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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V/A - Blissfull Moments (2003) [Tranceform Records] CD
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V/A - Blissfull Moments (2003) [Tranceform Records] CD

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 7, 2003 16:06
V/A - Blissfull Moments (TFMCD001)
Tranceform Records Finland, 2003


01 : Ypsilon 5 - Paranormal [09,06]
02 : Summamutikka - Vidukadaya [07,42]
03 : Xervana - Eye In The Tunnel [07,03]
04 : Poly61 - Elamansa [09,43]
05 : Ethereal - Fireflies (Remix) [08,22]
06 : Aquasphere - Aquasphere [09,20]
07 : Vast - Liquid [08,08]
08 : Ethereal - Accessing Infinity (Remix) [09,19]

Do you know what a blissfull moment it? If not, just listen to some of the tracks on this compilation, and you'll soon find out!

Tranceform is a small, independent label from the lakey country of Finland in Scandinavia, run by enthusiastic hipster Kalle... After only 2 vinyl releases since the beginning in 1999, now Tranceform is back with this morning-trance CD-compilation called Blissfull Moments.

[#1] First up is Ypsilon5, David & Magnus who hails from Swedens Orebro... And it shows, well sounds actually... This is a brilliant opener. Full-on stomping, driving morning track... This is pure bliss, alright! Great old-school feeling track!

[#2] This is Summamutikka which apparently translates into 'random selection' or something similar... The guy behind all these random selections is happy camper Kim Ake from Finland... And yes, you get the Finnish madness in this track... It starts with chanting... Then a poor "German" bass and some very cheesy synths... bad start, but then the acid kicks in - and it's most welcome! The tracks starts off kinda poor, but soon develops into a real old school Finnish stomper! Great stuff!

[#3] Here we have Xervana telling us about some eye in a tunnel... The guy behind this - Oluf - used to be in a metal band, but he's doing melodic trance now... This track is nothing speciel, but still quite good. It's melodic old school trance... Kinda reminds me of Chi-a.d., Early AP and the likes... Average track!

[#4] Helsinki-based Poly61 delivers a track VERY different from the first 3... Odd selection really, to put this track here... between full-on tracks... Anyway, this tracks starts very slow... Very atmospheric, almost Twin Peaks-like, intro... They throw in some more fx... First a guitar... Then a piano... After 3 minutes comes the first beats - unfortunately along with a VERY annoying accordian-like sound. Argh! Well, besides the different style and the annoying sound, this track is quite ok... Elamansa is a great trackname - looks Elvish doesn't it? But supposedly it translates into "his/her life"... Average track, it's Finnish - it's crazy... But also, it's kinda boring!

[#5] Things are picking up now with this little gem from Sweden-based trancers Ethereal... From a kind of slowish intro, the track soon picks up a much faster, full-on pace... There's a sample near the end which remind me a lot of the one in Astral Projection's "Searching For UFO's"... Not sure if it's the same one, though! I could ask for more variation - but I won't! This is happy, melodic trance! Nice!

[#6] Let's take it down a notch... For a short while only though! This is another Swedish project... One man project actually, and there's been put some work into this track... Starts slow, but soon a nice pounding bass appears alongside wicked, harmonic melodies.... Another bliss moment for sure! Slightly on the progressive side, but still the psychedelia is intact! Great track! ;o)

[#7] Vast is a project from LOTR-country, New Zealand... And yeah, if you listen closely you can hear the Kiwi's growing in the background! ;o) ... The track starts with a bird-intro... Very cool... Different FX are building as the track progresses.... This is one funky-ass, toe-tipping, feel-good trance track! Great!

[#8] To finish off, we have another track by Ethereal from Sweden... This time they are chilling out... I mean REEEEEEALLY chilling out... But sure, you can use it after all these blissfull moments... Infact, this is another one... This is a beautiful ambient track... Very chilled, relaxed, calm melodies... Great!

To sum up... 5 great tracks, 1 nice track and 2 not-so-great average tracks... Pretty good score actually... I could have wished for a more structured selection of tracks... There is not really any consistancy in the tracks, but hey - most of them are still great tracks... I would've put [#4] right before [#8], but hey, that's only nit-picking... All in all, this is a great compilation for anyone who enjoys outdoor-morning trance. Recommended!

Rating 7.5/10


External links:
TranceForm Records homepage
Distribution: Wirikuta Distribution
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Posted : Feb 7, 2003 21:59








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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V/A - Blissfull Moments (2003) [Tranceform Records] CD
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