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V/A 'Festivus' - Open Records


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Posted : Apr 6, 2008 13:59:25

About this time last year, I was basking in the ‘Aural Glory’ that was Slow Release, the debut compilation from Australia’s Open Records. Now in 2008, it’s time for the second chapter to emerge in the form of ‘Festivus’, a collection of deep, atmospheric and devastatingly funky tribal progressive beats. This my friends, is the sound of the Aussie festival season, represented by some of the finest producers to grace the outdoor dancefloor.

The album kicks off with the Tero Civill remix of ‘Paranoid’ by U&K, all new to me, but this is astounding stuff, deeply psychedelic and a downright dirty groove. Dare I say that it brings Flying Rhino to mind, a tune worthy of any quality collection.

After his contributions to Slow Release, D-Sens is back, this time teaming up with local producer Eegor for the tribal monster that is ‘Curtis Landing’, think about putting on your most hardy dancing shoes before you tackle this baby…strong stuff indeed.

‘Hiding Place’ by Rhian Sheehan was a big remix for Antix, here it’s given the once over by Embark, and hey, you can never have too much of a good thing…stunning to say the least and the best version yet, a must have!

There are some heavyweight representatives here in the form of Mr. Sun Control with his Wombat side project delivering ‘Helo’, a glorious journey, RPO vs David Weed with ‘Plovdiv’, blinding prog house, and the Stromm brothers with their Fiord act doing ‘Keen String’, next level sounds from the never ending supply of experimental brilliance they consistently deliver.

The local flavour is brought to us via GMJ with ‘Curious Calm’ , an Aussie outdoor delight if ever you want to hear one, and 2 Kings in Motion with ‘Storm Flavour’, again bringing the down under sound to the fine, fine selection that is ‘Festivus’.

There’s no other album quite like this one for style, innovation and variation, go grab yourself a piece of southern hemisphere magic!

DJ Geo – Tribe of Frog UK


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Posted : Apr 7, 2008 01:54
The only progg release I appreciated this year

Go, go Open Records! Thanks.           [ cuBe ] :: •

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Posted : Apr 7, 2008 09:48
Yes... Awesome CD.

Surprised anyone hadn't reviewed it yet, it's one of the best proggy releases of the year so far.

Favourite tracks are the Wombat, RPO vs David Weed and Fiord. More like this please.

Nice one Open Records!
d.j k-pax

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Posted : Apr 7, 2008 12:24
great work by my mate jessy (suspect)
craeting this modern prog lable           K-PAX/EMOTIVE spintwist records

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Posted : Apr 7, 2008 14:40
very good album!!

wombat rocks!!
Glen.C (Iboga Rec)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 9, 2008 02:05
wombat and fiord tracks stand out winners, the rest are top as well. Cracking cd again from the boys in aus. 
Spikers & Midinoize - Lisbon Hooker (Glen C rmx) coming soon on Earhead Audio
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 10, 2008 15:04
Great comp of progressive music. Favorites are for sure Wombat and Fiord.           ------------~~---------~~--------------
Shahar Indepth
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Posted : Apr 10, 2008 20:19
some wonderful music here, Open rec crew set the standards high last year with the previous comp. , and this one for me is even better !

my current faves: 1, 4 ,6, but the compi has the same quality flow through the entire thing

very recommended

Open Records
Open Records

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Posted : Apr 24, 2008 01:00
Thanks for all the nice feedback people, muchly appreciated! It makes it all worthwhile!

Just to announce- we are preparing some remixes of tracks taken from Festivus, including a stunning remix of Wombat - Helo by none-other than Kasey Taylor... we are really excited about this one, more details soon!           Web:

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Posted : May 17, 2008 13:29
RPO vs David Weed – Plovdiv

This song sounds so good when played at high volume out in the desert just after dawn. The DJ even played Keen String just before as in the order on this record and mixed them seamlessly together. Those two songs go together. It sounds good on my home stereo too. My neighbors listen to it too and they don't even have a stereo.
I'll have to track down a record store and see if they can get me an original.           - - -
The Dawn Patrol leaves at dusk!
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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - V/A 'Festivus' - Open Records
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