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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V/A Earth Octave Lounge Vol 2
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V/A Earth Octave Lounge Vol 2

Morpheus Music
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 18, 2005 19:55
Shade shifting 'post lounge' and exotic world fusion music. There's quite a variety on this CD, from instrumentals with smooth beats and flutes, tribal drums and guitars, beatless ambient passages right through to arpeggios and chillout trance rhythms. There are tracks with voices, notably La Rosa from Aquila featuring Irina Mikhailova who you might well have heard with Kaya Project, Medicine Drum or Toires (among others). Some pieces are upbeat and danceable, although the majority of beats here are more varied than the usual down-tempo trance loops. Synths on Earth Octave 2 are not so much the arpeggiated type (with a couple of exceptions) - more melodies and washes with bright effects interwoven.

Warm global breezes that range from blissed out and sultry to cool club and lounge atmospheres. A generally restful album that montages traditional Sephardic singing alongside downtempo ambience, classical Indian influences with 'Eno-esque' electronica, environmental sound recordings with echoing percussives and dub structures.

I only have a promo copy of this CD - but what I have includes a deep tropical cover image with some nice graphics, a write-up on each track providing artist profiles and detailing the sounds they've created for Earth Octave along with all the relevant contact and website information. I imagine the commercial package will be well produced with plenty to read through.

Eleven tracks from artists familiar and relatively unknown make up this second compilation from Interchill in the Earth Octave Lounge series. The great variety in stylistic approach threads together in the manner of bright beads on a string of lush global restfulness. Ballearic moments with relaxing beats, drifting synthwork and water sounds, female vocals, deep basses and world voices - each track carries us off in a new direction without losing the overall mood of the project.

Aimed at the chillout market and especially at lovers of ethno-electronica. Earth Octave Lounge Volume 2 will suit anyone drawn to hybrid ambient lounge sounds where each track is a new digital mood.           MORPHEUS MUSIC
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 18, 2005 20:40
Tracks 2 and 5 are amazing. Track 2 is orange with some yellow. Track 5 is saturated in blue. This is really great music.

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Posted : Jul 3, 2005 06:24

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Aug 28, 2005 12:57
Electric Octave Lounge vol. 2 (Interchill, May 2005)
1. M-7- Electronic Flip
2. Aquila- La Rosa
3. Overflow- Ruuhilampi
4. Human Blue- Beautiful Stranger
5. Crystalline- A Sigh Becomes A Thousand Trees
6. Guru Shishya- Cagian 3
7. Liquid Stranger- Political Finga
8. Alucidnation- Skygazer (3002 Remix)
9. Fredrick Ohr- Return
10. Mystical Sun- Halo
11. Drift- Ember (rem-ember mix)

After having this one for a while and listening to it quite a lot, I must say that it kinda faded away with me. I really appreciate Gordon's taste and love the first in the series. You still get fresh names and sounds and total diversity, however... there are no tracks that are not nice to listen to and all serve as an enjoyable background, but in the end, that's all most of them do to me.

The only exceptions are the Human Blue track, which is amazing (though for me it misses a female vocal- but it runs in my head anyway when I hear it, so I'm OK- if you wanna hear it too, ask me when you meet me ), and Return from Fredrik Ohr which is just great- fresh, special, smart, full of feel- remember this name!

Aquila's La Rosa has a great melody and singing (which every sepharadic Jew from the previous generation will recocnize), however, while the singing is nice and the music is nice- they just don't sit well together. The rest, well, as I said, nice and pleasent, but not more.
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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V/A Earth Octave Lounge Vol 2
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