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V.A. "Bakkelit 2.1" compiled by Bakke (Spiral Trax may 08)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 17, 2008 14:38:07
Artist: Various
Title: Bakkelit 2.1– compiled by DJ Bakke
Label: Spiral Trax
Format: CD
Released: may 2008

Tracklist :
1. Morax : Out of the blue (Perfect Stranger rmx) [131 bpm]
2. Bakke & Agent 17 : Purple sparks [128 bpm]
3. Tomic : I love that [128 bpm]
4. SBK : Happy rainbow [130 bpm]
5. Gaudium : Set or reset [130 bpm]
6. Paulina Cewe : Incipit [135 bpm]
7. Fitalic : Pan Pot [128 bpm]
8. Solar Fields : On a wind [130 bpm]
9. Denis Alexander : The perfect date [127 bpm]

After a successful compilation last year for Iboga rec., the graphic designer, co-head of the Swedish label Spiral Trax, and international DJ Bakke delivers his third compilation, this time at his home label. The tracklist is alluring and features some of his usual suspects as well as other well-established names from the progressive circuit. Let’s see what it sounds like.

1. Morax : Out of the blue (Perfect Stranger rmx)
The liminary piece is signed by two Israeli artists who have already collaborated on rmxs in the past. This time Perfect Stranger signs a reworking of Morax’s “Out of the blue” originally released on the Hibernation compilation. It reverts to some trancey orchestration elements reminiscent of the vintage 2005 “learning = change” album, combined with typical PS writing style, such as the strategic return of the rhythmic combo in the final sequences after the break. The rmx also features a zest of the electro-tech influence he’s been exploring more systematically since then. The soft atmospheric vein associated with an impromptu style makes of this aptly titled piece a cool opening.

2. Bakke & Agent 17 : Purple sparks
Next is a collaboration between two of the finest Swedish DJs and producers: Bakke himself and Anthony Sillfors aka S-Range, two artist albums under the belt, disguised under the Agent 17 undercover. “Purple sparks” is a cross over between the successful rhythmic ideas and groovy basslines of D-Nox & Beckers and Dousk Prog House stompers combined with S-Range’s typical Sci-Fi soaring pads and atmospheric Trance. The result is quite convincing and will thrive on an open-air dance floor.

3. Tomic : I love that
A favoured secret weapon in Bakke’s sonic arsenal, Tomic makes a return in this compilation, and it’s a real treat! Many elements in this track, such as the diverse hissing and strongly delayed vocal snippets and samples and the hard pounding bass/kick combo, will remind the listener of the style of Behind Blue Eyes’ CPH rmx album. But Thomas Wagner has added his trademark trance touch, well-exemplified in the atomspheric break which cleverly relaunches the track to exhilarating heights. A guaranteed dance floor stomper.

4. SBK : Happy rainbow
Avalanche label manager and producer Sebastian Krüeger, one of my long-time favourite DJs, unequalled in his poetic approach, is next on the roster. He delivers a rather effective, prog-house/prog-trance cross over piece, relying mostly on the compelling thrust of the ever-present lead and distorted bass, and on the soaring melodic looped theme. None of these ideas are particularly original, and my high expectations are not met as I’ve heard more subtle pieces signed by the Swiss Master. But they might work fine in context, as they call for an open-air dance floor.

5. Gaudium : Set or reset
Swedish act Gaudium delivers a mostly rhythmical piece highlighted by a lightly reverberated rolling bassline and small, extra-catchy percussion work. The short break-beat interlude strengthens that vein but surprisingly opens out onto a more emotional and transposed melodic finale. Well done; another reliable dj tool.

6. Paulina Cewe : Incipit
Polish-German DJ/producer Paulina Cewe is another favourite ally in Bakke’s repertoire. She illustrates once again the tougher side of Progressive with a track showcasing high bpm, hard-stomping, reverb-drenched tight arpeggios and a rocketing motif. For the concluding piece of your Prog-set this is the right strong impact weapon!

7. Fitalic : Pan Pot
Dutch prog-house producer Fitalic, a usual suspect on Tribal Vision albums, features his classic, formulaic, yet effective rhythmic prog-house combo in this new composition. But unlike most of his recent output, this one ventures into melodic terrain in the second half of the track. And that’s where things starts going wrong : some might call it uplifting, I see it rather as run-of-the mill and cheesy, the return of Atari in force.

8. Solar Fields : On a wind
Swedish act Solar Field, another Progressive hero, delivers here a typical sample of his music: it sounds like a serious remake of epic Scando trance, reminsicent of Vibrasphere, with a compelling rhythmic combo. But in the second half, the track intertwines simple arpeggiated lines which IMHO tend to be invasive, and again explore the cheesier side of reverb-laden melody. It might work on a sun-filled dance floor in the late hours of the party. But again, melody is a difficult and demanding art ...

9. Denis Alexander : The perfect date
The last contribution is signed by UK based Russian producer Den Kozlow, the man behind Denis Alexander. Exploring the same trancey repertoire, it serves up a nice mesh of atmopsheric and groovy lines. But the originality of the piece hinges on the smooth insertion of a two mn break beat interlude in the middle of the track which successfuly varies the rhythmic drive. Another convincing attempt to renew forms, and a nice finish to the album!

Bottom line :

This is a well-rounded compilation, showcasing the atmospheric and melodic side of Progressive Trance and Progressive House, fit for outdoor sun-filled venues, with a fair amount of the contributors stemming from the Scando vein. Not all melodic attempts deserve honors IMHO, but all in all, there are enough good dj tools to recommand this VA, and it’s a great idea to release more material from Tomic, my favourite here.


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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 18, 2008 15:26
denis alexander made amazing track. its my favourite beside beautifull paulina cewe and gaudium's experimental electro-progressive track! the biggest dissapointment is solar fields, i expected something a bit complex than this..           VA - Momentum vol.1 - Compiled by PhaseTech

Started Topics :  418
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Posted : May 18, 2008 20:22
Not groundbreaking in any way, but a very likeable compilation, just oozing with summer vibes. I imagine this will work like magic in the European open air parties this summer, with the lovely melodies and positive atmosphere.

Personal favorites: Perfect Stranger remix of Morax, SBK's new melodic wonder of a tune, Denis Alexander and Gaudium. Overall all the tunes are pleasant though.

Good job Bakke.          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 19, 2008 14:58
SBK -- uuu da master!!!

great comp!           _____________________

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Posted : May 24, 2008 01:33
great review, and also amazing compilation !!!!!
all though nowdays is very popular hyper production, i'm very glad to see and hear some high-quality releases like bakkelit 2.1 unlike other released albums and VA..
SBK and paulina (for me ofc) is the best trax on VA

All the best           LIFE Is Just The Choice Between FEAR and LOVE.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 11, 2008 14:34
Now available in digital format as well at and soon at Beatport!

We have also released a digital EP of Solar Fields with the original track "On a wind" featuring an alternative mix plus Solar Fields and Dj Anti's fantastic remake of "Overload"!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 18, 2008 23:58
This is a great release filled with awesome tunes. I particularly enjoy Perfect Stranger's remix, the Solar Fields tune, SBK's long-overdue return, and Gaudium's deeper-than-usual contribution. Very nice work!

Started Topics :  8
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Posted : Oct 20, 2008 05:14
Overall, a very suitable compilation for Outdoor parties. My liking goes for Paulina Cewe and Solar Fields works, pure Scando stuff, emotional and with the enough punch to shake the dancefloor!           Michael Jackson "Some people prefer to take life as it is without complications, some others we like to take life from the cornice of the wildest jungle"
Freakulizer / Khainz

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Posted : Oct 20, 2008 22:02
Nice compilation ...

All the best to Bakke Kuchen ...and all ppl involved in this Project ...

Simon ...

Great Review by Aden as allways
just a little correction ...
SBK is as Swiss as Edammercheese hes german i tihnk ...

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  25
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Posted : Oct 22, 2008 16:06
I was expecting something better from solar fields as well...the track starts great and suddenly everything changes and...bit disappointed about that.. I guess our standards for Magnus reached high levels after all the amazing job he's done in the last 5 years
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 22, 2008 16:33
On initial listening to it I'd have to say all are faves, with number 7 being a big up for me. Might have other faves upon deeper listening, but I've been away from writing and listening psytrance thoroughly for quite some time now (a sabattical if you will, in which I met the woman of my dreams. I'm living with her now so a lot has changed ) I will pick up my old reviewing pace in a while I guess when everything really settles down. Nice to see Isratrance is still around ... and that my account still works!           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]

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Posted : Oct 22, 2008 19:28
SBK!!! What a track!? Sebastian is a master for all times...
All in all,good comp. but SBK is a class here.I still remember his hypnotic set at BOOM 2006...Cheers
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 29, 2008 14:03
I love that Purple Sparks!!

The lead that comes in at the middle of the track is just one of the best! 
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