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~V/A - | NeeD for SPeeD >|


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Posted : Mar 6, 2005 01:02
,,,As it is my first review here ill do my best and I hope u wont get to angry at me

So this is the debut release from the newcomer-label Metatron Production with DJ Aran in charge.

Stationed in Eilat, Izzzrael.
Metatron will deliver full psychdelic dance music for the late hours. But not as dark and heavy

as for example Shift.
Lets see what they cocked together in this stew Need For Speed.

CD Title: Need for Speed
Artist: Various
Label: Metatron Production
Compiled by: DJ Aran
Released: Feb 2005
Style: Dark-Fullonish-Psy-Trance

1. Nemesis Divine - No Point
2. Technodrome - Yakuza
3. Tube - Love Sensation
4. Nemesis Divine - Isatekk
5. Safi Connection - Flow Of Energy
6. Stuckpump - Visuality Distored
7. Zmachine - Vega Night
8. Khopat - Insane Drum
9. Karma Crop - Efficient Compositive (Last Edit)

<::S0 H0WS Th3 TraX?::>

1.Nemesis Divine - No Point.
This kick is being kicked of with the help of some firefight-atmosphere and is being followed
by musty breaks and leads, and with the israeli-bassline as backup. Would be great though if
izak would vary the "story" a little hear before the big delayed brake. More energy is being put
in the track as it pumps up with some cool percussion-work. Pretty good track, but for a start-
track, i need something more special. But lets hear the rest.

2. Technodrome - Yakuza
The intro of this track is a pretty original one and remind me of Artifakt at first. As i keep
listening i understand that this track will evolve to a pretty wild and funky one. I dig this
guys use of percussion and leads. The middle gets really interesting and intense, but could be
more sketchy, more stylish. The Bassline is a groovy one that fits more than fine.

3. Tube - Love Sensation
This track was out on the net before this release, but this is a new version of the track, which
seem to represent the dark atmosphere of metatrons style. Tube have some good ideas up his
sleafe, and this track is one of his better ones. allthough its a little repetive. i wished the
dark atmosphere would last to the ending of the track, but im afraid it doesnt, as i see it.
But with smashing groove and disty leads its keep going, evolving to its happy but nighty

4. Nemesis Divine - Isatekk
The second and last track by Izak is crying out with disty shape on the sound. and a more
interesting bassline rolls in. Also good percussion-work in this one. With good use of leads and
pads izak creates a pretty mysterious feeling that keeps going for quite some time. If u like
the first half of the track, sure u will like the other half too

5. Safi Connection - Flow of Energy
Almost at the same moment i start this track i can say that this is a track that really says "We
are Metatron". It really has the atmosphere and nighty feeling that i expected from Metatron.
What i like the most in the track is the manipulated voice-samples and the light drum-war.
When i listen to this track i get a picture of israeli-ravers dancing in the late-time desert

6. Stuckpump - Visuality Distorted
I would say this duo has their own little style, and its pretty dark one. The use of leads are
high and the groove is complimenting good, allthough it could be better. I would say theres a
arabic or israeli influence on this track? the melodies reminds me of old-school stuff from
back in the days

7. Z-Machine - Vega Night
Now its time for Z-Machine to guide is into the Vega Night. Those who didnt know Vega is one the
most brighest star we can see up there.
This is israeli-stuff for sure
I really like this track cause its carrying a really happy and jumpy feeling with those kind of
melodies he builds up in the middle of the track.

8. Khopat - Insane Drum
Dark track delivered from the psy-khopat, burn as Vasco. As the cd is getting near its end we
are pushed even deeper into darkness and Khopats track is really fitting here with his darkish
leads with atitude. Good job! But i would like some better drums and bassline-variation here.
But happily, some really nice percussion is entering my skull and its about time for the
finnish. Lets all see what happens when we smack the Insane Drum.

9. Karma Krop - Efficient Compositive (Last Edit)
So the journey is not far from over and story is being ended with the help of the duo Karma Krop
(consisting of Khopat and Siddharta). Metatron finally brought us to this cybernetic core, a
deep track which really says; thank u for chosing Metatron-Production for this trip.
This track lasts all the 7 minutes and leaves us with even deeper feelings and goodbyes.
Great job!


This is truly night stuff but to be honest i wanted some more atmospheric touch on some trax.
I would say its a pretty good cd
Its funky full on with a nighty feeling and a touch of underground harmonia.
I miss some better leads here and there and also some more variation, anyway, i think these trax

really fits to the Metatron-sound. Especially the Safi Connection-one.


3, 5, 7!, 8

<::MY RaTe::>

7.5 / 10

Keep em comin, sure as hell we will get a hold of them

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Posted : Mar 15, 2005 18:40
ok this new compilation and the 1st from Metatron Production is just rocking i realy love it Nemesis Divine - No Point sounds like cpu and absulom style who is this guy?
(the name sounds like its israelin dude)
and the Tube - Love Sensation realy liked the start of the track i gess i love tube music he have good style and Safi Connection - Flow Of Energy this one is the best for me from this cd i know safi is into mornig style but this time he make some night style and he is good one Khopat - Insane Drum very dark one i love the bass and the kick pure bomb for a party
i hope this new label will bring us more as in this new compilation and one more Setfan
your review is very good man but to say "Metatron will deliver full psychdelic dance music for the late hours. But not as dark and heavy as for example Shift".
bro i think that the deraction here is very good and its not have to be shift to make a chaos in the dance floor (btw i love shift music man very much) this cd is so good and i am happy that ther is a new label in israel the proviede thos sounds
cheers Metatron keep the dark work guys
          weird, sick and twisted
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 14, 2005 18:14
Here goes my review as well...
Check out for more!!

Since I can't post it all at once, here goes just a small bit. You can check out the rest at !!

Need for Speed, the first release coming from Metatron Production (the brand new Israeli full-on label), is a treat full of sweet psychedelia. Mostly focused on releasing new acts (gotta give 'em some credit for that), this album can be seen as a glance into the future of the full-on scene. Yeah, I know what you're thinking: didn't we have enough Israeli acts and labels already?! Well, apparently not. I must say I've started to lose interest for the Israeli electronic music scene a long, long time ago, just like any of those who actually asked themselves the question above. Why's that? Because we're getting bombed by the same thing over and over again. It's not just the music that it's the same, it's the artists. I mean, how many different projects does a guy need, if he just makes the same thing over and over again? I have no idea. What I do know, however, is that this album actually has a lot of new (yeah, NEW, stop being so skeptical) artists.

As I open the CD case, the first thing to get my attention, before the tracklist, before the few well-known names on it (you know, Tube, Safi Connection, Z-Machine...), before the cover and the artwork, before all of that, is a little text on the booklet that says "Mastered by Yaniv Shulman". You see, when I read this note, I know this is gonna be good. The simple fact that the music in this album has been digitally touched by Shulman is reason enough to expect some good stuff. But we'll get back to that matter later on.

Ok, so first things first. The album is nicely packed, not much of an innovation here as far as album artwork goes. Still, it's extremely appealing. Metatron decided to go with the trendy abstract 3D kind of cover, which is something I'm rarely pleased by. This one here, however, works out really nice. Ok, so it is a bit of a chiché, but it's really well done! The colors all fit really nice and everything seems to fall into place. Gotta pay special attention to the disc, which is also very appealing. Among all these nice treats, someone forgot to pay more attention to the inlay work (you know, the one under the CD), which was stretched out to the max. The result is a very bad quality pixelated picture. Ok, so that's not too much of a deal, but it just screws the perfection of the whole package a bit. Oh, well, you can't have it all, right?

01. Nemesis Divine - No Point
Right, so I pop the CD in the player and, as I wait for the music to start, I go through the tracklist top-to-bottom with my eyes, hoping to see some new names, and maybe some well-known artists as well, just to provide the album with some maturity. Halfway through my inspection, my attention is deviated by a female radio-like voice announcing officers are needed somewhere - I did not understand where, exactly (you just pray I'll never make it to cop, there's no way in hell I'd understand a thing I was told over the intercommunicator). Suddenly, you start to hear helicopters, and you know that's not a good sign if you're the dude with the stockings on your head, right? The sample eventually breaks down into a fade-out loop and this really powerful kick comes in, along with a nice heavy bassline. Only now I look at the tracklist again to find out the track's name: No Point, by Nemesis Divine. The track slowly progresses into a repetitive yet really dance-friendly tune - you know the drill, a little bit of drums here, a snare there, and we slowly progress into a nice little rythm. Effects start coming from everywhere, creating a combination that sounds really well-produced, yet nothing new here, just more of the same. Then at around three minutes there's this bass change that gives the FX work a whole new perspective. Suddenly, you're jumping up and down like a five year old kid and, when you feel like things are really evolving nicely, everything stops. "Oh, wait, that was just a threat... Let's see where this goes now". You get a couple more minutes with more of the same stuff, which is fine actually, once you get into it. At five, the track shines a bit once again: outstanding agressive effects, with lots of drum work, that still lack a bit of rythm. The bassline change again would be a nice idea but, hey, I'm really liking the sound of this track nonetheless. The track ends the same way it begins, and you feel like this album's promising. Without listening to any other tracks yet, I'd say this was a nice choice to open the album.

02. Technodrome - Yakuza
Ok, on to track two. Oh, wait... what's this? Some weird irregular melody opens this track. Sounds just original enough to be considered fresh. The intro is over and well, there it is... It's Technodrome's Yakuza (Hhmm, Yakuza? Where have I heard this name before? *Cough...*). Ok, so the name is not the most original - the album's name ain't either - yet, just like the album's name, it suits nicely for some reason. I'm digging the way the track is evolving, going down the right path until, at approximately 2:15 there's this crazy pitch bend, everything stops and then it sounds like the track has gone back to the start. After I checked my stereo, which is known to have this fried annoying problem sometimes: nop, it hasn't gone back to the start. The fact that the music starts getting sweeter and sweeter is proof enough. And check out those tasty bass changes. I'd say the track really starts at 4:05. I've always been a fan of weird twisted melodies, and this is a sweet, sweet one. Just ten seconds later you're jumping around, just as son as the drums blow up and you feel this rythm pumping through your stereo, which is just enough to keep you dancing for some time. Six minutes into the track, you start feeling things change a bit, but they still taste really good. There's something funny about this track, something I really appreciate in this particular style: it changes a lot and it has just the perfect amount of breaks. One less wouldn't be enough, one more would be too much. Lacks originality, indeed, but then again what doesn't these days. If I'm not mistaken, Technodrome's debut album is to be released soon, so keep an eye out for that.

03. Tube - Love Sensation
"Ok, next track... Oh, it's by Tube, I bet this one's gre... [music starts] WHAT THE...?! JESUS!! (and I use the term losely)". Oh man, now you've done it. You've been spending too much time with Void, Mr. Pini. I mean, I love Void, great stuff. However, the only thing I've always found really unpleasant in their music is the one thing you decided to borrow from them: cheesy electro voices. I mean, come on now... Love Sensation? Anyway, we're talking personal taste here, so please disregard the personal rant above, if you seek an impartial review. This track's actually really nice, it has some powerful gothic synths, I just can't get over the fact that Pini actually thought to himself: "I've got it!! I'll just pull some electro voices out of my sample basket, then splash a girl singing about love over it. Yeah, that's it, no one would come up with an idea as brilliant as this! Muaha..." Oh, wait, that's a different story - scratch the evil laugh. Ok, so I must confess I was a little disappointed by this track. Still, I'm used to being disappointed lately (I still scream "No More Scientists!!" everytime I hear IM's Over Mode, just for old-times sake). Hey, I'm pretty sure a lot of you people out there like this kind of music so I'm sorry for the obscure picture I'm painting for you here. If you're into this kind of music, you'll just love this track, believe me - well, produced, consistent and, god damn it, it has a really electro sample. What more could you ask?

04. Nemesis Divine - Isatekk
Oh look, it's Nemesis Divine again. I must confess I was hoping "Isatekk" to be another name for "No Point Minimalistic Mix" (If you're under the influence of any drug which may affect your hability to think straight, that last sentence was me saying how I was expecting this track to be just like the first one). Well, you bet it isn't. It's really refreshing, actually. Weird noises, scrambling signals, dark acidlines and interesting nosferatu-like voices here and there are the trademark of this track. Deffinitely left me with a better image of Nemesis Divine. Who is this man, anyway? Looking back, I realize that only now I made this question. I wasn't too interested in knowing more about Nemesis Divine until I'm halfway through this song. Let's see... Ah, faithful Google search engine, never disappoints me. Ok, so it seems like this dude (Isak, from Israel) had already released a couple of tracks on two compilations by Starsound Records. Funny I had never heard of this man, his music actually sticks with you. Oh well... Deffinitely a well-achieved tune!

05. Safi Connection - Flow of Energy
Ah, I just know good-ol' Safi's not gonna disappoint me. It's not that Safi is one of my favorite acts, far from it, it's just that his tunes rarely fail to impress me. His smooth, peculiar blend of soft sequence lines with extremely danceable rythms works out nine out of ten times... and you better believe this one's among those nine. The thing is: this track doesn't really have a peak, a climax if you will, it evolves slowly, without becoming annoying at all. The further I get into the track, the more it reminds me of anything by Dino Psaras... You know, those tunes of his, where the bassline keeps pumping the whole way through the track, exuding huge amounts of happiness, with psychedelic effects layered over and a little melody here and there, why not? So I guess I was right: Safi did not disappoint me once again and, even knowing this track does not fall into any of my favorite styles of music, it sure as hell is good enough to keep me smiling.
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Posted : Apr 14, 2005 19:23
my fav is from khopat..ideal 2 start a night set!           ...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 15, 2005 00:24
Overall, a somewhat better than average comp. I like the Z-Machine track best here. Nemesis Divine is also a nice surprise. Would like to hear more tracks from him.


's just another party..
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Posted : Apr 15, 2005 09:11
Metatron Production is a new label in Israel, focusing on mostly fresh, young, full on acts. Their first compilation is called Need For Speed, and is compiled by Aran Oren.

Need For Speed (Metatron Production) 2005 (MPRCD001)

1. Nemesis Divine– No Point
2. Technodrome – Yakuza
3. Tube – Love Sensation
4. Nemesis Divine – Isatekk
5. Safi Connection – Flow Of Energy
6. Stuckpump – Visuality Distored
7. Zmachine – Vega Night
8. Khopat – Insane Drum
9. Karma Crop – Efficient Compositive (Last Edit)

First out is a track by Nemesis Divine (Isak Eliyahu) from Israel, who has previously released a couple of tracks on Starsound Records. Here we get the sound of war, and an intense, almost nagging night time track. Dark, with the sound of machine guns etc. Track 2 is by a new Israeli artist called Technodrome (Shay Ben Haiun). He gives us a pumping, dark, night time track. Pretty intense, with some nice, bubbling psychedelic sounds in there, but I prefer some more creativity. Track 3 is by Tube (Pini Alon) who has released tracks on several different labels, such as Oktava, Spirit Zone, Spliff and Chemical Crew. This one starts with some crazy pop samples, before we get thrown back into the night time vibe again. This one sounds really massive, with a heavy, rolling bass line and scary sounds floating in there. The pop samples jumps in now and then too. Then we get another track by Nemesis Divine. Here we get a stumping track. Quite dark, but I miss some more variation here.

Track 5 is by Safi Connection (Mishel Biton), who has been in the game for a while. He gives us a rolling track with some cool echoing effects. One of the most psychedelic tracks on this compilation. Track 6 is by a new Israeli artist called Stuckpump (Golan Erez). He gives us a pumping track (stuck pump..), with quite jumpy vibe, but I miss some more variation here too. Track 7 is by Zmachine (Paul Marks) who has released several tracks on various labels, such as Pukka, Phantasm, TIP.World and Procyon. Here we get an evil, pumping track. Very Chemical Crew style on this one, which I find quite boring. Track 8 is by another new artist called Khopat (Vasco Pedrosa) from Portugal. He follows the same style. Night time full on, without much variation, but at least we get some nice, floating vibes in this one. He is also involved in the last track, together with a guy named Nuno Santos (Karma Crop). This one goes a little bit more melodic, but keeps the dark, night time style too.

Here are mostly quite dark tracks in the typical Israeli way. If you like the Chemical Crew style, you might enjoy this compilation too.

More reviews at:           CHILL TRIBE
CTRCD04 WOMBATMUSIC - Shameful Silence
CTRCD06 IAN ION - Gringo Locomotion
CTRCD07 SUNKINGS - Before We Die
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 15, 2005 15:27
Have been blasting it since i got it
Very solid debut!
Keep it up


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Posted : Apr 16, 2005 15:47
This one's a killer... here's my review about...

VA. Need for Speed - Metatron production 2005

With its first compilation, Metatron has made a huge contribution to the world of psychedelic trance. The compilation gathers a well compiled range of known and upcoming top acts such as Nemesis Divine, Technodrome, Tube, SaafiConnection and five more dance floor smashers.
All are ready to take you on psychedelic trip, with strong bass lines, speedy groves and melodies.
What else can you say about it… you have to hear and feel it, fasten your seat belts and feel the need for speed.
Nemesis Divine

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Posted : Apr 16, 2005 17:49
hey guy's thanks to all of u for u'r killer words..
i hope u will like our work in the up comming future..

peace out Isak..           "We are what we were what we shal be again"

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Posted : Apr 16, 2005 22:29
Killer reviews ... we really apreciate all this good feedbacks , myself, i would never expect such a solid compilation.I think metatron its here to stay

Big thanks to:
Aran and Geko and all Metatron Family! 
69 Bit

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Posted : Apr 18, 2005 20:14
fasten your seat belts ! you going to fly whit this compilation !!! really special one !
good surprize from israel


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Posted : Apr 21, 2005 08:41
go metatron
Metatron Productions
Metatron Productions

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Posted : Apr 25, 2005 19:14
Thanks for all of you guys for written all this words !
i really appreciate your feedbacks and your reviews , its nice to see all the post and its was very interesting to see what you think of our first compilation !
i am realy happy to see that pepole like this album !
cant ask for more

- - - - - -
V.A Need for Speed out now !
Sidhartha-Reverse Mode out soon
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