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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V.A."Klatu Barada Nikto"Wajanga rec
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V.A."Klatu Barada Nikto"Wajanga rec

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 25, 2003 20:32
Hello to all freaks !!!This is a underground killer compilation of the month on a Brazilian
-1-Polar Drops "Tribal"
-2-Wrecked Machines "Lost in Osaka"
-3-Wrecked Machines "Dico Fill"
-4-Spectral Skunk "Imperfections"
-5-Polaris "Alien Species"
-6-Spectral Skunk "Immersion"RMX
-7-Burn'n noise "Cheech & Chong"
-8-Cyrus the virus +dj Poli "Dragonpoll"
-9-Wrecked Machines "Born Bad"
The compilation begin very good with two french guys Polaris +Colors Drops ,full-on sound ,progressive rythm,full effect and nice guitar samples.The second and the third tracks is a band from brazil.The second is good progressive track with some really good sounds.The third is more full-on sounds but not fast not aggressive with a killer bass.Track four is a guy from brazil too.
It's a cool proggressive track with some psychedelic elements and nice rythm.
Track five is a french men.He make really good full-on track with a lot of sounds ,
a killer rythm and a fucking bass.
Another track from this great artist from brazil.This track is made for the dance floor
with a dark touch and somes really good break,it's my favourit.Track seven is a another artist from brazil.The track begin with a good rythm and the sound come one after one.Track eight is made by a men from the netherland and he has make a track with gms on the genetic process 2 compilation.
It's a lot of waves with synthie lines and many effects.The last track begin with a sample of the movie Natural Born Killer ,it's a really cool track. It's a cd and i
to all them !!!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 25, 2003 21:15
I wanna take a listen from this one.
Especcially the Cyrus the virus track.           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 25, 2003 22:15
Klatu is an EXTREMELY good compilation.

Very wiggly...funky...getting funny looks from people on the street as I 'stomp' to the supermarket with Polaris- 'Alien Species' and Disco Fill on the Minidisc.
Can't help but move to these, me likes!

          Within this timeless gathering,
a shining light does dance,
lost from conscious memory,
but visible in trance!

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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 04:27
hey guys this album is great , with a lot of killer brazilians tunes , all of freaks must heard it !!!!!!!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 18:30
great complictation with awesome sounds

my fav tracks here are the tracks by Machines, Alien Species & Cheech and Chong

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Feb 26, 2003 19:58
-7-Burn'n noise "Cheech & Chong" is a realy good track, i like the sample there of Chong - "youve just taken the most acid ive seen anybody take wohooooooaaaa" also the polar drops and polaris numbers are fantastic! wrecked machines are also great, i like this compilation alot!           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2003 19:01
Answer to Blackhomer:
For sure !!
Good work !!
ps:track 9 with natura born killer voices ...

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 28, 2003 16:35
disco fill is my favourite night time fullon tune at the moment from any album!

the whole compilation is extremely good... i cant stop listening to it .... oops:)

fresh sounds, clever percussion, strong bass, atmosphere. It's all I want, and here it is!
Dont like the cheech and chong tune though.

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Posted : Mar 1, 2003 14:34
My personal highlights on this comp are defintely wrecked machines tunes .. dance floor killaz
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 2, 2003 08:28
The whole album is great!
Wrecked Machines - Lost in Osaka and Born Bad, Polaris - Alien Species, Burn in Noise - Cheech & Chong, Cyrus the virus + DJ Poli - Dragonpoll, are the best ones, IMO.
Keep it full on, Brasil!!!!
...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V.A."Klatu Barada Nikto"Wajanga rec
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