully collected by Batusim Head ANZA - productions from your well known favourite superacts as well as brandnew blasting talented musicians, producers and djs are taking control on Planet B.A.B.A.

Expected Releasedate: April 2nd 2009


this happyness spreading compilation from outtaspace is goin to storm dancefloors near your planet - be sure to shake your hips on this amazing piece of dancemusic culture brought to you by B.A.B.A. Records .

V/A Planet BABA Pt. 1 / Psytrance


01. Batusim - Swift (Rmx to 40%)
02. Jirah - The Return 2009
03. Mojo - Serendipity (Livemix)
04. Rage - The Meeting (Rmx to IMIX)
05. Re:Actor - Event Horizon (with IMIX)
06. Patch Bay - Tech Toy
07. IMIX - I Am Buzzy
08. 0dB - Reasonable Size
09. BPM - The Core
10. Taliesin – Trance Mission (with IMIX)

V/A Planet BABA Pt.2/Progressive/Freestyle/ElectroPsy/Minimal

01. Cohuna Beatz - Look Look
02. Clubholic - Club Freq
03. Monte Laa Productions - Liquid Bubbles
04. Franz Johann - My House Is Your house
05. Cohuna Beatz and Natalino Nunes - Bureau Electrique
06. Cohuna Beatz and Natalino Nunes - Calme Eve Electromix
07. Clubholic and Franz Anza - Technotonic
08. Natalino Nunes - One My Way
09. Rage - The Apple Loop Frenzy
10. Yubaba - Intimacy

Track by Track

Planet BABA Part One

"Batusim - Swift (Rmx to 40%)"
This fullon classic psytrance anthem by Omri Harpaz a.k.a. 40% (Chemical Crew) starts the intergalactic BABA Records voyage, reworked and updated by Batusim Corporation Head Anza alias IMIX (Planet B.E.N.) from Austria, "Swift" comes along with uplifting hooks in brandnew hitec production skill for you true goaheadz!

"Jirah - The Return 2009"
After long time U.S. wonderboy Tim Mc Call(Dragonfly, Aleph Zero, GeoMagnetic) alias Jirah is back on the track with brandnew album out and banging and heavenly fullon morningtrance tunes. Get high, and ready for a psychedelic yet emotional ride Jirah - The Return 2009has got to offer.

"Mojo - Serendipity Livemix"
I just love the live atmosphere turning knobs is my passion especially virus fucking TI that can make a nun horny - Israeli floorstormer John Aharon alias Mojo´s (Mushy Records) each release made an unbelievable impact on the trance community and leave them begging for more - here it is!
with your Mojo rising!

"Rage - The Meeting (Rmx to IMIX)"
here comes 22 years young highly talented portugues hitec producer/dj Guilherme Melo alias RAGE (B.A.B.A. Records)with his debutrelease under vthe alias RAGE, a crazyness spreading monster remix of IMIX´"The Meeting", originally released on Kagdila Rec. freakpowered teaser for upcoming RAGE debutalbum/EP "Nothing Else Matters" expected August 2009 on B.A.B.A. Records.

"Re:Actor - Event Horizon (with IMIX)"
Swedish Erik Nilsson and Anza joined together for a deep-into-psychedelic-trance tune and bring us a spacedout morningtrance hit full with glitchy tricks and psychedelic leads, creating a stir with their musical style by combining the classic scandinavian psy-trance with high quality fullon production to a massive groover.

"Patch Bay - Tech Toy"
with his brandnew production, Patch Bay a.k.a. Frederic Drummont from Brazil serves us a funkyness spreading techno influenced fullon psytrance track built for the hiclass floor, using his wide musical spectrum and knowledge in studioproduction. Patchbay has been blowing people away where ever he takes his music - BEWARE!

"IMIX - I Am Buzzy"
after his third artistalbum/EP on Planet B.E.N., IMIX a.k.a. Franz Anza from Austria saves us now with brandnew production - a stomping buzzy fullon track - wicked from first kicking beat to the end injected with acidic leadsynths, glitchy breaks and massive bassline in the typical blasting IMIX style.

"0dB - Reasonably Size"
0db delivers a unique concept of sound for those who are really seeking for more than what's been done till today in progressive trance and fullon music. could be Albert Hoffman cicling in 43, that guy standing on Chemical Brothers Surrender's cover, or a young boy at his 1st time in Studio 54 N.Y.C... joking!? full fun guarantee on 0db !!! Fantastic Dj Fred DC (a.k.a. PatchBay) & Argentinian Dj Ninad (a.k.a. Yage) joining together for 0dB Live/Studioact.

"BPM - The Core"
Powerfull night psychedelic groove beat with morning emotional melodies spiced with gorgeus vocals and wicked sounds, which will bring heaven and hell on dancefloors after BPM debut album called "System Activated" is released on Psycore Records, BPM a.k.a.Aleksandar Lazarevic (1988) and Gradimir Kedzic (1989), two amazing talented young producers from Serbia catch the train again with their fullon hit "The Core".

"Taliesin - Trance Mission (with IMIX)"
name is program - fullon morningtrance by austrians veteran tranceproducers Taliesin and IMIX. Taliesin and IMIX are well known for melodic tranceproductions now they are joining first time together for a bOOm!
enjoy this pumping, harmonic epic trancefloor mission - YOU ARE CONNECTED!

Planet BABA Part Two

"Cohuna Beatz - Look Look"
Minimal House tune from Batusim head Anza under the alias Cohuna Beatz brings catchy vocals and glitchy breaks in a warm and ultragroovy way. Cohuna Beatz is saving already dancefloors around the planet with his bliss- and beatzbringing eclectic though unique style - Look Look hits still more in this hard working previously unreleased version!

"Clubholic - Club Freq"
minimal house bomb - watch that bass and imagine listen on your carsystem - be carefully with volume as this could explode!
Luis Fialho from Rio de Janeiro alias Clubholic lives and produces Minimal/Electro/House mainly in London/UK under this influence Clubholic is on the way to the next level of perception and music-production.

"Monte Laa Productions - Liquid Bubbles"
Vienna Calling MinimalFX! behind Monte Laa Productions we find Markus Dohelsky alias Shanti Roots (Austria/Vienna Scientists),
Scheibosan (Austria/Black Coffee/Scheibostan) and Joyce Muniz (Brazil/Man Rec/G-Stone Rec) "Liquid Bubbles" brings mighty percussive electro house with pumping dancefloor orientated bassline and a touch of driving minimal beats.

"Franz Johann - My House Is Your House"
coming from Pannonia/Austria delivering to you a rocking Minimal House anthem with a mighty Punch and funbringing catchy vocal 130 BPM in full powermode with tribal sambafunk & electro influences - attention: dance to is goin to make you horny!

"Natalino Nunes - Bureau (with Cohuna Beatz)"
this bureau is made for dancing - Natalino and Anza teams up for a Minimal House banger influenced by trance and techno with lot of glitched and sliced tricks "Cohuna Beatz - Calme Eve Electromix (with Natalino Nunes)"
calme is made for dancing - Natalino and Anza teams up for an Electrotech monster
influenced by psychedelic trance and minimal techno with lot of crunchy, glitched and sliced tricks - must have!

"Clubholic - Technotonic (with Franz Anza)"
minimal Techno meets Electro in a more than funky way ... brazilian Clubholic vs Batusim Head Anza! coming up with a touch of psy and progressive trance - shake your hips mama!

"Natalino Nunes - One My Way"
this masterpiece by Minimal Techno minded Cap Verde born Natalino Nunes (living in Paris) is bringing the kikk to any party.
Natalino, travelling djing a lot on the planet knows how to move the crowd - here he proves his outstanding talent with a Minimal bang.

"Rage - The Apple Loop Frenzy! (Accelerate Mix)"
here comes 22 years young highly talented portugues hitec producer/dj Guilherme Melo alias RAGE (B.A.B.A. Records)with his freestyle debut as RAGE, a wicked electro influenced killergroove which accelerates BPM in the end - outtagalactic experimental track! freakpowered teaser for upcoming RAGE debutalbum/EP "Nothing Else Matters" expected August 2009 on B.A.B.A. Records.

"Yubaba - Intimacy"
Megagroovy Lounge n Breakbeat slammer from multitalented brazilian duo Frederico Drummont alias Patch Bay and Pedro Gomide. an evolving journey from dub into dnb with a trip hop feeling and an electro taste

Label Profile:

B.A.B.A. Records is an Electronic Dancemusic Agency, located in Austria, created by Batusim Corporation after 2 decades in the dance music scene.
Batusim Corporation known for scouting, coaching, promoting and leading electronic dancemusic projects, acts and dj/anes like Batusim Psy Camp, X-CHAT Austria, IMIX, Chaos Therapy, Cohuna Beatz, Taliesin, 40%, Natalino Nunes, Mojo, Quantum, Keren Porat, Djane Aliz D, BPM, Rage, Acan, Mindstorm, Patch Bay, Puzzle, Re:Actor, Erotic Dream, Shulman, Yubaba, Monte Laa Productions, Alexander & Genie, 0dB and more.
B.A.B.A. Records has the aim to raise more promotion and distribution of electronic dancemusic.
Founded in January 2009 in the sunny southeast part of Austria, B.A.B.A. Records brings you freshest international electronic music productions specialized in electronic dancemusic from the known and unknown galaxies, well known artists till fantastic newcomer acts and dj/anes are represented to enhance musical visions.

Mastered by Batusim @ MusikMacherStudio
Artwork: Sinha [at]
(p) and © Batusim Corporation/ BABA Records

Electronic Dancemusic from known and unknown galaxies for Mind + Party + Soul
Trance Forum » » Forum  Austria - V/A Planet BABA compiled by IMIX vs Cohuna Beatz bOOming April 2nd!
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