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V/A Kumharas Vol - 5

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 19, 2007 15:29
my first review :-

1.Cell – Brother :- wot can u say bout this man? He’s a f*ckin genius when it comes to downbeat. This has to be ‘the most’ emotional track of this year so far. I cud start cryin jus listnin to this track.

2.Slackbaba – And the Beat Goes Om :- Previosly relesed on slackbaba’s debut album (which I have to say was a instant classic) Very gud track with Indian vocals and a gr8 feeling to it.

3.Saharian Groove – Hypnotizer :- Dunno who this guy is, but as his title suggest he surely makes u grooving. Starts with part of the flute sample used ‘Raja Mati’ (if I m not mistaken). Here we change the tempo n mood of the cd. Nice hauting vocals somehow reminds me of Enthenogenic.

4.Elea – Salam Shalom :- I liked their track on the las kumharas comp. this is a totally diff. style they have approached infusing middle eastern rhythms & instruments with female vocals. Didn’t like it that much though as I was expecting sumthing more from this guy. An average track for my taste.

5.Altitudes – Altitude II :- These guys have really marked their spot by relesing sum very intresting tracks on Chill Tribe Records. This track was previously relesed on ‘Relesed Journeys’ & it’s a beauty I luved this track maybe it’s the structure of the track that draws me to it (I don’t know) but I like it very much.

6.Shri – Tarana :- Don’t know much bout this guy either . The track starts with Female singing Sargams fused with sum breakbeat type music & fused well. Gud attempt, if it’s their first attempt.

7.Enthenogenic – Sideways :- Released on their las album. One of the better tracks of that album, & an average track on this cd.

8.Sunshine - Immaculate Ibiza :- Don’t know y but I didn’t like this track tried to listen to it really hard bout 3 to 4 times but every time the earge of skipping it grew on me. Maybe I have not yet connected to it.

9.Cell feat. Elea & Friends :- Magic Island :- A nice track a bit upbeat but nice it got me grooving . From 6.50 the track jus picks up n makes me smile sum more .

10.Aes Dana – Manifold (Kumharas Edit) :- Talk bout brilliance n he’s 1 man who delivers it every time he makes a tune, & the same can be said for this 1. The tempo is raised a bit more n this surely can be danced on. A signature Aes Dana track

11.Xavier Fux – The Molusk :- A really chilled tune. Feel like sipping sum martini on the beach while lisenin to this tune.

12.Ninbimimi – Future :- my cd has a problem with this track skippin a lot so can’t comment

13.Carbon Based Lifeforms - Flytta Dig:- An beatless track from the las CBL album perfect way to end the cd.

in the end i'll have to say this cd is not upto my expectations most of the tracks have been relesed earlier.
but the mixing as in all Kumharas series is gud

7.5/10           the problem with valuing art is, till u dont understand it, it's worthless but wen u do understand it, it's priceless!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 20, 2007 15:30
cell - brother.....wooooooooooow

need more time to listen this album! 
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