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V/A - ManiaXtyle

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 1, 2005 03:39
Compilation: ManiaXtyle

Label: Maniac I.Q.

Year: 2005

Format: CD


Country: Japan

Label info:
Maniac IQ, is a party organization based in Nagoya, Japan concentrating on primarily on progressive tech-trance. Having as background an original party concept, this compilation is the result of such effort.

01. Motion - Imagination (Origin Mix)
02. Planet B.E.N - Code 05
03. Midimiliz - 10.000 Watts (Power Cut)
04. Axiomata - Just Another
05. Tetraktys - Float
06. Holeg with Mj12 - Artificial Paradise
07. Clutch - Outside Earth
08. Ryan Halifax - Aero DinaMIQ

01. Motion - Imagination (132 BPM's)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited, while imagination embraces the entire world..." what glorious piece of sunshine, drilled with organic drumming accompanied by a semi-chorus sounding pad (?) building constantly on angelical notes. The pace is undeniably progressive & melodic.

02. Planet B.E.N - Code 05 (134 BPM's)

'Code 05' is infused with the minimalist groove his earlier work Test (2003) showed throughout. Underneath, the massive fat pulses cushion the ear while the subwoofer spills good vibes. There is not much to it except good beats Ben has showed in the past. A bit more action you say? Well I guess it's subjective.

03. Midimiliz - 10.000 Watts (Power Cut) (136 BPM's)

The original version of the song was released with Nonstandards and I can hear slight changes in the production, but nothing radical. Maybe that's why it is a ‘power cut' and not a remix, but who cares right? Noticeable differences: a submarine-beep sound we hear in any good marine movie, and the alien speak-effects by the end remind me of how our otherworldly friends spoke in the Hollywood production of ‘Signs'. You might not remember at this time, but you will once you hear this one.

04. Axiomata - Just Another (138 BPM's)

“A” for effort on the space-age synth effects and creaky screams drowned on some strange VST's. To be honest the screams here and there get a slight bizarre for my taste, but it does not get overplayed. On the lower ranges the beat is intelligent and moving. I guess this what they mean by ‘Maniaxtyle'.

05. Tetraktys - Float (140 BPM's)

‘Float' is an uplifting energetic dance-floor filler with a gentle touch to ear. The drums echo much like Atmos, the bass line rumbles and the feel is obviously housy-prog. On the higher ranges, melodies ‘float' with the string samples in some sort of wah-wah effect dancing around each other as “duh-bah…[something]” girl samples peak the production. This is a summer smasher with elegant tunes and well coordinated arrangements. I like it!

06. Holeg with Mj12 - Artificial Paradise (140 BPM's)

Holeg combines his experience as DJ of psy-techno to metal through electro-industrial bringing forth very interesting proposal to this manic compilation along with Mj12. Cacophonous mechanical beats with industrial-tech tones and very involving voice samples, drifting in the periphery of heavily distorted synth lines. It is very artificial, very groovy and easily confusable with a Cold Groove release.

07. Clutch - Outside Earth (133 BPM's)

I had a roommate who would interchange the world clutch for cool… I.E: that Ferrari is clutch. I'm not sure ‘Outside Earth' is very clutch for my taste. Maybe it is because it seems slightly out of place after the previous song. The energy just drops from a steady progression as the BMP count indicates. The song in is not bad though, catchy tech groove representing local Japanese talent.

08. Ryan Halifax - Aero DinamIQ (138 BPM's)

Mr. Halifax closes the compilation again with a sample of his typical progressive sound, loaded bass lines and cymbals on the percussion adorning the dynamIQ aspects of his production. If you have heard his stuff before, then you know what sound I am talking about.

Overall a good compilation without much Psy but good beats nonetheless.

1, 4, 5, 6

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Posted : Jul 4, 2005 16:49
i haven't heard this compilation yet...
but i know that both motion's tracks rocks
imagination is a huge fat proggy-housy-atmospherical bomb
float is more on the edge between different styles, more technoish rythmics with nice pads and melodies... different and for sure woth checking
i'll check the rest of the cd asap cause it looks very promising
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 4, 2005 20:48
nice one           Don't Wory Be Shanty!!!

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Posted : Jul 8, 2005 11:11
yes! it's nice progressive & tech trance compilation. japanese progressive fun listen this compilation in this moment. let's fun with this cd!
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