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V/A - High Technology Minds [Spectral Moon Records 2006]

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 30, 2007 12:02
last year spectral moon's dj android compiled a huge compilation with all the big names of the twilight genre and very rightly named the beast 'high technology minds' hehe. well ill get straight to the track by track break down:
1. slug - spectral illusion [145 bpm]: this is a groovy track to start things off with. one can easily pick up that sluggy feel to the track, from the cool pads being used to killer use of the sample, 'your crazy man , i like you ' off the movie old school. stylistically i find this track similar to the slug track on spirtually spaced out, especially theres this use of the slick old school lead (now when i think of it sounds like an old school bass guitar) that keeps reminding me of infected mushroom for some reason. the track evolves fluidly always maintaining that phat bassline, and groove and at times it has a tribal kind of effect. the track peaks out in the 6th minute with some great layers of synths, just steller work on the production . i dont consider this track a stomper but more of a way to ease you into the story of this compilation and leaving you with a sense of what is to come. 8/10.
2. shift - android baby [146 bpm]: the inhuman machine known only as 'shift' makes his appearance following partner slug, with this monster track. it starts with the usual atmospherics and muted kicks, which culminates in a slick and groovy kick bass. within the very 1st minute things are moving in full force. compared to the last track this one feels fast and energetic on the whole. the work on the leads is crazy, sort of wobbly in a fun way with the obvious shift edge to it. around 2.39 there is this slightly clubby tone introduced, sort of happy and yet aggressive. around 3.20 the track is just blissful, with trademark shift leads going along with the monster groove. the track evolves getting crazier crazier with great synths being introduced. my favorate part of the track is around 4.40, when the clubby trance like tone sets in and you have a female voice singing 'android baby'. wow ho! talk about intense. what follows is complete mayhem that leaves you with a smile plastered on your face . this is a great track, a complete bomb from shift! 10/10
3. wizard lizard - spectral lizard [146 bpm]: this track marks a departure from the happy feeling of the compilation, and it goes into serious mood with a banging solid tune! it starts with some cool effects, muted kicks, reverbed sounds all over. and when the kick bass sets in - wow! talk about power . these guys come up with really chaotic metallic leads and sounds. altogether its a mind numbing trip. wizard lizard's style sort of reminds me of old harsher azax syndrom n psychotic micro especially around the 4th minute. though they certainly maintain their unique identity. this track just gets meaner and meaner as time passes. around 4.20 the track goes into overdrive, with a massive buildup, metallic leads , squeeks all over - sort of what you'd imagine r2d2 going mad to sound like . with all the mayhem this track maintains a crazy melody in the midst of it which is intense. overall another bomb! 9/10.
4. psychotic micro vs nexus - spectral family [148 bpm]: here we have an interesting collaberation between heavyweights nexus and psychotic micro. as you can see from the bpm counter this a lot harder than the previous tracks. the track starts with this spooky sample of a woman talking about her birth, in an eery apocalyptic kind of way. all the while behind there is this eery atmosphere with muted kicks and leads, and it just builds builds builds and gets into this massive kick bass. the percussion work is all psythotic micro - very reminscent of their older work. wobbly, unpredictable - sick . the track has a sort of clubby feel to it which i think shows n3xu5's new morning style. the clubby melody is accompanied with a barrage of psychotic mayhem, and the overall effect leaves you blown away. the chemistry on this collaberation is superb, you can clearly pick up where the artists lend themselves to the track. and throughout the entire track theres the use of female samples, from speaking to singing. just crazy stuff. there is not one dull moment in this track, especially towards the end the track starts breaking alot more, each time with the female sample coming up and saying something like 'sit the f*ck down', 'treat the dj right'. hehe. on the whole this is a massive track and im sure its bound to become an instant class. 10/10
5. seroxat - spectral offer [147 bpm]: this track starts off with some trademark seroxat sounds followed by a heavy kick bass. The kick bass arrangement is hard and aggressive and the seroxat sound follows suit like older seroxat tracks. By 1.18 the track moves with a monster groove at 147 bpm, this makes for an intense and high paced ride. The track evolves nicely, introducing some unique elements every now and then. The synth work is on power with his work off the combat album, not nearly as melodic though, the high bpm makes sure of that. Production wise this track is nice and neat, with crisp sounds and a coherent fluid sound. The track’s peak is very catchy with infectious melodies being belted out, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser. On the whole id say this track meets the expectations one has of a seroxat track, and If u like his previous work or artists like toxic and winter demon (who are yet to make their appearance this compilation ), then your bound to like this track. 8/10.

IsraTrance Senior Member

Started Topics :  247
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Posted : May 30, 2007 12:12
6. psychotic demon – imperial moon [147 bpm]: here we have winter demon and psychotic micro collaborating to bring us imperial moon. Starts off with some spacey sounds, and settles into groove without wasting any time. The bassline is all psychotic micro . wobbly and all over the place with trademark leads setting the track up for some major power. I think from amongst all the psychotic demon tracks, this is definitely my favourate after the uze it for evil. Normally this project to me comes up with tracks that sound too much like winter demon, but here it sounds more like the micro boys, from the monstrous bass to the scratchy leads. Really like the way track evolves and the way the melody loses itself around the 5th minute. Another great track, damn! 8/10.
7. tube – spectral distortion [147 bpm]: the bpm count still says high as former chemical crew regular alon pini aka tube presents us with this banging tune. Starts off with an interesting melody and these ripply spacey sounds, I lykke . the kick bass work comes in smoothly with some kick ass leads. Sort of like the present psychotic micro sound, only a little more intense and slightly more melodic. Some people might dismiss the track for its resemblance to the typical chemical crew bassline, but I don’t think that should be the case, the percussion work is hard, and the leads and effects used are pretty much crazy. The break around 2.35 is just wild! What a melody, absolutely insane stuff. Reminds me of his work on his debut album,personality. The melody is really catchy and coupled with the high bpm – it’s a MONSTER. The track finds itself going insane again around the 5th minute, here the melody sounds like classic tube , and again some people might not like it because of the ‘cheesy’ chemical crew touch to it, but its just pulled off with so much energy that you cant help but start bumping in sync. This track gives you a wild ride like no other. Another gem on this cd – 9/10.
8. matter of beat – spectral brothers [145 bpm]: here we have brazilian matter of beat with his 2nd release on spectral moon, and it starts off with some cool guitar riffs, which sound a lot like exaile’s work. Starts off with this bubbling effect which is soon replaced by a mean kick bass arrangement. Really intense stuff. Even though this track is slower than the previous tracks, it still maintains a quick feel to it and the use of guitars is just ear candy for me. Other leads used are pretty cool, from bubbling bouncy metallic sounds to more traditional leads. The guitar sample around 3rd min is insane, the guitar solo just kills! the style presented here is a little similar to acts like exaile, tube n the psychotic boys, which to some might be a not so good thing, but trust me it is. There’s no cheese here, only energy . the buildup around the 5th minute is wicked, starting off with the muted kicks and going along with the weird lead, and then the epic tone is set with that crazy crazy lead . what a blast! Really great track, sure to cause mayhem anywhere – 8.5/10.
9. toxic – android on the moon [144 bpm]: here we have toxic avi presenting ‘android on the moon’. Starts off with some guitar work and an eery atmosphere. The kick comes in pretty quickly and the track is off in full flow by the end of the 1st minute. The kick bass is very groovy with some pretty neat work on the highs. I guess as the cd comes to an end the compilation seems to be headed to a groovy finish with slower bpms. The track is pretty bouncy and in a way reminds me of broken toy’s work. Around 2.30, there is this sample of a chick singing, ‘we are friends’, its from a song iv heard before but I cant remember it. But soon enough the popcorn’s melody comes in. at this point I feel the track is cheesy but, have no fear for a cool buildup also comes, culminating in this bubbly metallic lead which just goes all over the place. Really nice rhythm to it all and its not all that bad at all. The primary melody – the popcorn – in this track just seems way too cheesy. This track has its finer moments and it has its fair doze of cheesiness, but it definitely falls when compared to the madness of the other tracks. My least favourate track on this compilation – 7/10.
10. hyt – spectral jungle [145 bpm]: here is a project I don’t know much about. They had a release on the last spectral compilation as well. The track starts off with these muted kicks and these squelchy noises, sort of like menog’s work. There is an interesting melody with some cool sample work and the track builds up to this monster beat . really nice kick bass, hard, relentless and aggressive, very reminiscent of menog’s older stuff. I like the leads that are used, they have a melody to it without being too cheesy.the track just keeps building and the melody finally comes in the 2nd minute, and boy o boy its something. Sort of reminds me a little of the tube and matter of beat tracks, but this one is just crazy with that kick bass. Lots of interesting mind games on this one with some great use of stereo fx, in the 3rd minute theres a sample from LOTR, and the track goes into a build up with the whirring noise in the background and it explodes with a new lead which has a sort of acid edge to it. The track continues and peaks out at 5.45, with a cool melody backed up by guitar riffs. Sounds a lot like the stuff the micro boys and exaile make as the outsiders. Overall, this track would kill on the dancefloor. Another b0mb . 8/10.

Well what can I say, this compilation is great. Initially when I heard it not all the tracks stood out but after maybe a billion listens, I see that just about every track stands out in its own right, from slick and groovy, to monsterous sounds, to super intense – each track is superb. Really great compilation, even the artwork on the cover is cool with the baby robot. I recommend this compilation to anyone who likes to listen to twilight music, stuff that yabai, nexus media, noize conspiracy, and 3d vision release. Big boom to the artists, dj android, and spectral moon records for this release.
Overall rating – 9/10

killers - 2!!,3!!!,4!,7!!,8!
!Ce M@n
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 2, 2007 13:49
ahh...killer detailed review by Mr squirm a loot abt u drinkin beer n way u go into it,givin specific reviews abt each n every minute of all the trax

well this VA consist of few good trax... specially by shift , wizard lizard ,tube and matter of beat ...
what surprised me was Tube.. very nice track.. this track will blow the freaks any time in a open air party .. and will help ppl leave craters on the floor ....
rest all the trax r mediocre ... well no offence .. m a bit disappointed by seroxat track ...
any ways all the best for the future guys ....
Boom to all the artist and spectral recds
!Ce M@n

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Jun 13, 2007 21:39
really killa v.a. all the tracks are really good , pay special atention in matter of beat track , coz 4 me is best track on this v.a.

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Posted : Jun 14, 2007 06:54
very clean and originalish sounds from all the artist involved.even some of the artist who i thout has gone commercial has made good quality psy in this va.i think tube,shift,toxic,psy micro with nexus has made super trax along with slug.xpecially tube who has gone so damn commercial has made a good psy story this time.
love and peace
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